The Visit: Part One

Nolan and I embarked upon our long drive to visit family in the GTA on Wednesday, May 11th. The weather was gorgeous and sunny, and I was fully expecting the trip to be easy peasy with only minor complaint from Nolan towards the end of the 4.5 hour drive – how very wrong was I. Nolan screamed and cried for the first 3.5 hours. He wasn’t wet, he wasn’t hungry or thirsty: he was bored. He didn’t want to be in the car, so he made that perfectly clear. Needless to say, by the time we arrived at my girlfriend’s house for a quick visit (and rest), my nerves were fried.

I hadn’t seen Kyla and her little girl since Nolan’s first birthday, a year ago. Her little girl was still just a few months old. Now she’s a full blown toddler, with gorgeous auburn curls and long lashes – such a little beauty! I hadn’t seen her nephew since Kyla’s baby shower: he’s such a big boy! Several months older than Nolan, and very tall.

It was great catching up with Kyla while the kiddos played together, but I was being pulled eastward towards my family and the little niece I hadn’t personally met yet. I immediately headed over to my sister Shannon’s house and scooped up that bundle of newborn goodness as soon as my hands were cleaned and shoes were off. She is every bit as beautiful as she is in her pictures, and so tiny! I couldn’t believe how long her hair was either, it must have grown a couple inches since her birth day.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and had dinner there, my Granny was there helping out so I got to have one of her delicious homecooked meals 🙂 My dad and his girlfriend, T, showed up for dinner too. After dinner we all took the boys to the park, then I went over to my dad’s house to get Nolan settled for bed. I decided to bathe him but he seriously has something against my dad’s bathtub (it’s rather dark and scary, I must admit – it’s very old haha) and to top things off he also had an accident so once we cleaned the tub out and tried again, he was hyperventilating screaming about “the stinky in da BAFF”. I guess he didn’t trust that we had cleaned it after his little floater lol.

The next morning (May 12th), my MIL Kim and I went out for breakfast with Nolan. Then I hung out with a few girls from high school. My good friend Robyn came over while Nolan napped, bringing with her cheesy garlic bread from Dominos (mmm!). Once Nolan woke up we headed into the next town, to our old “stomping grounds” to meet up with a few people. Jolena and her 3 month old daughter, Zoe; JD and her son, Dustin, and Jess L.

It was my first time meeting Dustin in his entire 8 months, so I was pretty stoked! Nolan’s first time meeting him too, they were instant buds! And Jolena’s little girl (pictured on the top right with Jolena) is absolutely gorgeous and so sweet too!

The next day (May 13th) was really busy for us. I spent the morning hanging out with my sister, Shannon, and wee little Dayla. Xander was visiting with his grandparents on his dad’s side. I got tons of newborn cuddles from Dayla! Nolan was so sweet with her, except for the one occasion when he got jealous that his Nana Kim was holding her and tried to bite her. Ah…toddlers. He also tried to feed her a granola bar after she started fussing, and told me “baby eat!”.

After Nolan’s nap, it was time to head over to the mall with JD and Dustin! We met up with my friend Dezaray and her 11 month old son, Wyatt!

JD was kind enough to finally fulfill my cinnabun craving, it was so yummy! Until Dustin decided to fill his pants haha. JD changed him and put the dirty diaper in a garbage pail near us, so that every time someone walked by the smell of Dustin’s dirty diaper wafted over to us. Eventually we were all gagging (not just prego me and Dezaray, who is also expecting her 2nd child in October!), so we moved upstairs to the food court. JD ordered fries and everyone was eating them. I noticed it was getting late, so I told JD we had to head out (I was due for dinner at my MIL’s at 6). As I was saying goodbye to Dezaray’s son, Wyatt, he projectile barfed curdled milk everywhere. It was pretty nasty and by that point I was unable to handle it haha. So I grabbed some napkins for her, grabbed my stuff and Nolan and told her it was great seeing her and meeting Wyatt lol. I know, horrible! But I can’t deal with my own kids bodily functions right now, let alone someone elses! Then I practically ran out to my car, trying not to barf everywhere myself, followed by JD and Dustin.

More traumatic stuff happened which I can’t blog about for fear of reptubution (I’m a horrible person haha), and JD and I left the mall in hysterics and laughing our asses off. I’m pretty sure I may have peed myself a little bit.

The next day (May 14th), I hung out with Jolena and her daughter Zoe for a bit, then went over to my sisters. It was a pretty chill day with no pictures, surprisingly haha.

May 15th was a busy day. JD and I took the boys over to our friend Natasha’s house for a play date! JD took tons of pictures, so I didn’t break out my camera. Here are some of the ones she took! (I edited them only because I’m super bored. Yay for rainy days!?)

 Nolan & Natasha’s daughter, Savannah
Natasha’s son, Noah, Nolan and Savannah.
Natasha is also pregnant (with a boy! And she’s due in October! haha. Apparently January was a cold month lol), so JD did a little “belly shoot” with the two of us.

The next day I mostly hung out at my sister’s again (since my dad worked every day during the day), and May 17th was the same story, only we got to run some errands in the morning!

Oh yeah, and Nolan and I sorta got attacked by a squirrel! While I was dropping Nolan off at my dad’s so I could head out with a couple girlfriends to the movies, we saw a cute little squirrel on my dad’s porch steps.

I pointed it out to Nolan and took a picture of it before it ran after the both of us and tried to climb up Nolan. I screamed and grabbed Nolan, racing into the house thinking it was some kind of rabid squirrel. T confirmed that it was just a baby, lost and confused. I felt like a mega dillhole lol.

So yeah, I went out with my friends Robyn and Erin to see Bridesmaids while my dad and T watched Nolan for me. It was a hilarious movie! It was tons of fun getting out with some girlfriends too, I hadn’t seen Erin since we all graduated high school!

Nolan’s evenings were filled with lots of Grampa Dan cuddles! He absolutely adored spending time with his Grampa. It’s too bad my dad had to work so much! But I did manage to snag several adorable pictures of the two of them together!

On the 18th, I went over to Shannon’s to help her with Xander. It was tons of fun but boy both Nolan and Xander kept me on my toes! I’ve definitely decided that two is enough for us.

And I think this is good enough for Part One of our trip!!! Part Two will be coming along tomorrow, I want to write about my OB appointment first!


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2 Responses to The Visit: Part One

  1. Sounds like Nolan might be headed into the terrible two's (about the drive and not liking being bored bit). Landon's already there but it's gotten a little better in the past month or so. I don't know if it's going to pick up again at full force but if it's not, the terrible twos didn't last as long as I expected.

    Your sweet little niece is so precious! My goodness that hair! She's got more hair than Hannah has at nearly 9 months old.

    My dad and Landon have something very special too. There is something very touching about seeing your dad with your children.

    I've also decided two is enough for us. Kids are a lot of work! LOL. Although that picture of Nolan kissing your belly is enough to make me think about a third child for about 2 seconds.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: Lordy I hope not lol. I generally let him “fuss it out” and he'll come to me for cuddles after his tantrum, but it was hard in the car. And thank you! Ya, she has more hair than my 2 year old lol. I agree completely about the Grampa bond, it's totally amazing 🙂 I know I'm going to be sad about my decision later, but realistically two IS ideal for us, financially in the future too. I want to send both kids to school, and their expenses will only grow with them!

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