Infant Car Seat [Window] Shopping & Other Such Randomness

It’s been two whole years since we’ve had a newborn! Nolan has long since outgrown his infant car seat, and we’ve long since trashed it {because it was recalled and I didn’t think we would be fulfilling our my baby fever any time soon}, so a large thing on our to-buy list is the infant car seat!

Since we don’t live near a Babies R Us, and I know my husband all too well {he won’t want to drive 2.5 hours to the nearest one} I’ve been window shopping at Sears, since we have one local. So far, here are my top two picks {they don’t seem to have as big of a selection as Babies R Us…oh well}!!

1. Euro Graco Euro Snugride 35 Car Seat.

Pretty nice, huh? It looks super comfy! I’d like to get me one of those in my size 😉
It also fits into the Euro Graco Quattro Tour Double Stroller…but we aren’t overly concerned about buying a double stroller that fits with the car seat we get. We already have a second hand Graco stroller, and it will be near winter when baby is born {snow makes strollers sort of pointless}. I’m also planning on baby wearing. So by the time we could actually take advantage of the double stroller, baby won’t have to be in his car seat in a stroller.

2. Safety 1st Onboard Infant Car Seat. 

This car seat is a lot like the one Nolan had – his was also a Safety 1st and I did like it. It got the job done just fine and was very easy to clean. Basically just wipe and go for the most part! It’s cheaper than the first one, which I also like. But I won’t cheap out on a car seat, I want something that’s going to make me feel comfortable when putting baby boy in! Of course, all the car seats they sell are safe…or they wouldn’t sell them. But still, I’m sure you know what I mean? I also like the pattern.

3. Evenflo Embrace Infant Car Seat with Comfort Touch Seat Pad.

This one looks pretty neat! I like the pattern, and the price. I’m not exactly sold on the handle, although it says it provides for easier carrying…I’ve never tried it though. It looks sort of awkward? But who knows, it might be easier?

4. Evenflo Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat

This is way under our budget – which I like {leaves more cash to buy other baby wants/needs}, but…I’m not sold. It looks like a cheaper version of the one above? I’m sure it’s not cheaply made, because…again, they wouldn’t sell unsafe car seats {I hope}. Matt also isn’t 100% into it. He likes the first two, and the price of the third one.

Bah. Car seat shopping is hard. Those are the top ones that I am looking at right now.

In addition to the car seat, I want to buy this easy view back seat mirror. Just so I can see what’s going on back there with the little guy, since he won’t be able to talk to me for a little while 😉

Now…you’d think that after having a baby, I’d know what newborn essentials I’ll need. But…I have a confession: I don’t know. I feel like I’m doing this all over again for the first time! I’ve complied a list of things that I think we need, but I get the feeling that there’s stuff on the list we don’t really need and things I’ve forgotten?!

Anyway, here is said list of things [I think] we need:

  1. Infant car seat.
  2. Newborn sleepers/onesies/outfits. 
  3. Baby cloths & towels.
  4. Newborn tub & baby shampoo & soap.
  5. Bum creams {Nolan has some, but obviously this kid gets his own bum cream LOL!}.
  6. A newborn sling/carrier {suggestions?? Remember I live in Northern Ontario!}.
  7. Snot sucker, newborn nail clippers.
  8. Nursing pillow.
  9. Nursing covers {just a few for when we’re out in public…blankets were always so awkward and never stayed up with Nolan}.
  10. New diaper bag {something bigger and better. I’ve been looking around but I don’t like ANY in Walmart or Sears. I like these two from Babies R Us for me, and am eying up this one for Matt}.
  11. Pacifiers {Nolan wasn’t a pacifier baby, but who knows about this one? Plus I’m hoping offering him a paci will keep him from using my bewbies as one!}. 
  12. Newborn socks and hats.
  13. Winterwear.
  14. More fitted crib sheets and change pad covers.
  15. More baby blankets.
  16. 2 new waterproof mattress covers.
  17. Diaper Genie {we have a diaper pail that is decent, but it’s really huge and takes up too room in the boys’ bathroom. I want something skinnier/smaller}. 
  18. Newborn diapers {I really want to stock up on the diapers!}.
  19. Bibs, burping cloths, and milk storage bags.
  20. A decent double breast pump {any recommendations?}.
  21. Breast pads and 2 good nursing bras {again….recommendations for the nursing bras?}
  22. Eye droppers & medicine spoons.
  23. Gripe water and oval to have on hand {although I’d like to do a more homo-pathetic/all natural medicine to help with gas…any recommendations?}
  24. Vitamin D drops.
  25. Baby Tylenol and Advil {to have on hand}.
  26. Rattles & baby toys.
  27. Baby thermometer {the one we had for Nolan has been long since destroyed…thanks toddler lol}
  28. More baby hangers and a storage solution option for baby’s closet {like an extra rod that hangs down off the rod already in there, or something. My sister got 2 from Walmart for her kids and it opens up TONS of room for hanging clothes!}.
  29. Night light {I’m planning on always keeping it on, so that I never accidentally create an awake environment when changing baby and nursing him. That was my issue with Nolan, I turned on lights and the TV for entertainment while feeding him and he’d be up for hours!}
  30. A stereo {to play Rockabye Baby music for baby while he sleeps, my sister did this with BOTH her kids and they sleep through everything}.
  31. Duel base monitor/a baby monitor that doesn’t interfere with Nolan’s. {My sister is having a horrendous time finding one of these – apparently Graco used to make them and they used to be sold at Sears but when she went to go buy one, Sears informed her that they don’t carry duel base monitors anymore because no one makes them. Obviously, I have a toddler who I need to keep an ear on too. I’m hoping someone will have one they aren’t using anymore. Would buying the same monitor Nolan has and keeping it on the same channel work? Gosh I have no idea.}

