My OB Appointment

{I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to my OB appointment in Toronto before resuming the visit updates and pictures. Those posts will continue on later!}

On Thursday, May 18th, I had my OB appointment in Toronto. Nolan spent the night before at his Nana’s house so my dad and I didn’t have to worry about rushing in the morning. My dad came with me to the appointment, and took the whole day off. He looked so awkward sitting in the OB waiting room! But I was very glad he came with me. For one, I’m terrified of Toronto traffic. And Toronto itself. I’m a “country girl” at heart (although you wouldn’t believe it, considering I run away screaming from baby squirrels like their zombie freaks from hell).

The drive to Toronto was pretty easy, although our topic of discussion was not. This was the first time I was embarking on a medical appointment in Toronto without her, and it brought all my feelings of resentment and abandonment to the service. I wasn’t just angry because she wasn’t there with me, but that she hasn’t been there for any of us – including Shannon who just gave birth. But ya, that’s a rant for another day I suppose. (Even if she doesn’t deserve anymore words from me). 

Anyway. My appointment was at 8:30am, and I got in pretty quick. I must have met with 5 nurses and doctors before meeting the actual OB. That’s one of the down falls to Mount Sinai, although they’re all super nice it just takes forever to see the doctor.

While I was meeting with the resident, I was told delivering up North wouldn’t be a problem at all, so long as I was comfortable. I was also told that I qualify for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), and truth be told my jaw totally hit the floor. I never expected that I would qualify for a VBAC. My current OB never mentioned it to me, of course I never asked. I just assumed that I would need a c-section. I had plenty of time to chew on this bit of information while I waited to see the OB.

Truth be told, my stomach has been in absolute knots thinking about the reality of our situation. If I had a c-section, I would need up to 6 weeks of help because you’re not supposed to lift over 20 pounds – meaning I wouldn’t be able to really do anything at all with Nolan. Matt and our families and I have been struggling to come up with a game plan, since most of our family lives in the GTA. My dad wanted me to stay at his house so there would always be help, but I wasn’t sold on the idea because I know how I am after any kind of medical procedure: I want to be home, in my bed surrounded by my things. I also knew that regardless someone would have to take time off to help me. The game plan we had sorta formulated goes as so: hopefully, Matt’s brother and SIL would take Nolan while I am in the hospital. Matt would take the day the baby is born off, and then for the remainder of my stay I would be alone. When baby and I come home, Matt would take that first week off. Kim (his mom) would take the next two weeks off, then my sister Kate would come down for a week. After that, I still have two more weeks to fill, but I’d probably be able to figure something out. So, that’s the c-section game plan. But, when I heard that I could actually (permitting this baby isn’t breech that is) have a VBAC…well that changes everything!

Vaginal birth’s don’t take nearly as long as c-sections to recover from. You have that baby, and basically the next day you’re up and walking around. Sure, you’re sore, but there are no restrictions like “don’t pick up your toddler for 6 weeks”. Which means less of a headache for everyone involved. Us, our families, Nolan, even the baby!

Of course, I’m deeply terrified of vaginal birth. How can something that large come out of a hole that small?! I’m afraid of tearing and ripping up my girlie bits forever.

I was still skeptical of what the resident said, but the OB confirmed it: so long as my OB is comfortable, and the baby isn’t breech, I can try for a VBAC. I haven’t talked to my OB yet about it, but I see no reason why he shouldn’t. After all, less work on his part right? He just has to catch it or whatever. I’ll talk to him at my next appointment, June 10th. I’m hoping he will have no issue with it, but if he does….the Toronto OB told me that I could have all of my prenatal care here, then go down south for the birth and he would let me try for a VBAC. So, I guess no matter what I can still get that vaginal birth!

After my OB appointment I had to meet with a hematologist about my “unknown bleeding disorder”. She is getting me a referral to a hospital in Hamilton to have me tested for a platelet disorder. She’s appalled that I haven’t been sooner, and that the “specialist” I saw in September of last year didn’t send me. He basically just shrugged his shoulders and said it’s “probably” related to my MHE, and didn’t bother sending me for further testing. I meant to see someone else, but I just got caught up in life and stuff. I know, it’s no excuse.

So now, I’m just waiting on that referral to Hamilton and my OB appointment in June. It’s a relief to know that I don’t have to deliver in Toronto, and it’s a shock to learn that I qualify for a VBAC. I’m hoping all goes well, because I really would like to try for a VBAC. The appeal of not needing to go under the knife is pretty strong!


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2 Responses to My OB Appointment

  1. Ahh! That's so funny about your dad being awkward! My dad had to take me to a few of my OB appointments and he also looked SOOOO awkward. But they'd do anything for us 🙂

    I. AM. SO. HAPPY. FOR. YOU. ABOUT. THE. V-BAC. I seriously can't stress that enough. And yet I am so insanely jealous because it wasn't even an option for me with Hannah. I sooo hope that works out for you hun!

    IF you DO have to have a c-section, you will have the willpower to do what needs to be done. I had to lift Landon because I was at home with him and Hannah alone, 2 days after Hannah's c-section. Yep, I lifted 25lbs multiple times throughout the day 2 days after a section (I went home on the 2nd day after surgery because I was recovering well and I bawled my eyes out and begged my doc to discharge me so I could see Landon — baby blues much?). Of course I avoided stuff like laundry, vacuuming, etc. And after lifting Landon I'd make sure to sit for a while. Once Ryan got home I did NOTHING and put his ass to work. All's I'm saying is although it's painful and 10x more tiring than the first time around, it is possible. You may have painful moments where you feel overwhelmed but you will get through it, I promise. I'm living proof, Landon was only 16 months old when Miss Hannah Banana arrived. I also never took anything more than extra strength Tylenol and Advil for the pain because I'm allergic to codeine and anything stronger just made me groggy (as if a new mom needs to feel groggy).

    And I'm with you…home is the best place for anybody who has just had a major surgery. Comfort zone ALL THE WAY. I took full advantage of my parents offering to help with Landon. They'd take him during the day while Ryan was at work fairly often in the beginning. Hopefully your SIL can help you out in that regard. You are very organized and together…I am sure you will figure out a plan that works for you and your family no matter which way you give birth. I have a feeling you'll get your VBAC.

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I'd still have to be SUPER careful, because of my “unknown bleeding disorder”. Who knows what “breaking the doctors advice” might mean, ya know? I don't wanna screw myself over and end up needing LONGER than 6 weeks to recover. But I'm sure that if I took it easy for 4 weeks, the last 2 weeks won't be an issue you know? And thanks! I hope I get the VBAC too…lol it'd be such a relief. But however it goes, it'll go!

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