Feeling Accomplished

Today, I was hit with a sudden energy burst. Since they are far and few in between, I decided to take advantage of it! I brought in all the boxes from the garage and organized where they go (upstairs, downstairs, etc). I moved Nolan’s block shelf into the basement since we’re in the midst of transforming his room into a “toddler” room, with a little toddler bed. I figured it’d be better to get the blocks out of the way, because that’d be a great mess to clean up constantly. He still has toys in his room of course, just not thousands of little blocks that I could step on when I go to check on him at night haha.

While Nolan napped, I tackled the basement. Since we moved in May 1st, the basement has been the landing pad for all the crap we didn’t want to deal with.

The scary part? That isn’t even ALL the boxes. There were more on the other side of the room & more in the spare bedroom. AHHH.
I managed to power through it though, and here is what our rec room looks like at the moment:Β 

I plan on buying two new end tables for the living room upstairs and bringing the end tables we have now into the rec room, and we of course need to get a TV. Eventually, we’ll be buying a brand new couch for upstairs and the white flower one will come down stairs (and the futon will disappear). All those broken down boxes need to go too, obviously, and I need to find a more permanent home for that box on the book shelf.

I also cleaned the spare bedroom, leaving a few boxes of electronics etc for Matt to deal with! This is what it looks like now:

It seems pretty small in the pictures, but the spare room is actually really long. Matt should be picking up the bed, mattress, and desk from his step-mom’s house tomorrow, then that room will be “finished”. I won’t be investing a lot of time into decorating it because I want to focus on the other areas of the house first.

I also had Matt hang a few things for me in the living room πŸ™‚

So yeah, I feel pretty accomplished. I also finished unpacking the kitchen, vacuumed Nolan’s bedroom and the upstairs hallway. I was going to vacuum our room, but I was busy unpacking more stuff and by the time I had finished that and cleaning, Nolan was asleep so I didn’t want to vacuum. I’ll tackle that tomorrow.

In addition to all that unpacking/organizing/cleaning I did today, Nolan and I had a blast dancing, watching Shrek Forever After, and playing with his Mega Blocks Thomas toy πŸ™‚ he also helped me unpack haha.

My honey-do list has grown too. I need to have Matt:

  1. Set up Nolan’s new dresser (so I can move all his clothes into it and move his “baby” dresser into the baby’s room).
  2. Hang a shelf in Nolan’s bedroom (so I can unpack the rest of Nolan’s little decorations and pictures).
  3. Pick up the bed, mattress, and desk from his step-mom’s.
  4. Make us a flatscreen TV wall mount in shop class (so we can move the TV stand downstairs).

He’s apparently going to do most of those things tomorrow (at least 1, 2, and 3), so I’m super excited! I love watching the items on my to-do list slowly get checked off. Now we aren’t surrounded by boxes, and we can somewhat move around in the garage. We can sit and relax in the rec room (and hopefully, we’ll be getting a TV so we can watch TV in the basement) and no area is “off limits” to Nolan.Β 


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4 Responses to Feeling Accomplished

  1. dramaticmama says:

    Good Job Jess! πŸ™‚
    I love when I have those little bursts of energy and decide to actually clean everything! (most things, lol).

    Yesterday,I did that to the kitchen, I kept putting off certain things, that I left for a week while I was sick, and looking at the kitchen is an embarrassment so tackled that yesterday. πŸ™‚ As well as D's room the week before. πŸ™‚ It feels like a lot of work, and then when your done, you feel great. Didn't you feel great? lol.

    ps. I LOVE that mirror thing, with the circles. LOVE it. πŸ™‚

  2. @Dramatic Mama: Thanks haha. I'm pretty impressed with myself πŸ˜‰ yes, I felt great and still do! Now when I go into the basement to do laundry I don't shudder at the disgusting pile of crap waiting for me to clean haha πŸ˜› it's actually a nice little sitting/play area for the moment. Hopefully we'll be able to get a TV soon!

  3. Ahh very good job! We have so many plans for the new house and I have no idea how I'm going to get them all done. Somehow!

  4. @Danielle-Marie: That's the best part about having a home, you get to spend a long time making it yours! I wish we could buy a house, because by the time I'm finished making our home OURS, we always tend to move haha!

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