Prego Belly Weirdness & Baby Thoughts

This is baby boy’s favourite activity as of late…

{I’m not naked! I’m wearing a dress, and panties that cover more than most bathingsuits do lol…the belly just makes it look like I’m naked}
He absolutely loves to make my stomach look all warped and weird. Before I got pregnant the first time, I thought your belly stayed round the entire time. I didn’t know it moved and changed shape with your baby. I didn’t know they could push out and make it look so strange and lopsided. 
There are a lot of things I didn’t know about pregnancy.
Anyways, that’s baby’s favourite thing to do. I’m constantly having to gently push him back down, or poke him. It’s my nightly entertainment, playing this game with him. 
I wonder what he’s going to be like? I can’t wait to meet him. Actually, I can wait, until October that is. But you know what I mean! I can’t wait for October to be here in the flesh!
I’m so excited to hold him in my arms, to kiss his squishy newborn face and breathe in that lovely newborn smell. I can’t wait to try breastfeeding again. I know I’m going to succeed because I did last time with Nolan, it wasn’t easy getting started but it was so worth it. I loved looking down and seeing Nolan dreamfeed, and I was terribly upset when I had to stop breastfeeding him at four months {I went in for emergency hip surgery and was hospitalized for about a week, by the time I came home to my boy he was happily sucking back formula from a bottle and refusing to breastfeed. Plus my milk had dried up, due to medication & depression from not being with my baby}. 
I can’t wait to do it again though. I don’t have any goal set in mind for how long I’m planning on breastfeeding, because this time around I have a toddler running about. It must be difficult to breastfeed and entertain a toddler…but then and again, it must be difficult to bottle feed and entertain a toddler! 
I can’t wait to hear newborn coos and grunts. I can’t wait for gassy smiles, for little hands and toes. I can’t wait to see Nolan with his little brother. I can’t wait to babywear! I didn’t get into it with Nolan until he was older, and he was at that point too heavy for me. I think that if I start babywearing from the get-go, my arm/back muscles will strengthen as he grows? In any case, I definitely want to give it a try! Especially since I’ll want my hands free for activities with Nolan, but not want to sacrifice newborn cuddles 😉
October seems so close yet so far away. There is so much left to do. We still have to get all of the newborn necessities again. Clothes, socks, winter wear, diapers, a diaper bag, newborn carrier/sling, bath stuff, a car seat, newborn toys, etc etc. My step-father-in-law and mother-in-law bought us a double stroller, so I can cross that off my list, but I would like to purchase more crib sheets and change pad table sheets.
I’m not so patiently waiting for Matt to paint the change pad table and dresser. I hope he’ll start it tonight after work 😉 I just want to get everything arranged in his room! 
I’ve never had a baby in the fall before, so I’m not sure…what do I really need? What’s the best type of car seat insert or cover type thing that will protect baby from the harsh crisp cold of Northern Ontario? I’m such a novice and I have already “been through this”. Crazy huh? But I don’t want to purchase the wrong things {like last time}. 
I feel like my hands are tied. I just want to get everything/do everything now, or at least get started you know? But…well, life has a way of getting in the way of plans. This month is rough because Matt didn’t work as much as he thought he was going to work…between studying for his certification tests and our trip down south. We are, of course, fine for bills/food/the necessities, but the extra funds I was hoping to have at the end of July aren’t there, so I can’t start my newborn baby shopping. 
Which is incredibly hard for a nesting prego mama to accept. 
But…it’s not about what you don’t have, but what you do. We’ll get it all before October, I know this. I just have to redirect my nesting desires. 
Somehow. Redirecting nesting desires seems like a difficult fleet, am I right? 
This afternoon Matt has to skip school to take me to the hospital for the third day in a row, so I can re-attempt to take my glucose test. Yesterday, I threw up the entire drink after 10 minutes of finishing it, so I have to go back today and try again. I hope the drink stays in my stomach this time…although I think it might have had something to do with the sausage and egg breakfast sandwich and medium tea I had from Tims on the way to the hospital. So, I will just avoid eating that and drinking a tea 😉 
My next OB appointment isn’t until the 23rd. It was supposed to be the 15th of August, but Nolan has a pediatricians appointment that day at the same time and it couldn’t be moved. Alas, tis life! I suppose I could have had Matt drop me off for my appointment and take Nolan by himself, but I like to be there for Nolan’s doctors appointments. 
And to think…in just three more months, I will have two babies! 
{Which reminds me…I need to call the family doctor that is supposed to be taking us all on…}
Okay, I’ve rambled enough…for now 😉 


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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5 Responses to Prego Belly Weirdness & Baby Thoughts

  1. tamara says:

    lol cute pics..they actually reminded me of a story my mom has told me about when she was pregnant with me…i would kick out under her ribs and she would be able to like “hold” on to my foot and feel me like fighting back…lol…i was a pain in the ass before i was even born…

    i'm sure the next few months will fly by (but hopefully not before you've been able to get everything ready! 🙂

    good luck with the glucose test!

  2. you can do it girl! 🙂 stay cool and comfortable. lots of luck today with your test.

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    @Tamara: I do that to baby! He hates it lol. And thanks!

    @Erika: Thanks miss!!

  4. I am so jealous of your non-stretch-marky belly. Mine's wrote off LOL. Hannah was the more active baby and she always hung to one side too that's so weird…even our in utero children are a lot a like! Invest in a good sling for sure! I carried Hannah EVERYWHERE to keep her happy but I did it without a sling so as you can imagine my arms were tired a lot.

    You definitely need a COZY COVER for your car seat. Too bad you live so far away because I have one you could have.

    Also, they didn't make you fast for your glucose test?

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Give it time! Also, check underneath. If I could see it, I'd take a pic LOL! Any kind of sling suggestions? I'm a novice. No clue whats good! I need something for the winter as I plan on using it for the Santa Claus parade {if possible?}. Haha dang! Where did you get the cozy cover? And no, my sheet said “no fasting, 28 weeks”.

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