Twenty-one Weeks

Ahh….twenty-one weeks. Every Sunday that passes, I feel a little more relaxed in this pregnancy, a little more able to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much enjoying being pregnant. I love looking at my belly and feeling our little guy kicking and dancing around in there. But I am a natural worrier, I worry all the time. Surprisingly, I’m a little more calm about things this time around. Probably because I have so much on my plate.
Nolan is really beginning to grasp the concept now. Tonight, we were laying in his bed together cuddling before he went to sleep, and he kept pulling up my dress to say “hi baby botha!” and give my belly kisses. It was the sweetest thing ever. The baby even started to kick, and I tried to have Nolan keep his hand still to feel it but he was far too impatient for that. During the day, he will bring all his toys over and hold them up to my belly and tell me “for baby!”
He talks to the baby by lifting my shirt up, kissing my belly, babbling away at it, then he’ll say “bye bye baby” and pull my shirt back down when he looses interest. It is incredibly amusing and spectacular to watch…I wasn’t expecting Nolan to be so interested in babies and the whole pregnancy thing. I thought he would be pretty nonchalant about the whole deal, even when the baby arrives. But I think I may be wrong, I think Nolan is truly excited to have a brother and partner in crime. I also think he expects the baby to come out and start playing with him like Xander does…which is pretty funny. 
Matt and I have two solid picks for names: his pick and my pick. Luckily, we both like each others picks (although I’m hoping my name choice wins out in the end). I won’t be spilling our top choices, but I can officially tell you that if baby #2 had been a girl, we would have been calling her Aubree Anna. NOW YOU KNOW! I fell in love with that name ages ago, and still love but…well, two is it and I am destined to chase after two rambunctious little boys! Which, for the record, I have absolutely no problem with and am totally excited and looking forward to doing. Tonight we were giving Nolan a bath and I looked at Matt and said “in two years, we will be giving both boys a bath together, and getting two kids ready for bed,” with the hugest grin on my face. It’s going to be epic and awesome and I can’t wait!
Ahem. Anyways…according to Baby Center, my little guy is the length of a carrot and weighs about three-quarters of a pound. I can feel him moving and grooving basically all the time now, excluding his lazy days. Interestingly enough, his eyebrows and lids are present now…which is totally exciting.
I’m feeling pretty good…for the most part. I have my days. For instance, today I had absolutely no energy from the moment I woke up until, well, now. I still don’t have energy. My morning didn’t start out very well either, I foolishly had to choose between peeing and puking. I thought I could pee quickly and then puke but no, no…that wasn’t the case. USUALLY there is a waste basket available for those instances, but I had to go in Nolan’s bathroom since Matt destroyed our bathroom and was hogging the downstairs bathroom. Nolan’s bathroom just has the diaper genie. So, I had to throw up on the floor. I tried to catch it but…yeah. I had to timidly call down to Matt and ask him to bring me up a roll of paper towels and some (natural) cleaners. Sigh. I’m epically awesome.
So ya, that’s where we’re at right now, at twenty-one weeks.

About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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One Response to Twenty-one Weeks

  1. Uhm. Holy crap your belly like doubled since last time I saw a picture! I think it's wonderful that Nolan is so interested in your pregnancy. Landon was waaaay too young to understand what was going on. Hannah is just 9 months old now…it's crazy to think that Landon was actually 2 months YOUNGER than Hannah is now when I became pregnant with her. You put a very good amount of time between your pregnancies I think! I can't believe you are STILL dealing with morning sickness 😦 Poor you.

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