Get on with it already!!!

That’s my current frame of mind about a lot of things on our to-do list. The dresser that’s sitting in the spare bedroom downstairs, half painted? Get on with it already! The bed that’s disassembled in the garage for Nolan? Get on with it already! Ordering the baby’s quilt and picking up little nursery nick knacks: get on with it already! Finishing up the rec room and play room? GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! I’m telling both myself and Matt this. I’m eager to finish up a lot of these projects that have just been sitting around, started but not completed. I didn’t bother touching the dresser this weekend because I’m a little apprehensive to expose myself {and The Hulk – aka baby #2 if you missed the nickname announcement} to furniture paint in an enclosed area {duh!}. As for the bed disassembled in the garage? That’s another thing I need to leave for Matt, since it’s heavy as shit.

And the rest of it, I’m literally waiting for the funds which never seem to be there. There’s always something else in the way! Car troubles, bills, trips down south that we simply can’t miss or put off…and it’s fine, really, but times like this I wish we had a credit card. I don’t indeed to spend a hell of a lot on any of my projects, but still. I want to get some of them started, it’s already the middle of July!

I found a secondhand couch and chair on Kijiji for $55 that I really want, but I’ve emailed the guy twice and heard nothing back…which super bums me out. They weren’t exactly gorgeous or anything, but I love the shape to them and can totally see us reupholstering them one day way down the road. In the mean time, they’d look great in the rec room and I could finally move the futon into the spare room and finish that room up as the guest room/play room. Plus the price was totally right – $55 for a 4 seater couch and a little matching chair. YES please! I’m hoping the guy is just away this weekend, and will email me back tomorrow because I definitely want that couch and chair stat!

I’m thinking about my to-do lists while sitting on the couch, being utterly lazy and blogging. I had to cancel our play date because this morning I was feeling so weak and shakey. I called Telehealth and they recommended that I go in for some bloodwork, so I’ll be doing that as soon as Matt gets home from his weekend trip. I’m still feeling weak, so I’m staying local for the day. Nolan is still napping {it’s going on 3 hours people!} and I’d like nothing better than to start something on my to-do list. I still don’t have any of my crafting materials so crafting is out. I’m basically just sitting here tethering on the nesting high but unable to actually do anything I want to do. If Matt were home, he would tell me that I could do the laundry and clean the house a little, but hey! I do those things basically every day. They’ll get done. Eventually.

AND I received a text from my dear friend Robyn this morning, saying that she is coming up to visit tomorrow morning! So maybe I should get on cleaning? It’s a totally random visit, since she’s up at a friend’s cottage just 2 hours away and figured…why the hell not?! I’m so deeply looking forward to her company. I wasn’t expecting her so soon though, and I’m a little bummed out that a) my house looks like a tornado hit it {which I’m sure I’ll rectify tonight} and b) my bank account is looking super sad. We were going to go thrifting for the baby and furniture and stuff, and there was talk of getting a manicure and a pedicure. Matt gets paid Tuesday so hopefully there will be enough money left over after bills and our trip on Thursday is taken into consideration. UGH. Seriously, money…WHY MUST YOU SUCK SO MUCH!? This is where having a credit card would totally come in handy. I could buy the stuff I need now {and yes, baby items are a need} and pay the bill at the end of the month when all our money comes in. I hate waiting until the 31st to actually do anything.

I’m really complaining for like, no reason at all. Sorry about that. I’m just in a weird mood where I want to get everything I want to get done completed NOW. Nesting much?! I think so.

I guess it’s good that we don’t have credit cards…I’d probably get us into a little trouble when I get into these moods. But still, it’s frustrating!


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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4 Responses to Get on with it already!!!

  1. I'm loving the new attitude… I may have to adopt that attitude for myself. LOL. Sorry you've been feel so weak lately, but I guess those moods/feelings will come and go with pregnancy. Thank goodness your friend's coming to visit.

    Feel better soon, love!

  2. You know, you and your family seem to be in such a good place despite money issues. I'm proud of you for that! We didn't have a pot to piss in when I was pregnant with Hannah and instead supporting one another, Ryan and I took it out on each other. You're right, it's good not to have credit cards. I cut mine two years ago and I've paid two off, and am still paying the other two off. Ugh!

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    @Alicia: Thank you love! And…get on with it! LOL 🙂 adopt that attitude! Unfortunately MOST of the things I'm all like “GET ON WITH IT” are things my poor husband has to do. I'm sure I'm driving him crazy haha!

    @Danielle-Marie: We've paid off our credit card debt, but because we screwed our rating we can't get more or do anything that requires a credit rating. SIGH. And thanks! We try, we argue a lot still. Mostly because I'm all WE MUST DO THIS and Matt is all WOAH CHILL OUT WOMAN lol

  4. allie says:

    Oh man, that's our motto too! Only we never actually get on with it. Don't worry, of course there are some things you'll have to do before baby gets here (like the quilt + knick knacks) but let some of the other stuff slide. I was busy and exhausted the first few weeks of Henry's life but then I got this weird super mama energy out of nowhere and I got more done in five months than I ever did when I was pregnant. It went away when Henry was 9 months old and now there are things I wish I would have done while I still felt like I could conquer the world. I hope your exhaustion goes away soon, I had that with Henry as well as always feeling like I was not getting enough air in my lungs. The doctors said it was most likely the humidity and heat. You are looking great, hang in there!

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