Matt’s Graduation Ceremony

This morning was Matt’s graduation ceremony!!
Nolan & I got to watch him walk down the aisle to receive his diploma! Nolan was very good, considering we spent three hours there. I did have to leave the auditorium once with Nolan, his bum was wet and I figured a change would lift his spirits. {It did, but not during – kid is TERRIFIED of public washrooms and screamed bloody murder!}
Here are some photos from Matt’s graduation! I didn’t get a lot, because I didn’t have anyone to sit with Nolan and my camera was fading in and out of cooperating {really need to get a new one!}. I should have taken them with my phone, but it’s hard to take photos with your phone AND hold a toddler haha. Oh well, on with the photos!




I just wanted to say that I am so proud of Matt. He’s worked so incredibly hard the past year and a half, he’s really amazed me. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to attend college full-time and work basically full-time hours! He really shined in his program too. He got mostly A’s, a couple B’s and one C! 
I can’t explain the emotions that came over me while watching him graduate. When we first got pregnant with Nolan, we were in no position to start a family. We’ve had to struggle from the ground up and it’s been really hard but it’s also so worth it. I’m glad Nolan was able to attend his Daddy’s graduation, and when he’s older he will know that he was the inspiration and the drive behind his Daddy’s success! This life that we’re building is a strong one.
I’m so happy to be this man’s wife – even if he hogs the blankets and snores really loud 😉


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3 Responses to Matt’s Graduation Ceremony

  1. I swear, your life is my life a year ago. Last summer I went to Ryan's graduation, very pregnant with my second child, and just as proud of Ryan as you are of Matt. Congratulations to Matt! All of his hard work and dedication has paid off! Your lives will change because of his achievements. 🙂

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    Danielle-Marie: Seriously?! I hope this means we'll be buying a house next year 😉 hehe. and thank you! I agree, whole heartedly!

  3. Dani says:

    Those grey koala fold-out change tables? Scare the ever loving shit out of my son (if he hadn't already pooped that is lol). It's like a medieval torture chamber when I put him on one!

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