Hiding from the heat

Today is pretty hot, it’s 28 degrees out and we’ve been hiding inside all morning. Mainly because we’re supposed to be waiting for some guy to come and replace the front door (with a brand spanking new one WITH ventilation) and paint the garage door (apparently we have to be home for this), but also because it’s hot and I’m pretty miserable when it’s hot out. I don’t have any clothes that fit right now, since I haven’t gotten a chance to buy any. My “I’m too hot” outfit of choice is panties and a tank top, but obviously that’s not an appropriate thing to wear when ones’ door is (or will be soon) replaced. Hell, I can’t even wear Matt’s boxer shorts and a tank top so I’m stuck in my lightest, thinest PJ bottoms and a tank top.

To distract myself from being overly grumpy about the weather (and having to be inside all day instead of escaping to the air conditioned mall), I’ve been taking ridiculously adorable Nolan pictures.

 super cutie pie, & the best seat in the house!

 snuggles with Kevin & watching Bob the Builder!

 totally into the show, & moments later…after taking a head first dive off the couch. SIGH. Boys.

 shoes!!! & laughing hysterically at me

 going to extreme measures to step on my feet, & sulking

 self soothing/cuddles with mama, & eating diced peaches!
Nolan has been hilarious all morning, purposely doing silly little things to make me laugh. At one point, I was in the bathroom and he came in and just started laughing at me, then said “sorry” and left, closing the door behind him. Moments later, he started knocking on the bathroom door saying “It’s DADDY!” 
Then he kept standing on my feet. Having my feet touched is a major pet peeve of mine – especially when I’m not wearing any socks and I’m sweaty and gross. Matt can’t even give me foot rubs unless I’m wearing socks and/or my feet are really sore and his hands are covered in lotion of some sorts because I can not stand skin on skin contact on my feet. So, obviously, I kept moving my feet and telling him to not stand on them and he kept doing it. Purposely, because he knew it was bothering me. Little imp!

We don’t have plans for this afternoon, other than going down into the nice cool basement and playing with all the toys down there while we wait for this door guy to come. I bet you he won’t even show up until like 5pm. But obviously I can’t chance that, because then they won’t replaced our door and paint our garage.

OH YAY! Door replacement dude just knocked on the door to inform me that they were starting the door replacements right now! Apparently it will take an hour to get to MY door in particular, but that’s okay because I need to clean and Nolan is napping. 

Do you know what I’d love to be doing today?!?! Hanging out at the waterfront. On the beach, in the shade, or in the water. Our town seriously needs a splash park, and quickly.

OR, I’d settle for going to Walmart to buy some really light, breezy dresses and other such summer clothes so that when I do get to go to the beach, I won’t need to wear jeans and a t-shirt. I also want to buy boys swim trucks because I am not forcing my wide ass into a bikini bottom, no thank you. I’ll spare all the townies that tragedy!


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4 Responses to Hiding from the heat

  1. I totally feel your pain about the heat. It is ridiculously hot here. All I want to do is go swimming! And being pregnant in the heat SUCKS! Hope you guys get to the waterfront soon, and that the door replacing went well. LOL!

  2. Way too hot here too. We put two air conditioners in already. How come you're not allowed to there?

    The laughing picture of Nolan is seriously adorable. What is it with toddlers and following us to the bathroom eh? Also, you do NOT have a wide ass…you're all belly. Although I do think you'll look stunning in some of those light breezy dresses 🙂

  3. Dani says:

    I think you've mentioned before that you read her, so you've probably already seen the post at Girls Gone Child, but if not http://www.girlsgonechild.net/2011/05/gone-maternity-like-totally-to-maxi.html I'm not preggers, but I TOTALLY recommend getting your hands on at least one maxi dress. Not quite a cool as a shorter dress but OMG it's almost as comfy as being naked! They're great mat clothes that you can still wear post baby, and if you're having an insecure day you're comfy and cool but still covered (I have those days… trust me lol)

  4. Dani says:

    oh! and they make really cute 'board shorts' for girls now, I think walmart has them, same feel as guy's trunks, but cuter colours 😉

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