In Trouble…

Sketch was a naughty cat today. I think she might be jealous about the new baby coming. Or perhaps she feels like she’s not getting enough attention lately…which is utter BULL because we snuggle with her each and every night for hours, and Nolan loves to play with her. This cat is far from ignored, trust me.
Anyways. Sketch decided this morning at some point to use Nolan’s bed as a cat box. She peed and pooed all over the upper half of his bed. On toys, on several of Nolan’s favourite hard-cover books.
Matt was so mad. I was mad too.
I had been napping {he sent me to bed around 10am because I was exhausted & not feeling well} when the “incident” was discovered. I put Nolan in his brother’s {empty and safe} room so he wouldn’t see the clean up, as we had to throw out several of his favourite books. His bedding is in the wash, next to go in is his pillow and some toys. If I can’t save the pillow & toys, they’ll be thrown out too 😦 & he loves those toys, each and every one of them. The pillow buddy and giraffe were greatly missed at nap time.
We cleaned his mattress as best we could and I think we got all the cat pee smell out, then we flipped it over. I was convinced we’d have to throw out Nolan’s mattress and buy a new one, which sucks because we really can’t afford that. But all seems to be okay…for now. 
I haven’t seen Sketch since Matt gave her trouble for it {basically just carried her upstairs, put her nose in the mess and told her off, like you would a puppy or something}. I bet she’s hiding in the basement somewhere.
I don’t understand it, we were downstairs all day. She had full access to the basement and her cat box was freshly cleaned last night. It’s not like she was locked out of the basement or in a room.
So I’m thinking it might have {a lot} to do with the fact that there is another baby on the way. She wasn’t horrible when Nolan was first born, but she was a little difficult. She would climb walls and dig her nails in, then slide down them and tear them up. It’s why we had to get her declawed, because she wouldn’t stop and our landlord basically said it was that or get rid of her. She also flung poop around a lot, whenever I was breastfeeding Nolan in the living room.
Anyways, it’s been a hectic morning…needless to say. And I signed in to blog, and had nothing else to write about. Plus, I’ve been meaning to post these pictures of Sketch for a while now, but always got side-tracked. 
So, without further ado…Sketch as a kitten, snuggling with my pregnant belly in February of 2009:


She was so little!! She had the biggest, darkest green eyes I’ve ever seen. They’ve since changed colour, but they’re still pretty rad. 
And now, Sketch today…cuddling with my pregnant belly in July of 2011 😉
Hopefully she never uses Nolan’s bed as a litter box again. Trust me when I say that is not a fun mess to clean up while pregnant! And it didn’t score her any brownie points with Matt, either. He does love her, but is more of a dog person. 
Sigh. Have your pets ever reacted strangely to a new baby coming? Share your stories! Also, any tips on how to make her freak out less about everything?
I honestly hope that Sketch gets her frustrations out before the baby arrives.

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6 Responses to In Trouble…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jessi-

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Oh boy, can cats ever freak out about new babies. I have three (it, unh, took us a while to conceive and I had to put my nurturing instincts somewhere), and the youngest, in particular, is a bit of a jealous nut. While I was pregnant she peed 1) on the change table 2) in the crib and then 3) randomly, over and over again, on the guest bed when we combined the guest room and office. And since the baby has arrived, on baby blankets left on the floor and once, actually, right on the baby. Most of the time, she's a sweet, affectionate kitty, but every now and again, she gets in a snit. I've been super close to sending her packing on occasion, but my husband has talked me out of it.

    Anyway- the best thing we've found for cleanup is Urine-off. It delivers exactly what it says- it's an enzyme that breaks down the odour so it helps save harder-to-clean things like mattresses- basically you let it soak into the pee stain and then sop up the excess.

    Secondly, it's a bit expensive, but we use this product called feliway- it's a cat facial pheromone that they use to mark areas that are 'safe'- basically it makes them relax and not so territorial. It seems to cut down on pee accidents, and my three are just calmer, in general, when we have one of the diffusers going.

    Good luck with Sketch and congrats on baby #2


  2. Holy crap I would be soooo pissed if I were you. I commend you for being so calm, especially while pregnant. It sounds like you have some pretty good advice in the above comment. I hope it works to get the smell out and I hope Sketch has learned her lesson and doesn't do this again.

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    @Chris: Thank you! I will look into that, it sounds like something I'll want on hand 😉

    @Danielle-Marie: I was pissed, but Matt being more pissed calmed me down, because SOMEONE has to think rationally lol. I hope so too!

  4. Dani says:

    just an FYI although this was ages ago, if she does it again, you're not supposed to have anything to do with cat urine while preggers. I forget what chemical it is in it that is bad for baby, but yeah, there you go, take it for what you will… Clearly you and baby are just fine (:

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dani: Oh Matt dealt with the initial clean up, I'm just STILL trying to get the scent of cleaners out of Nolan's mattress. 😦

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dani -opps, forgot to add that the cleaners are all natural lol but Matt didn't dilute the properly so they REALLY stink!

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