That Boy of Mine

My phone wants to throw up with cute & random pictures. The cute pictures are of Nolan, the random are of me lol. So, here we go:

Nolan hanging with Daddy before work & chilling near the laptop.
I got “all dressed up” for no particular reason 
{okay, for a reason…none of my other clothes that “fit” were clean lol}.
 I liked how I did my makeup today? And my hair, mostly because it was cool and off my neck 🙂
Matt finally started painting the change pad table! Nolan, all ready to go on our “family outing” {wearing his Daddy’s hat!}.
 Storms’ a brewing! & Nolan being cute on the front porch!

 Sharing a slushie with mama & being silly!

Today was a great day, even though we didn’t really “do” anything spectacular.
In the morning, Nolan and I hung out together & were super lazy. 
We practiced the alphabet, & Nolan even started trying to spell his own name!
I took a super cute video of it, but my laptop still isn’t recognizing my phone & I can’t email it because it’s too large.
But let me assure you…it’s adorable. Hearing Nolan say “N! O! L! O! N! AAA!” is beyond adorable.
Yeah, he doesn’t spell his name right…lol. But hey, it’s a start! At least he knows what letters are in it?
He ate fairly well today, although not as good as yesterday {sadness}…but still, I’ll take it!
{Toddler food battles suck, for your information}.
While Nolan napped, I went downstairs to finally sort through the bags upon bags of hand-me-down clothes from my friend Jolena & Matt’s friend.
I now have a small amount of newborn clothes thanks to Jolena, and a lifetime supply of 6-12 months.
I’m going to need more storage totes. {I already have 5 totes of 12-18 month clothes}. 
While I was doing that, Matt randomly came home from work early due to the extreme heat!
AND THEN, he took apart the change pad table and started painting it
I was swooning all over the place…until he ran out of paint.
We decided to head to Walmart to pick up more paint, some toothpaste & baby laundry soap.
Yeah, our list was small…but that’s GOOD right?
Anyways. They were all out of the colour of paint we needed, & I seriously had to hold back tears because I was so upset. Thanks hormones?
Instead, we walked around and I wrote out a price list of all the baby things I was interested in buying from Walmart.
Woah man. 
That’s like, $325 for most of the stuff on my list. Not all, most.
Plus I wanted to add the Bissell steam cleaner for $84, since I will probably need to do a lot of steam cleaning the floors/couches in preparation and figured it’d be the same price to buy one as rent one {I haven’t looked into it yet}.
That’s not including the $185.99 I need/want to spend at Sears {infant car seat, “peanut” Jolly jumper nursing pillow, “cuddle bag”, and more change pad sheets}. 
I forgot how much babies cost! Good thing we have a lot of time before October. 
{Well, sorta.}
I feel less distraught over my decision to not order new bedding etc for this baby,
even though I’m still bummed out I won’t get the owl theme of my dreams…I’m pretty sure baby just wants to have the basics.
Which add up.
Enough about that.
Nolan was super sweet at Walmart, shouting “HI” to every single person he saw & earning tons of smiles & laughs from complete strangers. Seriously, my kid is a ham. I need to make a video of him in action, turning on the charm for those innocent bystanders.
Half the time, they don’t even know what hit them. 
After we were done our shopping {and window shopping}, I got my rings cleaned at People’s. 
No more blood from my blown vein crusting up my diamonds! WOO!
Then Matt went to Canadian Tire to pick up the paint for the change pad table, since they had it in stock.
And Nolan & I watched while he spray painted the change pad table on the back deck…
and I nearly cried {again} when he ran out of paint {again}.
Seriously? He thought spray painting the change pad table would be quicker and cheaper.
Not turning out so. 
Tomorrow, he’s going to pick up one more can of spray paint to finish the change pad table,
& return the spray cans we bought for the dresser to buy paint in a can because I have demanded requested that we do it that way. We still have basically a full can of paint from painting my dresser {only it’s black and we don’t want to reuse it}, & it did take a while to do {because Matt procrastinates} but at least it wasn’t so frustrating.
I’m hoping the change pad table will be done by Sunday {Matt assures me it will} so I can set it up in the baby’s room and take pictures of how awesome it is.
It’s looking great.
And I hope that Matt will start painting the dresser. The sooner that’s done, the sooner I can start washing & putting away what clothes I do have.
{I still need more, way more}.
In other news, the crib is set up & I went through baby’s closet & removed all the stuff we were storing in it. It’s empty, awaiting clothes & hangers & all that jazz.
I’m impressed with myself.
I guess I’m impressed with Matt too, since he’s done the putting of furniture together & painting etc.
So, YA, that was today. 
Tomorrow will be awesome, because Matt is going to finish the change pad table {and start the dresser?} & I’m taking Nolan over to my SIL’s for a playdate. 
We haven’t seen them in forever, so I’m looking forward to it.
Then in the evening, we are taking Nolan to the Midway.
We were going to go tonight but the weather was crappy.
So, tomorrow evening.
After Matt’s painted to my desire. 
How was your Friday?!
{Also, I’m sorry for centering this entire post, but it’s “going with my flow” so why not?}
I’m thinking in poems or something.
Now I’m gonna go tackle my feed reader…jeebus you people write a lot.
{NOTE THE IRONY, as I write a lot too}.

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  1. rach. says:

    GREAT blog! it is so interesting and inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, I would love to see what you think of it!:)

    follow me?–

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @rach.: Thanks! I will definitely check out yours 🙂

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