Some Day…

I had a wonderful dream last night, in which our house was full of all my favourite furniture from Ikea 🙂
I seriously love Ikea. Mainly because it’s “cheap”, and it looks so sweet.
Some day…for the rec room:

Some day for the living room:

Some day for the play room:

Some day, for the master bedroom:

Hemnes Bookcase {a home for all my books 🙂 hehe}
Hemnes Sofa Table {I know it’s a sofa table, but I’d love it at the end of the bed haha.}
Hemnes dressing table {I’ve always wanted a dressing table!}
Hemnes nightstand {one for sure, possibly two}

Some day, I want to get this for the dining room:

{truthfully, I’d really like a big old farm table but I’m thinking of furnishing THIS current place, and that definitely wouldn’t fit in our small dining room haha}.
{LOVE the drawers, perfect for table clothes/place mats/and other kitchen linens}
And there you have it! My Ikea wishlist, well the big stuff anyway! If I were to buy everything pictured above, I’d need a grand total of $4788.92…and that’s not including tax! Holy crap. Well, this is a “wish” list, am I right?!
As you can tell, I really like dark wood. Mainly because it’s easier to clean. I have some white furniture now, and let me tell ya…the kid guck definitely shows up on it ahha. 
You’ll notice that I didn’t pick a sofa/couch for the living room…and that’s because I totally want to get a stellar leather set or something. I didn’t really like any Ikea sofas for the living room, but the one I want for the rec room is PERFECT for Matt’s little “man cave” haha. Plus I can stretch out on it when we’re snuggling up watching a movie 🙂
You’ll also notice that I picked A LOT of bookcases out. I love bookcases!! Seriously.
And I know a lot of people think Ikea furniture is kinda boring, but I totally would spruce it all up with fun fabrics and patterns 🙂 


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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5 Responses to Some Day…

  1. tamara says:

    i am right there with you…Ikea is awesome! one of my biggest complaints when I moved to Oshawa, was that there wasn't one…

    those are the same bookshelves and side tables i've been drooling over 🙂

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Tamara: Seriously can not wait to start refurnishing our house haha. And at least you're somewhat close to one! The nearest one to you is the nearest one to me 😦 4.5 hours to Ikea either way! 😦

  3. Ohhh all lovely furniture. I can't wait for brand new furniture one day. One day, one day, one day.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: That's what I keep telling myself. ONE DAY!

  5. ??????? says:

    I actually just bought the Hemnes Dresser for my son's bedroom. He's 8 and I wanted something that will last him until he is out of the house. This piece is definitely it. It has lots of storage and really good sized drawers. It was a little of a pain to put together, just because of its size and that its all wood, not pressboard that alot of stuff is now.

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