Progress Report 1 {Nolan’s Bedroom}

I’m still on my quest to make Nolan’s bedroom into a suitable big boy room full of personality and fun. My dear friend Robyn was able to pick up two red Ikea floating shelves for us a couple weeks ago, and we hung them up last night and the night before. Matt also spray painted the knobs on Nolan’s dresser red! Here is the progress we’ve made so far {pictures are kind of faded thanks to the lighting and my laziness}:

I really like how Matt hung the shelves, slightly overlapping and one lower than the other. I want to find more “boyish” decorations to put on the shelf, but those will do for now {plus the diaper supplies go up there during sleep times so a certain somebody doesn’t grab hold of them!}.

I still want to buy a new bookshelf for Nolan. Either a second hand one that we can paint, or a plain white one that I can wallpaper the back of. That bookshelf will go to the baby’s room eventually. 

Now I’ve still got a lot to do!

The wall that Nolan’s bed is against is completely bare. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do there yet. I know that above his head board I’d like to get a big “N” or something…maybe like this…except Matt isn’t cool with the idea of anything hanging over the bed. So, I don’t know? It’s just so bare now, I need to do something!

I know I will be making pinwheels and a little banner. I still have to find some fun art for his walls! And I need to buy him a lamp.

But, there is the progress report so far!


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3 Responses to Progress Report 1 {Nolan’s Bedroom}

  1. Heather says:

    I have those same shelves in my living room in black, love them!

    How about doing a collage type thing by Nolan's bed? It could be made up of pictures, the letter N, other things. I think I'm going to do something similar in A's room.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Heather: I also have the black one! I keep begging my husband to put it up but he doesn't like anywhere I suggest for it to go lol! A collage would be cute! I'm doing a photo wall above the book shelf {beside the closet} but you can never have too many pictures 😉

    @Danielle-Marie: Thank you!!

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