Getting Stuff Rolling…

Today I had an OB appointment. One thing I love about my OB is that even if he is running late, the wait is never ridiculous. When I arrived at his office, there were two other pregnant mamas ahead of me. My appointment was for 10:30 and he was 20 minutes late – but by that point, the entire waiting room and hallway was completely full! Despite that, I was out of there 15 minutes after he arrived.
I weighed in at 138.6 pounds….which is more than I weighed when I gave birth to Nolan! But nothing too shocking. I’ve gained about 23 pounds this pregnancy so far. I hope it comes off quickly, I have a wedding in March that I need to look stellar for haha πŸ˜‰
I heard baby’s heartbeat, all is fantastic. And he’s planning my c-section for around October 5th. He’s also going to set up appointments with me to meet anesthesiologists and hematologists.
The week of October 5th. A mere 6 weeks away. Holy smokes.
My next OB appointment is scheduled for September 6th, that’s when I’m going to get the confirmed c-section date and time, and all that other jazz. Come that day, I will only be waiting another 4 weeks…
Time is going to fly by, and I still don’t feel prepared!
On my immediate to do list:
* Get well stocked up in diapers.
* Find a “coming home” outfit for baby.
* Stock up in creams, wipes, etc.
* Buy new baby monitors {Nolan’s is on it’s way out too}.
* Buy a breast pump, nursing pads & a nursing bra.
* Wash the car seat liner, swing liner, and bouncy chair liner.
* Detail the car & steam clean the carpets in the house.Β 
In other news: I’m still shocked at just how exhausted I am after I leave the house for a bit. That appointment seriously wore me out! I’m definitely hoping Nolan will nap today, so I can too! Unfortunately, I seem to only win with the nap battle once every 4 days or so – and he did nap yesterday {in his closet, gave me a heart attack!}.

Edit to add: I’ve got a guest post up over at JD’s blog, Dramatic Mama, about Nolan’s first birthday party! Please go read it and leave some comment love! πŸ™‚



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4 Responses to Getting Stuff Rolling…

  1. dramaticmama says:

    YAY!!!! baby is coming soon times!!! πŸ™‚

  2. @Dramaticmama: VERY soon times! I hope you can make it down that week in September to do a maternity photoshoot? πŸ™‚

  3. I wish I weighed 138.6 like NOW. Hahaha. I find baby weight comes off reeeeeally fast too. Like I gained 12lbs with Hannah's pregnancy and I lost 27lbs within a week of her being born. I wish I was like that all the time and not just after birth! LOL. Hey just a thought…have you considered putting little man in the same coming home outfit Nolan came home in? We did that with Landon and Hannah and I thought it was nice! To each their own of course, just wanted to share the idea.

  4. @Danielle-Marie: I hope that is the case for me lol! And yeah, but I don't know where that coming home outfit is 😦 I had to downsize a lot when we moved up north, I never even thought about grabbing his coming home outfit until I got pregnant with this guy! 😦

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