Big Boy Bed: Day One {?}

There has been talk, plenty of talk, of moving Nolan from his crib and into a big boy bed. In four months, we will be welcoming a new baby into our house and Matt and I hope to use Nolan’s crib again. We want both our boys to sleep in it, and why not? Nolan will be 2 and a half when his brother is born.

Matt thinks it’s too soon, but I know kids who are younger than Nolan who have been in big kid beds for months. Nolan holds no fondness over his crib; it’s just where he sleeps most of the time. He’s just as content sleeping in a play pen or in our bed.

I also want Nolan to have many months of sleeping in a big boy bed so that he is well adjusted to the idea of “handing down” his crib to his little brother. We also have the patience and time right now, I’m sure we’ll be lacking both when baby #2 makes his appearance this fall.

Nolan loves his new bedding, and his new bed. Still, I’m not expecting this transition to be easy. Now he can roam free in his room, and he has been doing that for the past hour. There isn’t anything harmful for him to get into trouble with, but there is still plenty to do. He can take all of his clothes out of his drawers, he can toss his sleep buddies into the crib, he can fetch books from his bookshelf and mess with the monitor. Trust me…he’s being doing all those things.

I have checked on him several times, and redirected him to his bed. He’s still “talking” to himself, and moving around a bit, but here’s hoping he’ll fall asleep very soon. And if not? No big deal. I started him in his big boy bed during nap time because I figured if he refused to sleep, he’d go down easier at night.

Maybe. Who knows with toddlers? They are complicated, confusing creatures that like to do the polar opposite of what you think or expect.

So, this is Day One of the big boy bed. We’ll see how things go today and tomorrow, and I’ll update again with how he’s doing! I’m incredibly excited to buy the bed we have our eye on for him, and I can’t wait to find a dresser for him too. Since we’re going to paint baby #2’s dresser a bright colour, I want to find a dresser for Nolan that we can paint or that is already painted. Hopefully we can find something cheap at the rebuilt store, because I’ve priced out colourful dressers and they are pretty pricey!

Edit/Update: Nearly two hours after I “put him down” for a nap in his big boy bed, I do believe he is sleeping…not to tempt the fates or anything. I’m sure as soon as I click “publish” he’ll prove me wrong (as children often do), but regardless? I’m totally stoked. I wasn’t expecting him to sleep at all, so this is wonderful. Granted, I have no idea where he’s sleeping (be it in his bed or on the floor), but still…still.


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5 Responses to Big Boy Bed: Day One {?}

  1. dramaticmama says:

    Awh!!! Look at his big boy bed!
    Love the bedding!!! 🙂

  2. Dani says:

    Our little guy was already in the big boy bed before he was 2, but that was because when we moved to Edmonton, and had to stay in the hotel for a week, the room we had had a separate room for Jax (thank-you army for footing THAT bill!) that had a big boy bed in it. We decided to give it a try since the room was empty/nothing for him to get into. So when we moved into the place we're in now we just left the crib apart and stored it and set up the hand-me-down bed we already had and had been planing to move him into eventually. I guess I'm saying Nolan isn't too young, tell Matt he'll be just fine 😉

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    @Dramaticmama: hehe, I love the bedding too!

    @Dani: I think Matt is mostly afraid of the “trouble” he can get into, and how bed times could possibly be more of a struggle. BUT he was amazed at how easily Nolan went down!

  4. Karen S in Oz says:

    I love his bedding. Sounds like Nolan is doing well with sleeping in his new bed 🙂

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Karen S in Oz: So far so good! 🙂 I'm eager to order his big boy bed. I'll need to do it before I get any larger, getting onto the ground with him to read bed time stories is getting harder every time I do it lol!

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