SEE?! Clueless. That’s a whole lota stuff we need to get!! And people say you shouldn’t have need for a second baby shower…PFF lol. Due to storage issues, we couldn’t keep all of Nolan’s things from his baby days and we gave a lot of it away. So now we’re literally starting from scratch, save for a few things that we did manage to save {mainly because I loaned them out to people}.

Here is what we already have:

  1. A swing {it was Nolan’s when he was little}.
  2. Playpen with a newborn option.
  3. A double stroller {thanks to my in-laws!}.
  4. An exersaucer {also from Nolan’s baby days}.
  5. Change pad table.
  6. Rocking chair {need to find a way to get this up to us…currently it’s at my MIL’s and Matt’s truck won’t be able to make that drive any time soon}.
  7. Newborn tub & Snuggli carrier {thanks JD!}
  8. Bouncy chair {thank goodness for sisters procreating around the same time as you! Dalya will be done with her bouncy chair by the time baby arrives 😉 woohoo!}
  9. Infant car seat {we are going to borrow my SIL’s, it’s in perfect condition, less than 2 years old and never been in an accident. Plus, it’s a really nice pimpin’ one!}.
  10. Diaper Genie {thanks JD!}
  11. Baby Sling {thanks Cristy!}
  12. Activity Mat {am borrowing my SIL’s}
  13. Nursing pillow {I forgot I had one, and had loaned it to my SIL lol}.

I’m planning on setting up the playpen downstairs during the day, and having baby nap in there. That way I won’t have to do the stairs umpteen times a day. At night, I was going to have baby sleep in a bassinet in our room so I could easily access him for night time feedings…but I want baby to sleep with a night light so I don’t have to create an awake environment when I change and feed him, and I totally can’t sleep with any lights on at all. I am hoping we’ll be able to figure out a monitor solution…ugh.

SO MUCH TO DO. Matt keeps telling me to relax, he keeps saying we have plenty of time. But this Sunday I will be 29 weeks, meaning only 11 weeks left. 11 weeks sounds like a long time to get our shit together, but we have to base it around pay days and the what not, so technically speaking…there’s less time than that! August 31st is when I hope to buy at least a few items off our still need list {like the car seat, and newborn diapers}. September is when we will be getting the rest of the stuff we need. And after September? Is OCTOBER! October = month of baby!

So, with that being said…there isn’t a whole lot of time left and I’m going crazy with nesting urges and the obsessive compulsive need to get everything we still need immediately. Waiting for pay days sucks so much. This pay day was declared “rent due and bill paying day”, so it super sucks to see funds in there that have to go to bills and not my shopping list for baby! But I’m a responsible adult who also has an obsessive need to pay bills on time and in full…so, that’s a bonus, right?

I’m frustrated because Matt hasn’t had time {between school and work} to paint the change pad table and dresser. I’m hoping he’ll be able to do it this weekend at some point, but the poor man is working extra hours to pay for his certification tests so I’m not holding my breath. But that’s about the only thing we can do right now {since we have the furniture and the paint}, and you have no idea how nuts it drives me to have all the stuff and not even get those projects started yet!!

But, we’ll get there. I know we will. I keep telling myself this. We will have everything we need {well, almost everything at least} before October.

Somewhat related to all this babble is the fun fact that I drew up breakdown budgets to direct our money from each pay check basically until December {much to Matt’s horror – he hates when I do this kind of thing} and I’m amused to say that once we finally get set up for the arrival of our newest addition, we instantly get to start saving for Christmas! Matt totally wasn’t impressed with my excitement over this, but thanks to the budget I drew up, I know just how much we’ll have for Christmas spending and it’s exciting to me because it’s more than it was last year!

