Our Busy Day!

Today was incredibly busy! I paid a bunch of bills, then we had to run some errands. I had to drop off our rent check, and I needed to hit up Walmart for some household supplies. Oh the glamorous life of a housewife 😉

I think Nolan enjoyed running errands. He held my hands and skipped along beside me as we walked into the property management office, then sat patiently on the little sofa they have in the waiting area. In Walmart, he went into the cart without any struggles and even sat there patiently the entire time we were there. Which is kinda a big deal, since normally Nolan puts up such a fight when he has to sit in the shopping cart. Maybe his good behavior had something to do with the trick I tried, a suggestion I read over at The Young Mommy Life. I told Nolan we were on a mission to get diapers, cleaners, and a guard rail for his bed. He was as good as gold!

While in the check out line, the lady before us started chatting with me. I guess she has a son too, only he’s older now and she misses the “terrible twos” because they don’t seem so terrible with what she’s dealing with {AH! Scary thought!}. The cashier was an older lady. She was friendly at first when she was talking to me. Then she looked at Nolan with such distaste and said “did he just get a haircut or something?” with a matching distasteful tone and her lip curled.

“Um, no…he just doesn’t have a lot of hair…” was my response. I was sorta pissed, because of her tone and the look she was giving my kid as if he had a black dyed mohawk and twenty facial piercings at 2 years of age. Nolan was being super sweet & just smiling away in the shopping cart, he wasn’t being his regular trying to get out and grabbing at everything he shouldn’t self. He was being super good, so what the hell was this lady’s deal?

I’ve never had anybody be rude to him before, and it really got my back up. We got out of there quickly and I gave Nolan a bunch of kisses while we walked back to my car. I don’t think he understood the exchange, but still. Have you ever encountered anything strange {and blood boiling!} like that? How did you handle it?

I was planning on just going home after that, but then I just so happened to glance at my license plate and notice the “June 11” sticker. Then I remembered that both Matt and I still hadn’t renewed our license plate stickers, and June is over like tomorrow. So I had to drive all the way home {on the other side of town!} to pick up the papers, then all the way back to the MTO building. We stopped for a quick lunch at McDonalds because it was already noon and Nolan was begging for fries {he was hungry!}. Luckily it didn’t take me long at all to renew my stickers, and as soon as we got home I put Nolan down for a nap and set to work on unloaded and cleaning out my car. Then I cleaned out the garage!

Holy random burst of energy, batman! But after I cleaned the garage I was done, exhausted and sweaty.

Here are some pictures from today!

  not wanting to wake up & snuggling with Kevin the bear!
 I’m being attacked by them both…LOL
Colouring! & little tortured artist, ripping up his art.
snuggling with Mama, all drawn out 😉
Daddy on clean up duty after dinner!!!
 being loud boys!

Matt is out with friends for the evening, and I’m just planning on having a chill “me” night. I plan on wasting some hours in front of the computer, catching up on blog reading {and commenting!}, playing around on Pinterest and just relaxing. I’m totally pleased with myself and feeling very accomplished for all that I did today! The bills were paid, checks were written, shopping was completed, the car and garage were cleaned {tasks I’ve been meaning to do forever!}, and I even managed to sweep/vacuum/swiffer the entire downstairs, so now I’m enjoying my evening in a freshly cleaned house and I couldn’t be happier 😉

So, yeah. I kicked today’s ass!!

Tomorrow is Friday, Matt is working all day and then we’ll probably go for a family stroll 🙂 It’s also Canada Day weekend, so I’m hoping we can find a fun activity for us to do {when Matt gets off work each day}. I want to take Nolan to the waterfront for fireworks, but the weather isn’t supposed to be great…so we’ll see. Here’s hoping the rain holds off this weekend! 

What are your plans this weekend?


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2 Responses to Our Busy Day!

  1. Wow, I really don't understand people these days. Why didn't the cashier just mind her business? I once blogged about Landon having a tantrum in Walmart and some bitch sneering at him for it. A bit different because Landon wasn't behaving well like Nolan did, but I still felt that “how can you be so mean to someone so innocent” feeling.

    I'm trying to decide if we're gonna go down to fireworks or not tonight. We'll have to walk because Ryan's gonna be drinking today and I don't drive so that's kinda lame…and I don't know if I can get away with keeping Hannah up that late.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I agree, what IS wrong with people? Regardless of whether or not a kid was throwing a tantrum, why GLARE/give them rude looks? Why give ANYONE rude looks for that matter?! As for fireworks…we've decided against them. You know that shadflies in NB this time of year…ridiculous, I hate them and so does Matt. Plus the fireworks don't start til 10pm. NOTHING else is happening for Canada Day too..no festivals or anything (because of Heritage Fest being later in July). We have no plans to visit with family either, since everyone is out of town 😦

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