Week in BlackBerry Pics {1}

1) Being silly                     2) Climbing the stairs

 3) Stair Master!                    4) Bringing me vents

 5) Bathroom show                           6) Relaxing

 7) Soaked lol                       8) Nolan throwing water at me

 9)Reading books                     10) Where The Wild Things Are!

 11) Snuggles                      12) Tattoo, teddy’s & baby hands

 13) On the porch!                        14) In our yard

 15) Hand holding                       16) Spiderman PJS!

 17) Singing!                                    18) Zoned out

 19) Exhausted                    20) In town

 21) Nolan & Daddy being silly                       22) Prego bump

 23) Breaky time!                   24) Dressed up for appointment

Finally found my cord connector! So excited to get back into the habit of posting regular BlackBerry pics 🙂 I capture some really funny moments! 

AND: I captured the baby’s heart beat at my OB appointment this morning 🙂

Untitled from jessi on Vimeo.

Amazing, isn’t it?! I still don’t know if I’ll be able to have the baby in town, or if I’ll have to go all the way to Toronto. I asked Dr. W to please let me deliver in town, since I sort of have a track record for going into labor at very inconvenient times and what if I went into labor when I wasn’t in Toronto? Then I’d have to drive 4.5 hours to get to Toronto, which wouldn’t happen because I’d need to get my anti-bleeding medicine and I’d end up having to go to this hospital anyway. So, ya…giant headache for nothing. He says he doesn’t see why I couldn’t, but I guess it’s really up to the doctors at Sinai to decide. I hope they aren’t hungry for high risk pregnancies, and let me deliver up North.

Anyway, I find out on the 19th. Tomorrow, Nolan and I are leaving in the morning to travel down south for 2 weeks. I’m really going to miss Matt’s help, especially during bath time haha. And I’ll miss Matt too! But I have 2 weeks of visiting with family and friends, and that’s been long over due for a while now!


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7 Responses to Week in BlackBerry Pics {1}

  1. Congratulations… that baby's heartbeat is the highlight of the appointment, and why I kept subjecting myself to the horrible weigh-ins each week toward the end! Good luck trying to get your perfect birth.

  2. Don't you just LOVE hearing the baby's heartbeat? So so amazing!

    Have a GREAT time visiting your family, hun! xoxo

  3. Stacey says:

    wow that's really neat! 🙂

    I'm an hour east of Toronto. That's cool to “meet” a fellow ontario mommy blogger!

    Stacey @ Maple Bacon & Beavertails.

  4. Awww!!!!!!!!!! :') so precious! Love the pics and you look great Jess!

  5. Nicole says:

    Safe travels! Enjoy your family, and I hope that all goes well with your next visit!

  6. Yay heartbeat! Have a great trip!

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