Gypsy Soul/Up In The Air

In the past 2 years, Matt and I have moved around a lot. We moved into our first apartment together – a tiny one bedroom basement apartment – in April of 2009. We moved to the upstairs apartment in July 2009. Then we moved up North to live with Matt’s dad and step mom at the tail end of December 2009. Three moves in one year, yeah. We were/are crazy. We stayed there until September 2010, and moved out on our own again. We stayed in that apartment until May of 2011 – 3 months ago. And already? We’re counting down the days until we move.

I guess I have a bit of a gypsy soul, or perhaps I’m too picky. Matt hates moving – he hates packing, moving everything, unpacking, adjusting to a new place and all that jazz, but he agrees that every place has been an improvement from the last.

It’s not really a move that I’m craving {oh hells no, not yet anyway!}, it’s being closer to my family. My dad and my sisters, to my childhood friends that I grew up with. So I guess that makes me not a gypsy, since gypsy’s like to travel for the hell of it? I don’t know.

So much is up in the air right now. Matt has a full-time and a part-time job here when he graduates college in 7 weeks, but we know that we want to move back down South. Rentals down south are crazy expensive – $1450+ for a 3 bedroom. Yikes! So, we were hoping to apply for a mortgage. But…neither of us have a credit rating, so Matt would have to be working for a long time at a steady job with a good income. Obviously if we wanted to apply for a mortgage and get a house down south, we couldn’t do so if he stays in this town working because then he would have to quit those jobs and find a new one down south.

But if he went down south now and got a job, and worked full-time down there…well, that would be better and worse. Better for the potential to get a mortgage, but worse because he wouldn’t be home with the kids and I.

Of course, we could always break lease early…but you need to give 60 days notice and I’m having a baby in October. If we gave our notice at the beginning of August, our last day would be September 29th. Talk about cutting it close, and where would I have the baby? I suppose I could have him at the same hospital in Toronto Nolan was born in, but obviously I’d have to get all set up for that. And moving while basically 9 months pregnant would not be fun!

We’re also talking about moving to the London area. I have family there {my awesome cousins} and rentals are significantly cheaper – I already fell in love with a quaint 3 bedroom house in the country for $875 plus. My jaw is still stuck on the ground…that’s a significant difference from $1450. I’m leaning towards that way if we have to rent, because it’s 575 dollars cheaper! And, it’s like two and a half hours away from my amazing American friend, Mandy! And also, it’s 2 and a half hours {on a good day} away from my dad and sisters. I seriously had to force myself to not message the landlord of that house and beg him to hold it for us, because we have no idea what job prospects are out there. Also, I don’t know how stoked Matt is at the prospect of moving to a town where neither of us have friends. Sure, we have my cousins {who are totally awesome!} but Matt gets super anxious about making new friends. Not that he has any trouble with it…he made friends so easily in his college program!

And then there’s Matt tossing the whole working out of province idea around, which terrifies me. It’s great money, sure, but I’d miss him a crazy amount. I depend on him a lot, especially in the evenings, and with two small kids? Obviously if he chooses to go this route, I will support him but be terrified regardless. And we’d still have to move, because there’s no way I could do this full-time single parenting thing without family near by.

So, yeah. We’ve got a lot to think about. It’s crazy that I’m already seriously debating moving, isn’t it? I’m just over this town. I’m over this neighborhood too. I do love our house rental, but I’m pretty fed up with the little imperfections. The garbage dumpsters out front, having no cupboard doors under the sink {I was told they were supposed to be installed next week, then I was told they haven’t even been ordered yet and I’d receive a phone call when they were in. Meanwhile, they were supposed to be installed before our move in date of May 1st}, the finicky electrical outlets {plugs don’t stay in, they wiggle out on their own etc}, and the fact that our yard is the local hang out place for all the kids. LAME.

