This Weekend {Photo Dump}

What a crazy busy weekend! The busiest we’ve had in a while, since getting back from visiting family down “south”.

Making a birthday card for Daddy

Friday was Matt’s birthday. He worked all day, then came home in time for dinner. A roast (that I may have over cooked a little…sadness), mashed potatoes and carrots. We had birthday brownies for desert, and Nolan sung “happy happy birthday” to his daddy. It was pretty stellar. After we put Nolan down for the night, Matt went out to a birthday party his friends threw him to get “quarter of a century” drunk haha.

Saturday was pretty busy too. Nolan and I cleaned the house, in anticipation for the birthday lunch today (Sunday) and because our friends were going to drop in for dinner. And because it just needed to be done. Matt went out to pick up his new engine and tranny. When he came home, he had to go directly back out to pick up some stuff from Walmart for me. When he got back, his best friend Nic was already over and our friends S & M were just arriving. We ordered pizza and everyone cracked a beer (except for M and I, since I can’t drink and M didn’t feel like it). It was really great catching up with everyone, and having company. We rarely have company…I’m thinking we need to have some more often!

 Examining Nic’s four wheeler.

Around 8:30, we heard a crash coming from Nolan’s room. Nolan decided it would be a good idea to open the bottom drawer of his night stand and try to climb in it, so it toppled on top of him. Matt and I raced upstairs, I was basically having a panic attack the entire time. Nolan was perfectly fine, other than scared. Yesterday was not his day, he also took a tumble earlier on in the day and bumped his head on the garage floor. Anyways, we moved Nolan’s night stand into his closet so he couldn’t repeat the incident (not that he would, Nolan’s very good for not repeating painful and scary experiences).

Nic, S & M left around 9 and I was pretty exhausted, so Matt and I went upstairs to cuddle for a bit. I fell asleep and Matt went downstairs to work on his engine/tranny. Then I was woken up with some exciting news from someone awesome in my life that I can’t blog about yet.

This morning I actually had to wake Nolan up at 8am! I wanted to get our day started: we had a lot to do before Matt’s birthday lunch. Plus I was a little worried that he was sleeping in after the whole night stand thing the night before. He was good though! And happy to be woken up. Matt and I made coffee and pancakes, and chilled out for a bit.

Then Matt went grocery shopping while I cleaned and got ready. I decided to try something new with my hair, since it was warm out.

Before we knew it, it was 1pm and people were arriving! Uncle Tyler came first, and while we waited for everyone else (Matt’s step mom, his sister in law), Nolan got to partake in some watermelon! YUM!

Tyler also brought us flowers! Which I’m extremely excited about, because I don’t often get flowers lol. Matt thinks they’re a waste of money “cause they die anyway” but I think they’re so pretty and fresh!

Thanks to Amy’s suggestion, we made Buffalo Chicken sandwiches and they turned out amazing. Matt’s step-mom brought some salads, and the meal was really good! We got so caught up in visiting though that I completely forgot about THE CAKE! I didn’t even remember we had it until after everyone (including Matt) left. What a huge prego brain epic fail! It’s still in the fridge, unopened because Matt is still at work. SIGH. Way to go me!

So yeah, it was a very good, very busy weekend! And Matt finally found some time to purchase and hang a curtain rod in our dining room, so no more pinned up curtains! Woohoo! 

I still need to get him to put up Nolan’s floating shelf and blinds…but still, progress is progress right? Matt is a very busy guy and I’m hopeless with tools.

I’m super excited for next weekend…it’s going to be another busy one! S & M are getting married in August, and they are having their Stag and Doe on Friday. I’ve even got a sitter for Nolan! Nat offered to watch him for us. I haven’t been out with Matt in ages and I’m pretty stoked about it. Even if I can’t drink, it will be nice to get out of the house on a “date” – and to meet all of Matt’s friends from high school finally. Saturday we’re going to the family property to visit with Matt’s dad’s side. It’s been a very long time – we haven’t seen them since the wedding! How horrible is that?! I’m excited to go. I kind of want to camp, but we don’t have any camping supplies and I know Matt won’t be game for that this early in the summer. The bugs will be bad.


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2 Responses to This Weekend {Photo Dump}

  1. Ryan and Matt both suck for thinking flowers are a waste of money. They make us happy dammit!

    Thank GOD Nolan is okay. I don't blame you for waking him up the next morning, I think I'd have done the same thing.

    Glad to hear Matt's birthday went well, even if you didn't remember the cake until later. I forgot to cut the cake at my parents' surprise party this weekend too. Can't even use pregnancy brain as an excuse. Damn.

    Our Jack and Jill is this weekend so we'll both be at wedding events 🙂

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Sometimes I feel like saying “SO GO PICK SOME FROM SOMEBODY'S GARDEN DAMNIT” lol just to get some damn flowers! Yeah, it was pretty scary, no more night table for him…least not one that heavy. Haha I hope your Jack and Jill goes great!! ❤

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