S & M’s Wedding!!

Yesterday, one of Matt’s best friends, S, married his high school sweetheart, M! It was a gorgeous wedding, the ceremony was super adorable and I almost started bawling my eyes out at several parts haha. Especially when M got all teary eyed as she exchanged her vows! 
I’ve gotten to know both S and M since moving up North, and I love them both very dearly! M and I frequently go out on movie dates {when I have the extra mola} and S is a wonderful guy who would do anything to help out a friend. And he’s hilarious! I love watching Matt and him together haha, and hearing about all the trouble they used to get into back in high school! 
Although I haven’t known S or M very long at all {only 2 years}, I can honestly say that their relationship is one that will definitely last. They’re so in love it’s kind of sickening haha 😉 they fit, and it’s wonderful! I love going to a wedding when you absolutely know the couple is perfect for one another.
I tried to get tons of pictures but my camera faded in and out of cooperation 😦 in addition, my hip kept locking up so it was really difficult to jump up and take pictures of all the stuff I wanted to take pictures of. But I did snag a few cute ones!
 Matt & I before the ceremony!
 Beautiful wedding decorations, & Matt excitedly stealing my drink tickets haha
 Our table!!! Tons of fun 🙂
 Even if he didn’t shave, he’s still sexy haha! & the beautiful bride, M!

 First dance 🙂
Some of the old high school crew being vulgar haha.
I tried to dance a little, but like I mentioned above…my hip was extremely sore. I’m having a lot of difficulties this pregnancy with it locking up – I can barely move when it does. You sort of need your hips for dancing, unfortuantely haha. 
I stayed until about 11 and then came home to relieve Matt’s step-mom from babysitting Nolan. Matt was going to spend the night in his best friend, Nic’s, hotel room but he ended up walking home at 2am and scaring the ever holy crap out of me when he appeared in our room {considering I locked the door and had his keys haha!}.
Apparently, Matt is talented at getting into locked houses haha.

It was a great night, a beautiful wedding and I finally got to meet some more of Matt’s high school friends and their wives/girlfriends.

Yay for weddings! And love 😉


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to S & M’s Wedding!!

  1. What a beautiful wedding! I love weddings too. Ryan's brother came down for our wedding. On his last night in town, we went partying together. I got tired and went home, but Ryan wanted to stay and party with his brother. I said “no problem, but I forgot my keys. Can I take your keys and you can just sleep at your mom's tonight?” (since that's where his brother was staying). Ryan agreed to this. But then instead, Ryan walked home at 4am, called me HAMMERED “daaaaannnnyell. Fer some reeeeeason I dun haf ma keys. Ken yoo lemme in?” Ass. LOL.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: It really was a gorgeous wedding, so glad we could be there! And your wedding was gorgeous too! haha at Ryan, that's super funny 😛 Matt wouldn't dare wake me up, besides…he didn't have his cell lmfao!

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