The Visit: Part Two

Alright, so after my appointment on Thursday, and after I had a little nap…Kim dropped Nolan off at my dad’s house and we ordered pizza and Nolan played with Grampa Dan for a bit.

Then it was bath time and bed time, and I got to watch Greys Anatomy (is anyone else totally pissed at Alex?? AND Meredith?! I know she had a “good reason” but still!).

The next morning, Nolan and I went out for breakfast with Kim!

Then we ran some errands and came back to my dad’s house. My dad took the day off, so he and T did yard work while Nolan napped. Then when Nolan woke up, I took him outside so he could play in my dad’s gorgeous back yard! Grampa even took him for his first ever wheel barrel ride! Nolan squealed with joy the entire time. Watching him have such fun brought back memories of my childhood, and the wheel barrel rides my dad and my Papa used to take us on. Almost makes me long for my Papa’s old 3 wheeler, he used to pull us around in a little cart on that thing all the time up at the cottage.

That evening, Kate (my older sister) talked me into going over to her house for the remainder of our stay (just two days!), so when she was done work we headed over to her house a few towns over. She was hosting a BBQ for my little sister, Josephine, the next day. Her boyfriend, Kevin, hung out with Nolan while Kate and I did some shopping for Josephine’s birthday and the BBQ. I bought Jojo a book by Tish Cohen’s called Little Black Lies and a new journal. Kate bought her a couple of adorable tops. When we got back to her house, I put Nolan down to bed and we ate junk food and watched Morning Glory (which wasn’t nearly as good as I thought and expected it would be…bummer).

The next morning we all got ready for the big BBQ! I put Nolan down early for a nap (and surprisingly, he actually went for one). My grandparents were the first to arrive, followed by Shannon, Nelson and their two adorable kiddos, then my Dad and T showed up and finally the guest of honor arrived with her current beau! Now to be bombarded with a million photos of the day’s festivities….


We spent the majority of the time in the backyard, watching the kids chase bubbles, play “soccer”, dance and get into all kinds of silly mischief! 

Then it was time for cake and presents!!! Nolan actually sang Happy Birthday to his Auntie! I tried to get a video, but failed. All I have is a cute picture of him singing and Auntie Jojo kissing him haha.

After Jojo opened her gifts and we all ate some cake, my grandparents had to leave. Papa was tired (and always likes to get home before dark, or in this case “before the world ends”). I stayed inside with Shannon and took some adorable Dayla photos, then snuggled with Dayla so Shannon could have a wee break.

After hanging out for a bit, my dad and T had to leave and so did Josephine and her boyfriend. So it was just Kate, Kevin, Shannon, Nelson and the kiddos. Kate and Kevin had some fireworks that they wanted to set off for the boys. We had to wait until it got dark enough, but we definitely weren’t bored! Nolan and Xander had a blast chasing each other around, hugging each other, and dancing!

It was hilarious watching Nolan chase Xander around, giggling and trying to give him hugs. He kept tackling him and laughing. Xander thought it was funny at first too, but then he grew tired of the game haha. I remember seeing home videos of Kate and I when we were toddler, playing the same chase and hug and tackle game. Priceless. 

Honestly, I’ve never seen Nolan interact with kids the way he does with his cousins. Xander makes him full out belly laugh, and he pays attention to what Xander is doing. They actually full out play together, not just side by side. They played tag (well, a toddler version) and soccer, and they conspired against us all weekend. Nolan also randomly goes up to Xander and gives him hugs and tries to kiss him (usually earning him a shove, since Xander’s not really the cuddly type LOL). As for Dayla? Nolan loves to give her kisses and hugs. He was generally very gentle with her too, and he learned that when she cried she was hungry. Every time she’d cry he’d say “baby, eat?” and try and offer her a snack. It was the cutest thing ever.

I do have slight concerns about jealousy (since he tried to bite her once when his Nana held her), but I honestly feel that Nolan is going to make a fantastic big brother!

Anyways, soon it was dark enough for fireworks!

It was Nolan and Xander’s first time seeing fireworks, and they were both completely enthralled by them. I thought Nolan would be afraid of the noise (since Kevin had set off a screamer earlier and it terrified him) but he was great. He loved the “pretty lights”.

After fireworks, it was bedtime for the kids. We left the next morning (I already wrote about our rainy trip home).

And there you have it! That was the trip. It was tons of fun and I miss everyone so much already, although it’s great to be home! I know Nolan is missing his cousins a lot too. He keeps asking for the baby and “aner” which I can only assume is “Xander” in Nolan speakinese lol. We’re going to have to make more frequent trips down south, although perhaps for not as long. Nolan really missed his daddy, and I missed Matt too. Plus I missed my bed and shower.

But ya, it was tons of fun for both Nolan and I!


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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