The Last Few Days…

Have been super fun, thanks to Robyn’s visit 🙂 we had tons of fun just hanging out, talking and playing with Nolan. Nolan has taken to calling her “BOBBY” in a stern voice, which is hilarious. He was very sad when she had to leave, and kept hugging her legs and saying “Noooo Bobby, NOO!”. Hopefully she will be able to visit us again soon!

Also…Nolan’s vocabulary is seriously booming. Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor across from him playing “rolly” (which is when we roll the ball back and forth) and Nolan caught sight of the huge callus on my big toe. “Mommy!” he said, all concerned. “What’s on your toooooe!” and he kept poking at it. Then afterward, I took him upstairs for his nap and was changing his bum. He looked up at me and said “I go down with Mommy” (as in, back downstairs). I told him no, it was nap time and he sighed deeply and said “Ooohhhkay“.

We’ve been having tons of fun at dinner lately too. Only I say that a little sarcastically…Nolan will have a few bites of his dinner, than demand a “cuppy” (a glass of milk). He will play with his food and drink his drink but not eat the rest of it. Which is incredibly frustrating, because…you know. As parents, we sort of like our kids to eat.

So, yeah. If you have any tips on how to get your toddler to eat all his dinner, please do share. We’ve stopped giving him snacks 2 hours before dinner, and we do try our hardest not to give him a drink until he’s eaten half a meal (even if he screams for a cuppy…). But, yeah. Any other suggestions or ideas are welcome! He eats his breakfast and lunch fine (for the most part).

So, yeah. We’ve been busy the last few days, and I’m looking forward to taking a few days to get my house organized and cleaned…and hopefully get over this cold/cough thing I’ve developed (seriously, it’s no fun coughing and peeing your pants…YAY pregnancy!). 


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5 Responses to The Last Few Days…

  1. Dani says:

    One thing that works for us sometimes, (and if your little guy can hold one) is to roll up whatever we're eating in a tortilla (we use multigrain, so we're adding something healthy as well). Jax LOVES tacos, so he's come to be more willing to eat things rolled up in a tortilla. Sometimes presentation is everything. Worth a shot, right? (he never eats the WHOLE thing, as it usually falls apart close to the end, but much more than he would have otherwise).

  2. Natasha says:

    Noah is the exact same way. Its a struggle everyday to get the kid to eat. He would much rather fill up on drinks all day. We try & push dinner to later in the evening, like 6:30 so that he's hungry and we bribe him with a treat afterwards :p (hey, whatever works right?) He also has to try everything on his plate. My doctor said 2 is the age where kids appetites take a turn for the worse. Hopefully it's a short phase though!

  3. dramaticmama says:

    Glad you had a great few days! 🙂
    I have no advice for toddlers, as I am not there yet, but I am looking for tips for when I get there too. Now when D doesn't eat, it's because he is teething and refuses to.
    (at least you don't have everyone in your face about how “small” your child is…yet. 😦 )

  4. Landon goes through spurts where he just doesn't eat. Like 3 bites of each meal for like two weeks. Then he spends a week eating NON STOP. I'd talk to his doc if you're really concerned about it. If it makes you feel better, my doc isn't concerned. He said if your child is malnourished he won't have energy, he'll just lay on the couch all the time. Definitely not Landon! Aha.

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: Thanks! And yeah, I do actually! LOL!

    @Danielle-Marie: Yeah that's not Nolan either lmao!

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