Nolan’s Big Boy Room {Phase One}

Nolan did amazing during naptime. He stayed up a little longer than usual, talking to himself, but eventually fell asleep. When I peaked in on him, he heard me and woke up and as we were walking downstairs, he stopped at his door and said “BYE BYE, big boy bed!” then waved.

I decided to have Matt move the crib completely out of his room so that I could eliminate the chance of him trying to climb it during the night, so we took some time this evening to do that.

We’ve been living here for a month, but I haven’t fully unpacked Nolan’s bedroom. I wanted to transform his new room into a “big boy room”, so I’ve kept his Zanzibar bedding and decor packed up. As for everything else, I’ve been waiting for Matt to put up the floating shelf (which he’s doing tomorrow).

Here is what Nolan’s bedroom looks like as of right now:

 View from the hallway.
The Diego bedding isn’t going to stay always, but it was free and Nolan loves Diego. I want to wait until he’s old enough to give me an opinion on what he wants. It came with curtains too, which I will be putting up after we get blinds for his window, and keeping ~ again ~ until Nolan can give me more input on what he wants.
The dresser will also be replaced – that’s going to his baby brother, since it’s a tiny baby dresser (and his clothes are quickly getting too big for it). I’m going to paint it orange for baby boy’s room, and I have my eye out for a dresser for Nolan that I can also paint. Probably a navy blue, with black or red knobs. As for the change pad table? It’s staying – for now lol. I still use it when putting Nolan down for the night or naps and when he wakes up.
 Nolan’s closet door, door to the hall, and bookshelf. I’m going to center the bookshelf more tomorrow. I’ll also be adding to that “photo wall”.
 Photos above the dresser…my favourites haha.
Bookshelf top. Print is from Feed Your Soul, teddy Matt painted when he was a kid, and the photo is a picture of Matt, Nolan and I (taken last year on Matt’s birthday – aka today, actually!).

We’re going to get Nolan a new lamp too, one that will grow with him and his changing interests. As I mentioned, Matt is hanging the floating bookshelf from Ikea (finally) tomorrow at some point, so I can unpack his little knick knacks. I still need to get a lot of wall art/decor for his room, but again…I’m waiting until I see something that catches my eye, or until Nolan can tell me he likes something. I know I definitely want to put a collage up of Nolan with his grandparents. I just need to take more pictures of them together!

Obviously, we’re going to be buying Nolan a bed in the near future. I already have it picked out and everything! The bed is black iron watt, like ours only a little different, and it’s low to the ground. I’m going to order it as soon as possible, and pick up a guard rail too.

So, yeah! Nolan’s big boy room is a work in progress, but we’re all enjoying the process! Nolan loves his “new room”, and gets so excited when we make more changes to it so I’m sure he’ll have fun helping pick out stuff for his room!

And as for the birthday boy, he had a great day! He got to sleep in until 9am, then he had to go to work. Around 4pm he came home and we puttered around in Nolan’s room for a bit, then had a yummy dinner. I made a roast with mashed potatoes and carrots. We had brownies for dessert, and I put a candle in Matt’s so Nolan and I could sing happy birthday to him. Nolan had a blast destroying Matt’s brownie, and refused to let him eat any – all the while eating his own brownie. What a kid, but we were laughing the whole time and Matt kept sneaking pieces of Nolan’s brownies.
Right now, Matt is out with the guys. His buddies are treating him to a few beers, and Sunday I am throwing him a little birthday lunch here. So there will be pictures to come on Sunday!

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2 Responses to Nolan’s Big Boy Room {Phase One}

  1. Some kids are ready before others! I tried getting Landon into a toddler bed…didn't work, he wakes up in the middle of night and because he CAN get out of bed, he does. I'm glad Nolan is transitioning well! I feel the same way you do about decorating baby rooms…I like them to be a little older so they can tell me what they'd like. That's nice of you to let Matt get out with the guys for some beers 🙂

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I really am not a fan of “character” rooms (Diego, Bob the Builder etc) but they ARE great for the in between stages of baby and little boy with TONS of opinions lol. I don't want to invest a hell of a lot in a comforter set that Nolan may not like when he's five. So I'll wait until he can tell me what he wants/what his interests are. I allow Nolan “quiet time”, so he can play in his room, read books, talk to his stuffies etc, so by the time he falls asleep he has no desire to get out of bed again lol. And yeah, I'm pretty stellar 😛 I figured I couldn't get “quarter century drunk” with him so yeah lol

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