Twenty-Seven Weeks

Sunday I entered my twenty-seventh week of pregnancy. To say that last week flew by is an understatement…feels like just yesterday I was posting about my twenty-sixth week, and here we are! Actually, I just kept super busy and wasn’t posting like at all so that’s why it flew by.

Baby has certainly been living up to his nickname: The Hulk. It feels like he is constantly moving and grooving in there, and pushing out. I feel tremendous amounts of pressure every time he flips around. According to Baby Gaga, our little guy weighs 2 pounds and is roughly 14.5 inches long. Apparently he is rotating around a lot {which explains the pressure} in preparation for his big appearance in 3 months! Interestingly enough, The Hulk’s lungs are now capable of breathing air since his vascular system can now the handle oxygen/carbon exchange and his brain stem can now regulate rhythmic breathing {but that’s not an invitation to come out baby boy! Stay in there for three more months!}.

I’m feeling very good, even if the pressure and kicking of my strong little man sometimes takes my breath away! I’m still tired and I overheat so easily these days {did I mention it really sucks not having an air conditioner? Cause, it does} but I suppose that’s just part of the whole pregnant during the summertime deal.

While leaving the hospital after my haematology appointment on Monday, Matt and I found the perfect little cuddly bear for our wee man:

Meet Eddie the Teddy Bear! He is a similar bear to Nolan’s favourite stuffie, Kevin, only very different. Kevin is beige with a different patch and no “tiger stripes”, and Kevin {who makes frequent appearances in my posts, like this one for example} is never far from Nolan’s side. Now both our boys will have Harley Davidson cuddly bears 😉 Kevin was named after Nolan’s Uncle Kevin, who bought the stuffie for Nolan when he was born, and Eddie is named after Matt {Matthew Edward} who was the one who snagged him up quick 😉

This is the first thing we’ve bought new for the baby, and I really hope he loves his bear as much as Nolan loves his {and I also hope that Nolan doesn’t get possessive over it, although I’m sure he won’t because nothing compares to his Kevin}.

While we were visiting family down south, Matt’s mom was able to snap a couple pictures of Matt and I with the belly! I was a little disappointed by how I look in them, but I’m posting them because Matt is priceless, as per usual. Hopefully we’ll get more shots of us together with my belly, to fill the collage frame that is hanging empty on my wall. I have a matching collage frame full of pictures of Matt and I while pregnant with Nolan, so I’d love to have one with baby #2 too 😉

So there we have it, a post about the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy! Or rather, I guess it’s a post about the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy….whatever. It’s a post, about pregnancy, and that’s pretty rad 😉

13 more weeks until baby arrives. That’s 91 days y’all.


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4 Responses to Twenty-Seven Weeks

  1. I saw that top picture on Twitter or Tumblr or both and I love it. I like all of the pregnancy pics in this post, but I think that one is my favorite (probably because the pattern on that dress is totally rad).

    Eddie the bear is adorable! That will be so cute that they'll have matching lovies.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Liz: I love that dress! Although it is the only thing I own right now that is a little roomy lol! My bra back kept showing. Oh well, I'll take that over my undies showing because all my other dresses ride way up lol. I'm pretty stoked about their matching cuddle bears 😀

  3. dramaticmama says:

    LOVE all these pictures! Especially the ones of you and Matt. Too cute!

    ps. I LOVE this summer dress as well. Holy moly, I need you to take me out shopping!!!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: Thanks! And I rarely find good finds when I'm shopping, this was shocking lol.

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