My friend Robyn is visiting for a few days! She’s tons of fun, we’ve been friends since kindergarten – literally.

We spent the afternoon catching up and hanging out with Nolan. Nolan is very fond of “BOBBY”, and made her read a zillion books to him.

After Nolan was in bed, Robyn and I went out for a small shopping spree and to see the Green Lantern, which was totally awesome by the way.

And, here are my new things!

I bought a new wallet, purse, sunglasses (because my old pair recently faced Todderzilla and lost), a dress (not yet pictured) and some books for Nolan from Value Village!

We browsed Winners too, and I found this adorable piece of furniture that I would love to buy for the baby’s room!

Too bad it’s $130…I could totally see keeping little baskets of socks and/or books in that little cabinet. It would add a splash of colour, too. Hopefully I can find a piece that has as much potential as that, I totally wouldn’t mind sanding it and painting it! We’re already doing that for the dresser, anyway.

So, yeah! Robyn is here until Wednesday. Hopefully tomorrow will be beautiful out (and the rain they are calling for will hold off) so we can go to the waterfront, or the park!


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5 Responses to The ROBYNATOR!

  1. Miss Anarchy says:

    That is an adorable cabinet. Baskets in it would look great. Maybe you can find a similar cabinet in a yard sale and spray paint it the color you want. I do that a lot with furniture I find.

  2. Very cute purse and wallet! Have fun with your friend! It's always nice to catch up with old pals.

  3. P.S. We buy pretty much all our furniture at yard sales and second hand stores.

  4. dramaticmama says:

    I LOVE your purse!
    & those glasses, are awesome as well. 🙂

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Miss Anarchy: I love that cabinet so much lol, just not the price tag! We are going to go garage sale hunting tomorrow, to see what we can find. I'm hoping I find something similar! We are painting several pieces already (dressers for the boys, and a change pad table) so that won't be an issue!

    @Danielle-Marie: Thanks! And yes, it is!

    @Dramaticmama: Thanks!! ❤

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