Seriously Thursday {v.2}

It’s Thursday! Meaning it’s totally time for a Seriously Thursday post πŸ™‚
I am linking up with Becky. Join in!

* Seriously died from the pure random romantic things my husband has said this week. Example:
“I love when I’m driving to work, or at work, and I pull a strand of your long hair from my beard or off my shirt. It always makes me smile. I love you.”
He also texted me saying “you are an amazing wife and mother” in response to me blowing up his phone with how I wanted to sell his son to the circus {don’t worry, I don’t actually haha}.
* Seriously can’t believe that my son refuses to have his diaper off during the day for potty training, yet will WILLINGLY take his diaper off when alone in his room {for nap time or bed time} and proceed to pee and poop on the floor. I don’t know what to do about this, since he freaks the eff out when I take his diaper off in an attempt to potty train him. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I NEED TIPS STAT! What the heck do I do about this? I’m very much tired of stepping in toddler crap.
* Seriously can’t believe that my damn cupboard doors STILL AREN’T INSTALLED YET!!! I keep calling and keep getting the same bullshit. “Oh, I have to get in touch with the property manager”. When I drop off the rent cheque, I’m going to demand this “property managers” direct phone number.
* Seriously excited to have lunch with my friend Niki, whom I haven’t seen since my wedding day LAST YEAR, as she passes through town on her way home from camp!
* Seriously miss the week long camping trip I used to go on with the rec group 😦 come hell or high water, I will be going next year. I won’t be pregnant or getting married – so no excuses not to go!
* Seriously just freaked myself out reading what I wrote about camping…”Come hell or high water” – then I thought about how next year is supposed to be the end of the world and now I’m all freaked out because I DON’T WANNA BE AWAY FROM MY BABIES IF ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!
*Seriously, I am a dork.
* Seriously excited for our trip down south in a mere 11 days!!!
* Seriously nervous as all hell for my G test later this month!!
* Seriously stoked to see Nolan’s reaction when Grandpa G comes by today! I’m also blessed that Nolan has so many grandparents that totally love the hell out of him – and he loves them too!
* Seriously excited because Matt’s dad {aka Grandpa G} says he has his good friend who is a very good yard sale hunter searching out a good second hand sewing machine for me! I really want to learn how to sew, and I’m really hoping she finds something quickly! It’d be cute to sew matching cardigans for the boys this Christmas πŸ˜€
* Seriously can’t get over mini-dresses at weddings, and NOT in a good way!! I find it terribly disrespectful and it makes me incredibly angry to see. It’s the bride’s day, try to have some respect and keep it knee length…nobody wants to see your ass cheeks hanging out on the dance floor – lest of all the bride!!! If it looks like something Snooki would wear clubbing, DON’T wear it to a wedding!!
* Seriously can’t wait to eat a deli sandwich with Havarti cheese!! I will be demanding one AS SOON as this kid is outta my belly and as soon as I’m sewn up {and not feeling pukey}.
* Seriously stunned that I only have 35 days until the baby is born!!
*Seriously love these pictures I took yesterday!! My boy is a looker πŸ˜‰

Kissing Kevin the bear & both of us being lazy {yes, the fugly maternity bra is BACK IN ACTION}.

Β Drinking from a juice box & standing on the mall bench haha.

Nolan waiting for Daddy to finish putting his car seat back together, & me taking a “steppin’ out” pic before we left for the mall πŸ™‚

I seriously hope y’all have a wonderful Thursday πŸ˜€


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3 Responses to Seriously Thursday {v.2}

  1. Heather says:

    Your first one cracked me up. My Matt finds my hair EVERYWHERE (how I still have any attached to my head, I don't know) and he hates it! LOL. At least yours is a good sport.

  2. I didn't crack up, I almost cried! That was soooo sweet. I did however laugh at the stepping in toddler crap one though because you probably can't see your feet and therefore can't see what you're about to step in LMAO. You're right, Nolan is a looker…I can't wait to see baby number two πŸ™‚

  3. jess β™₯ says:

    @Heather: I was actually pretty shocked that he said that haha. Usually he complains about my shedding too! But I guess when he isn't home, it makes him smile lol.

    @Danielle-Marie: OMG YES THAT IS HOW IT WENT. I can't see in front of me, and I can't reach my damn feet so yeah it wasn't fun. I can't wait to see baby number two either! haha

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