Mama Want {v.BABY!}

I’m in serious hardcore nesting mode. Literally paralyzed by my need to get shit done but my inability to at the moment {waiting for the funds, etc}. 
So instead, I’ve been torturing myself by “window shopping” for baby goodies that I want to buy as soon as I possibly can. 
The number one thing I want to buy? 
 {and the infant insert}
I really wanna babywear this time around. I didn’t with Nolan because we just didn’t have the funds to buy slings and carriers, but I really don’t want to ALWAYS be pushing a double stroller around, or trying to hang onto Nolan and a stroller at the same time. This way I can be hands free to hold Nolan’s hand or do whatever 😉
Plus, Matt would totally be able to rock this 😉
Speaking of slings….
My dear friend Cristy ordered this for me yesterday! I can’t wait to give it a try! Cristy swears by it, and says it’s super comfortable and easy. I can’t wait to try it! I figure the sling will put less strain on my belly after a c-section, but it’s still perfect for the tons of outings I have planned in October. Visiting the pumpkin patch, going trick or treating, etc etc. 
I don’t need many of these, just one for when I’m not totally comfortable bearing all in public. It’s not the boobs I’m afraid of showing, more or less the belly! Plus it’s cute 😉
I’d love a cuter diaper bag! How cute is that pattern? It could totally pass as a purse too 😉 
I like it because it doesn’t scream “I HAVE BABIES”, but looks large enough to fit all I’d need in it.
I love the idea of just snapping baby’s car seat in and going, for the days when I’m not babywearing.
Only, I’m not entirely sure how pushing a stroller and handling a toddler will work?
Guess I’d find out haha.
The Babies R Us website says that this is a great way to protect baby during transitional seasons. The weather-resistant nylon exterior protects from spring, summer and fall temperatures, which is totally awesome. For the winter weather, I’d probably also buy the Cozy Cover for the winter weather.
I think this is my all time favourite car seat right now, and I want it SO bad. I love the gray and red, and all of the safety features that comes with it.
BUT, we’ll probably borrow my sister-in-laws, since her’s is in perfect condition. Her sweet baby boy grew out of it VERY quickly lol. OR, we might buy this one from Sears since Matt likes the handle.
Little man is going to need an activity mat {since Nolan’s is long gone}, and I have to agree with Rebecca that the majority of activity mats they have out there are just barf. Treetop Friends is the nursery theme we originally wanted to go with. We’ve since decided that reusing Nolan’s Zanzibar bedding theme was a much more affordable and practical idea for us {but if money weren’t an option…dreamy sigh}.
With our sweet boy being born so close to Halloween, he’s of course going to need a Halloween costume! How cute is this lobster bunting costume? It looks nice and cozy, and he’ll be totally snug as a bug – well, a lobster– in a rug in that and my cotton ring sling! 
I’ve already picked out Nolan’s Halloween costume too haha….ahead of the game?
OH, and if baby was a little older {and Halloweens’ in NB were a little warmer} I would totally purchase this adorable little owl costume for him lol.
Seriously guys, October can’t come soon enough!!

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4 Responses to Mama Want {v.BABY!}

  1. Jackie says:

    I had a carrier for my 3rd child and a sling for my 4th. I loved the sling. It was so much more comfortable. Both are a godsend, especially when you have more than one child to keep track of. Also a wonderful invention for the breast feeding mom is a baby boppy. I love these pillows.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Jackie: I'm looking at that peanut shaped pillow? I should have added it to this post lol. It's smaller than my last nursing pillow, and I think it'd be more comfortable since the other one wrapped around my sides too much. I can't wait to try out the sling!! So excited.

  3. I heard slings are better than a carrier, like a Snugli for instance, because sitting them upright puts a lot of pressure on their lower backs. A sling supports their entire body. Plus it's damn cute. So is that lobster costume. I got Hannah's costume for Halloween already so…I guess we're both guilty of thinking ahead LOL.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: What's Hannah being?! And yeah, I heard about slings being better. Which is why I definitely want one and am excited for getting one 😉

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