I dream of a decent sized, private backyard. I dream of setting up Nolan’s kiddie pool without hyperventilating. I dream of being close to my family and friends and to zoos and other fun attractions for kids. Mostly, I just dream of being out of this town. I really have fallen out of love with this Northern town. I guess I’m a “southern” girl at heart. I love the country, don’t get me wrong, but we’re just too far North of everyone for my liking. I feel like I’m missing out on everything!

Anywho; those are just the thoughts floating around in my mind.

I’ve had a pretty exhausting day with Nolan, although our play date was rescheduled to tomorrow morning. So, tomorrow is going to be even busier for us! I finally made it to the store to buy eggs and tomorrow I’m making a kickass breakfast for Nolan and I. Scrambled eggs, home made hashbrowns, and toast! Then we’re going over to Brittany’s for a play date with Serena. Weather permitting, we might go to the cove for some swimming! Matt isn’t expected home until 5pm since he has to help clean up the campsite. I’m sad that he’ll be getting home so late because I’ve been missing him like mad practically since the moment he left, but whatever.

In random news; I’ve thought of a nickname for Baby #2: The Hulk! What do y’all think? Every time he kicks me, I think “baby Hulk SMASH!” because he has such force to it! We still are in agreement of his actual name, but we won’t be sharing that until he’s born! I’m already thinking of unique ways to reveal it 😉

So, yeah. I’m pretty much rambled out now!


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6 Responses to Gypsy Soul/Up In The Air

  1. B. says:

    You've got a lot to think about! It is way too expensive here in Toronto. We think about moving all the time but, for us, work is here right now. Having to stretch yourself so thin for housing is tough. Good luck with your plans!

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @B.: Thanks! We DO have a lot to think about. I don't want to pay too much for housing, but if that's where most of our family is…well, it might be worth it with two little ones and a husband on the road a lot! We'll have to see though. ❤

  3. I can relate. I've moved 7 times in 7 years and I'm moving again next month! I think you and I are they type of people that will jump from place to place until we find that perfect little starter home we can actually buy. You'll get there my friend. I mean, when I was 22 if you had asked me if I was ever going to buy a house I would have said “yeah. NOT likely to happen in this lifetime.” But here I am 24 years old and even 6 months ago I had no idea this was in my near future. Like our children, our husbands seem very alike too! Ryan absolutely hates moving. He hates packing, he hates unpacking, he hates moving furniture (can you blame them…we did a pregnant move too and obviously while pregnant we can't be of much help). When we moved during Hannah's pregnancy I was 8 months pregnant and really ill at that point. You're right, it was NOT fun. So I definitely suggest waiting until after baby. As mentioned you have lots to think about but it sounds like your mind is made up that in the near future you will be relocating. I couldn't agree with your decision more. Northern Ontario just isn't as fun as the south! I felt the exact same way as you. I'm home now and have always felt it was the best decision I ever made!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Heh! We're just two peas in a pod! Kindred spirits 😉 can't wait to actually meet you lol! It'd be funny to see the similarities in action! Matt is reverting back to wanting to stay up North, but I think he understands that being south and closer to Sick Kids is what's best for us. No way am I traveling 4.5 hours to doctors appointments and making Nolan sit in a car that long after surgeries! 1.5 hours killed me, so yeah. I wanna be closer for that reason too!

  5. Jenny says:

    Long time reader.. forget where I found you.. anyhow was with you before bottle chronicles. London was just voted least appealing city to live as the job opportunity is limited and housing is sparse. Even the call centers here are closing. Not sure what Matt is in school for, but og it is mechanical/labor/trades there is not a lot here in those fields. I have had several cousins move to Alberta for work, and several more commute for work. Our housing cost are amongst the lowest in Ontario, but no jobs to support that. That being said, family life here is great and so is the community. Good luck with your decisions 🙂

  6. jessi ♥ says:

    @Jenny: Hi there! Thanks for the heads up, I don't think Matt wants to move that far west anyway. It's good to know job opportunities are sparse there! I'd hate to get a place and find that out the hard way lol.

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