Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day friends! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

 Making forts 🙂

We don’t really have any plans…unfortunately, Matt has to work all weekend, so we couldn’t go see his family at the property or my family down south. Nolan and I will probably just go hang out in our favourite little park, and I’m still trying to sway Matt into agreeing to take Nolan to the fireworks tonight {he doesn’t really want to go because of all the shadflies at the waterfront, and the fact that the fireworks aren’t until 10pm – HOURS past Nolan’s bedtime 😦 sniff}. I must admit, the appeal of fireworks is really not there for me this year! Not with the shadflies…which I’m totally grossed out by {and they are totally the reason why I refuse to go to out at night, or near the waterfront}.

Next summer, we will definitely be going down south to enjoy fireworks and spending time with family without worrying about the nasty shadflies!

{Shadflies seriously are the worst part of living in Northern Ontario!!!}.

BUT, anyway! Happy Canada Day all! Hope you all have a great day, eh 😉 And to my American friends, I hope you all enjoy your long weekend!! ❤


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4 Responses to Happy Canada Day!!!

  1. SHADFLIES! Omg, when I lived up there I will never forget they were AAAALL OVER THE PLACE by the bus depot downtown. They covered the ground, the windows, everything. SO nasty.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: ya, and when you walk on them its like stepping on bubble wrap! So gross! Next year we will head outta town. I totally forgot about them (don't know how!!!)

  3. Dani says:

    our fireworks (in Edmonton) don't start until 11!!! I'm so torn because I know Jax will LOVE them, but holy cow that's LATE! Plus my Matt's away, so it'll just be me dealing with him/tiredness… BUT he's SUCH a fun age to go to them…

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dani: I know! Ours also didn't end up starting until 11! I could hear them, but not see them. 11 is WAY too late…Nolan would flip shit for being woken up and he can't stay up that late even if we tried! 😦 I think the “solution” is to set off our own fireworks, as soon as it gets dark.

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