We’re not traveling down south this Christmas, either, because I don’t want to travel with a newborn and a toddler in the not so awesome weather of the North. Plus, this is our “last Christmas” here and we figured we’d stay local. I’m hoping Matt’s mom, step-dad and brother will come for Christmas dinner.

WOAH; this post clearly screams “I’M PREGNANT AND CAN’T FOCUS ON ANYTHING AND AM BABBLING MY BRAINS OUT ALL OVER THE PLACE”, doesn’t it? Sorry about that. Y’all will just have to endure my randomness for another 11 weeks.

Actually, who am I kidding? I’m always random and I always bounce around from topic to topic. 😉


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8 Responses to Infant Car Seat [Window] Shopping & Other Such Randomness

  1. dramaticmama says:

    Jess, I have a Snuggli that we used with Dustin during the winter months. We just put him in his snowsuit, put him in the Snuggli, then depending on the weather (how cold it was) we would wrap a blanket or 2 around him. It was WAY better then the stroller. If your interested in trying it out, I can give it to you when I loan you Dustin's newborn tub?

  2. mom2nji says:

    I am pretty much set except for the swing. It's been SIX years since I had a baby. That is the travel system we got. Its not fancy, but I have always like Graco. I am confused about bouncy seats, rockers, and swings now, they all look so different than they did a few years ago.

  3. Natasha says:

    I would definitely recommend Medela for breast pump(unfort i sold mine, ugh). I have tried about 4 different kinds and now I have cheap one, but nothing worked like the Medela. They are pricey, but completely worth it. I plan on buying another when I find the $. Some hospitals even rent them out.

    As for nursing bras, La Senza used to sell them, but don't anymore. I am VERY picky about bras & HAVE TO have underwire (which most nursing bras don't have). I tried on a zillion nursing bras & they all made me feel grandma-ish. I finally just bought some plainer bras from la senza and they worked perfectly. I just slipped my arm out of the strap. I wouldn't buy any until after your milk comes in though, cause you'll probably go up a couple sizes.

    Good list! It reminded me of a few things we still need to get (it never seems to end!)

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: Thanks! That works! And I've updated the list to include that so as to not tick you off lmao 😉

    @Mom2nji: I used the swing more with Nolan because he enjoyed it more, so I never even thought about a bouncy seat but it is probably something I'll want anyway just in case! Good thing my sister has one lol. I love that stroller! So cute!! We won't get the travel system because we have a double stroller and no need for a single {because we have the double AND a single stroller}.

    @Natasha: I know some hospital rents them out, but I was hoping to purchase mine, especially cause I haven't seen any option to rent them out in NB yet. Plus I'd like my own! I am thinking Medela too, but I heard a lot of good things about Hygeia too. Some people say it's better than Medela. I think that Medela is more in our price range though! And your right, there's always SOMETHING, I'm probably forgetting a billion things!


    This might help you get some ideas! I like to sort by either top rated or bestseller. Even if you don't want to buy from Amazon (I'm honestly not sure how it is buying from Amazon in Canada) I can't tell you enough how the great the quality of the items I buy nowadays because I research it on Amazon first. It helps seeing what hundreds before you have experienced. Good luck!

  6. The list of baby supplies seems never ending when you're pregnant. When we were expecting Hannah we got everything second hand, either at second hand stores or on Kijiji. We had no choice, it was second hand or go without. Again, I wish you lived nearby. Hannah's about to move into a big girl car seat and her infant car seat needs a new home. Also, remember, even if the car seat is more cost effective (uhm, cheap), they all have to meet the same standards and requirements. I also set up the playpen in our living area when Hannah was born. It was easier that way until she started napping more routinely. She also had her days and nights mixed up so having her in a well lit area all day put her sleeping habits back on track. I got nursing bras from Sears. They are great bras and they go on sale all the time. Landon didn't have a really hard time with teething but Hannah REALLY did and I found the Homelab Teething drops REALLY helped. I used Kolik gripe water but I didn't find it all that helpful. I did like to put a couple drops of Ovol in each of Landon's bottles to prevent gas. You just reminded me I need a duel base monitor too…

  7. jessi ♥ says:

    @Eat The Bread!: Thank you! Buying from Amazon from Canada is hit and miss, a lot of the stuff won't ship to me :S but I can always try!

    @Danielle-Marie: My SIL said we could borrow their infant car seat! It's less than 2 years old, never been in an accident and totally pimpin' lol. So that's good! But I do wish we lived closer, just because you'd be awesome to hang out with for play dates ❤ I'm hoping the well lit area will help with day/night confusion. It seems to with my sisters kids! Her new baby is already sleeping through the night. YEAH. At 3 months. I will check out Sears for nursing bras! Homelab Teething drops eh? Hmm....*writes that down*

  8. As if! Hannah doesn't even sleep through the night all the time! Ahaha.

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