Today has been a great day so far, despite me not feeling well at all. I’ve been feeling weak, shakey, and super exhausted all day long, despite the amount of food I’ve eaten and rest I’ve gotten. I’m hoping this isn’t an indication of Gestational diabetes. I took my test a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard back about the results yet.Ā 
I’m also wondering if it could be an iron deficiency of some kind. I’ll have to request that my OB check my iron levels at my next appointment, which isn’t until the 23rd.
In the mean time, I’m just going to have to take it easy and accept the fact that I can’t over do it. The last thing I need to do is try and make up for our “lazy summer” and end up fainting while out with Nolan. Obviously, there’s a reason why I don’t feel comfortable going places with Nolan without Matt. If I feel faint and shakey at home, while making dinner, who knows what could happen right?
I just have to keep reminding myself that this is temporary. Pregnancy doesn’t last forever, and in no time at all my baby boy will be here and I’ll be back to my energetic self. We’ll more than make up for it then, with all the stuff I’ve got planned for the fall.
Anyways, back to today. It’s been pretty swell! Nolan has been in a fantastically cooperative mood. Since the moment he woke up he’s had the biggest grin on his face! He ate nearly 6 pancakes to himself for breakfast too, and even demanded the rest off of my plate.

Lunch wasn’t the best, but I blame Matt. He told me that Nolan would love maple baked beans for lunch, since he loves maple syrup, but Nolan freaked right out as soon as the beans touched his lips. Not a bean fan, I take it, but that’s okay…neither am I. In fact I couldn’t even raise the spoon to my mouth. So instead, we had peanut butter sandwiches.Ā 
I’m trying to eat more high in iron and protein foods, but…BEANS?! I’ve always hated them. Even when not pregnant I can’t stomach them. I can’t eat almonds and other such nut products like that {although I can have peanuts, go figure?} due to a “nut sensitivity” {haha, it cracks me up to say that – yeah, I’m have the maturity of a 12 year old boy}. So I’m running out of snacking options that are high in protein and iron. Any suggestions?
Even though Nolan turned down his afternoon nap and instead destroyed his bedroom, he let mama sleep for a full 45 minutes! I’m not gonna lie, I really needed it. Then he played in my room while I grabbed a quick shower. Of course several things ended up in the tub that shouldn’t have ended up in the tub {mainly my makeup and q-tips}, but at least I got to have a cold shower and wake up a bit!
And despite sending some rather snarky text messages to Matt this morning, he randomly texted me with “hey baby i love u and your are an amazing mom I’m so lucky ot have u in my life”.
So of course, I texted him back with a bunch of sappy romantic things too šŸ˜‰Ā 
I’ve been pretty grouchy and stressed the last few days, and I know poor Matt has been my “punching bag”, so to speak. You can’t really snap at your toddler, but your husband is free game. I’m pretty sure it’s in the marriage vows or something.Ā 
He’s awesome for withstanding my snarky bitchiness though, and for calming me down.
Lately, I’ve needed a lot of calming down. I’ve been pretty wound up and stressed out about everything. Money, mainly. I want to make sure that we have everything we need for the baby. I’ve had my sister and a couple great friends offer to send us newborn baby clothes, and that has seriously helped with my stressing issues. I can’t believe I gave away basically everything of Nolan’s. Kick me now? Please? Of course we still have to essentially start fresh with all the bath time and general care items, but with the hand-me-down clothes, this shouldn’t be an issue.
But telling myself not to stress about it? LAUGHABLE. Pregnant chicks don’t listen to “don’t stress” advice very well šŸ˜‰
Tuesday can’t come soon enough! Yay for pay day! We are going to pick up brown furniture paint for the dresser and start {and hopefully FINISH} that project. Plus baby hangers, so I can start putting away the small basket of newborn clothes I just washed!
Nothing beats the smell of baby clothes. I just might wash the boys clothes in baby laundry soap until they leave home šŸ˜‰ wouldn’t they hate that?! Hah!{On second thought…this might prompt them to start doing their own laundry very quickly…hmmm…LIGHT BULB!}
Anyways, I can’t describe the feelings I was having while folding little onesies and sleepers. I can’t wait to meet this little guy! I can’t wait to take in the scent of newborn baby, and hear all those coos šŸ™‚Ā 
Matt’s not exactly looking forward to the tar poop, or the crying every 3 hours to be fed, but it’s a small price to pay!
{Remind me I said that when I’m complaining about a newborn keeping me up all hours of the night, okay?}



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9 Responses to Smile

  1. Heather says:

    Take it easy.

    I love having my showers interrupted. The other day my DOG decided to join me. OMG.

  2. Lukasmummy says:

    Don't know about protein but apricots and dark green vegetables like broccoli are supposed to be good for iron, here's a UK site but might be useful to take a look at nothing really seems to help mine including iron supplements from my consultant, my iron levels are still really low. Hugs hope you feel better soon, I totally agree with you about pregnancy being hard but the end result is so worth it. Hugs Crystal xx

  3. @Heather: LOL! That'd be hilarious! When my cat was little, she'd jump in the tub with me while I was taking a bath lol!

    @Lukasmummy: Hmmm apricots? I'll have to buy those lol! I don't remember if I like them or not, but it's worth a try. We eat tons of green veggies, so I don't think that's helping but I will check out the site! Thank you Crystal!

  4. Hey have the doc check iron levels AND blood pressure. I had high bp while preggo with both boys and Granny has hbp too. it runs in the family.

  5. @Karen: Definitely a good idea, I shall šŸ˜‰ and I'm trying lol easier said than done with a toddler šŸ˜‰

  6. You know what's funny is Landon always gobbles up his breakfast every day. It's the other meals that he picks at. I heard low-iron is pretty common in pregnancy. As for gestational diabetes, I didn't exactly get shaky and weak. Except when I got really hungry I'd feel like shit…but I just attributed that to being pregnant. I'm pretty sure Landon has an iron deficiency too, so I've decided to ask my doc to send him for blood work on the 10th, when Hannah goes for her one year appointment. In the meantime I've been trying to give him iron rich foods but honestly…liver? Beans? Dark leafy greens? Good luck with our ever picky toddlers. I think it's gonna be an iron supplement that'll help Landon. I'm getting excited for you about the new baby!

  7. @Danielle-Marie: Nolan will only gobbles up pancakes, and I don't like to give them to him EVERY day because I fear the novelty of them will wear off lol. I'm thinking it might just be low iron, since I'm pretty much prone to low iron issues anyway you know? I KNOW what you mean, I could NEVER get Nolan to eat liver. Or baked beans. He likes green beans dipped in ketchup lol. I won't even eat half that crap šŸ˜‰ I'm also getting excited about the new baby lol!

  8. Could be low blood pressure too. Mine is usually low, and I had that with Ari during my second trimester. I almost fainted in the grocery store! I had to take an iron supplement with Ari too. Do you like spinach? It has iron. I eat it with garlic and olive oil. YUM! Also beef of course.

  9. @Old School/New School Mom: I am checked every visit for low blood pressure and I always seem to be okay, but who knows I guess things can change in an instant right? Thanks pregnancy lol. NO SPINACH barf lol! And I'm not finding beef is giving me anything :S weirdly enough. We eat a lot of beef and chicken.

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