Boy Oh Boy!

So, as y’all know…yesterday I had an ultrasound (and found out the sex of our sweet baby!). I was afraid of not having a “full enough bladder” for the ultrasound tech to complete the ultrasound (since last time I apparently didn’t have a full enough bladder and the tech was a REAL b-iotch) so I drank two glasses of tomato juice and bottles of water. We were half an hour early for my appointment, and I was dying by the time 2:30 rolled around. Seriously, I was in such pain and focusing so hard on not peeing my pants, and that was even after I peed a little bit several times to ease the discomfort.

Luckily the tech I got this time was super nice and understanding, and did all of the measurements she needed to do with my bladder full – then allowed me to empty my bladder. Then she allowed Matt, Kim and Nolan to come into the ultrasound room for the rest of the ultrasound. Nolan loved watching the baby on the “TV” and poking at the ultrasound tech’s scrubs (they were flower scrubs, lol. Nolan loves flowers).

I love seeing the baby on screen, but man do I hate the “OMG OMG OMG I’M GONNA PEE MY PANTS IF I SO MUCH AS MOVE AN INCH” sensation so I’m sorta hoping this is my last ultrasound until we’re close to the end. I know they’re probably going to want to do an ultrasound to get baby’s weight and see if he’s breech or not, but I won’t drink as much for that one haha.

Anywho, some more ultrasound pictures!

Now I know I’ve been saying this entire pregnancy that I thought it was a girl, and secretly…I was afraid I’d be disappointed if it was a boy. But I’m not, and I wasn’t! I was surprised by that. Since I thought I really wanted a boy and a girl I was so sure I’d be sad about it, but I was thrilled from the moment she showed us the outdoor plumbing our baby is rocking (seriously, WHAT a boy! haha). I love having a son and I know that two boys will be double the fun and adventure.

For the first time this pregnancy, I feel as if our family is complete. Matt and I and our two beautiful boys. I thought that if this baby was a born I would feel the urge to want to try once more for a girl, but I don’t have that urge at all! I feel completed. I’m picturing Christmas’s with the boys opening their presents and playing together amongst the wrapping paper and boxes, I’m picturing wrestling and mud and cars and trains and frogs. I’m so excited for the wonderful bond that I know they will share being so close in age. I can’t wait for camping trips, fishing trips, and all those wonderful things. I know, you can do all that with a girl but…yeah. It would be a different bond, a different relationship and friendship. A bond of brothers is something that can’t be described!

Untitled from jessi on Vimeo.

I’ve had a ridiculously large grin on my face since learning that I’ll be a mother of two beautiful boys, and so has Matt! He’s so incredibly excited. In fact, he literally did a happy dance when the tech announced “BOY” and declared “YES! I won’t have to deal with girl diapers! WOOHOO!” (Then Matt informed that during ‘that time of the month’ he and the boys would take off camping or fishing or hunting for a week, leaving me with a stash of chocolate and wine. Haha).

And on the drive home, I excited exclaimed “Oh! I don’t have to deal with anyone’s PMS but my own! And we only have to worry about TWO penises getting into trouble! And we don’t have to worry about our daughter leaving the house dressed ‘inappropriately’ because we’ll have BOYS! WOOO!”

And I’m sure, boys can be just as moody as girls, but I’m so excited that I won’t have to deal with those teenage hormones. I was a girl, I remember how it was. EVERYTHING was just SUCH A BIG DEAL. Boys are just more relaxed and “whatever”.

Last night, while Matt and I were cuddling in bed he looked at me with the hugest grin and said “If I were a King, you’d totally be cherished by the people for birthing all these sons for me.”
To which I replied “yeah, I’d get to keep my head!” and we both snorted with laughter.

I’m not even a little sad about not getting to buy leggings and cute dresses, because I still get to buy those – for my niece, Dalya. I’ll still get to shop for pretty things and spoil her rotten. And there are plenty of adorable boy outfits, especially at The Gap and Carters. I already have a blast buying outfits for Nolan, so no harm no foul there! (In fact, I’m going to be doing up a post on cute summer clothes I want to get Nolan later on today).

I’m so excited for October! I can’t wait until our baby is earthside with us. I know Nolan will be a wonderful older brother, and that they’ll be super tight. A mama of two darling boys…I can’t wait!


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3 Responses to Boy Oh Boy!

  1. LOL @ the “if I were a King” statement. Very creative of him to think of that hahaha. I'm super excited for you having two boys too. You'll have a blast putting them in cute overalls!

  2. Boys! Congratulations!

    Also, I'm glad you get to keep your head. (;

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Haha he always thinks of the sweetest things to say 😛 lmao. And yeah, I'm totally buying them “matching” outfits for family functions too bahaha. CHEESY!

    @Elizabeth Kaylene: Thank you!! and me too 🙂

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