Mama Want {v.BABY part 2}

I forgot to include a few things in yesterday’s baby wants post!!! OH NO! 
And since I’m basically using my blog to keep track of the stuff I want to purchase…
well, here’s a part two!!!

I really wanted to go with a wooden high chair this time around. I absolutely LOVE the look of them, and they seem to take up less room then the big plastic ones. Plus, I like that you can take off the material/seating, wash it and wipe down the high chair. Food doesn’t get stuck in hard to reach places. And it looks super good 😉 
We won’t be purchasing this until the new year, when baby is ready to try solids. 
Because everyone needs a Bumbo, am I right? 
{I’ll probably search for one second hand though}
We currently have a super huge and bulky diaper bin that takes up A LOT of space in Nolan’s bathroom and reaks unless we empty it daily {which, you know, is a pain in the…diaper?}.
All my mama friends who have the Diaper Genie swear by it, and I like that it’s a hell of a lot smaller than our current beast. 
I’m not a fan of keeping dirty diapers in their bedrooms, so it will be replacing our other one. Eventually.
All my mama friends recommend this little guy for teething! I can’t imagine how it works, but apparently it does. I’m not exactly thrilled about the price of the damn thing {nearly 25 bucks for ONE teething toy!?}, but if it works it works…right? 
Because you need warm wipes for your tooshie when you’re a newborn, am I right?! lol. 
We didn’t have one for Nolan, but I know a lot of mama’s who say it’s nice to have. I personally can definitely see the appeal of having warm wipes instead of ice cold, but since it’s not REALLY a “must have”, I’m not too concerned about it.
I would like it though 😉
My old powershot camera is dead, may it RIP {it did a good job for a camera that Matt found in a snow bank}, so we definitely need to snag a new one sometime soon {you know, once we are ready for baby!}. I love the price of this one, and it’s the “updated” version of my old camera. 
And it’s red, and shiny, and it will take pretty pictures for me 🙂
I love my phone’s camera, but I’m tired of emailing photos to myself because my laptop doesn’t recognize it in media transfer mode.
Plus, it’s sort of tricky getting to the camera app to snap a quick picture. And they never REALLY capture the amazing moment, like a powershot camera does.
I’m sure I will add more in the near future, but we’re done for now 😉
Are you expecting? What baby items do you want to get?


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4 Responses to Mama Want {v.BABY part 2}

  1. dramaticmama says:

    I have a diaper genie that I NEVER used. Got it from a friend, she never used it either. You can have it.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: Thanks!! ❤

  3. That high chair is GORGEOUS! You know, I never used my diaper genie until I had two kids in diapers. One kid in diapers isn't so bad but when you have two, it's an absolute necessity if you don't want your house to constantly wreak. I didn't use a wipes warmer for either of my children and neither of them minded. Neither of them ever minded having their diapers changed at all though so. I also never had a bumbo but I did always want one. Hannah actually learned to crawl before she learned to sit up on her own and I bet a bumbo would have helped her out. You definitely need a nice new camera. When you have time, you'll be picture happy!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I know, right?!?! I definitely don't want my house to wreak. Definitely. And yeah, I'm totally in need of the camera! Like I said, can do without the wipe thing lol but I want the camera, bumbo, and high chair FOR sure!

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