Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

Sunday marked my entrance into week 16 of this pregnancy. I still feel nauseous more often than not, but since Saturday I haven’t thrown up. Watch, now that I’ve reported that, I’ll be back to holding my head over the toilet cursing my loose lips just like every other time I’ve said “yeah, I’m starting to feel better!”.

I think that my “morning sickness” has tampered off a bit because I no longer have to breathe in stinky cat ass fumes all day long, as Sketch’s cat box is down in the basement. Out of sight and out of mind! I’m very relieved that I’m not as sick as I was, and that I don’t have to smell the cat box anymore! I’m still feeling very tired and sore, but I’m expecting to feel that way for quite some time. I’ve been keeping very busy with the move and unpacking, and I haven’t been giving myself a lot of time to rest. I know, bad me.

According to Baby Center, our little baby bean is going to double his/her weight over the next two weeks and add inches to his/her length. Baby is the size of an avocado (I had to look this up, since I had no idea what an avocado is haha). He/she is 4 and a half inches long from head to rump and weighs 3 and a half ounces. The legs are more developed, and the head is more erect than it has been. Baby is growing toenails! Which is kind of creepy if you think about it, but in a totally rad way.

Last night after dinner, I was sitting on the couch watching a movie with Nolan and I felt our little bean doing flips in my belly. I have absolutely no doubt what I felt was baby moving around, and not food fighting back or gas. It was incredible. I forgot how amazing that sensation is, how intense it can feel. It makes me long for May 24th, to find out just what this little baby is so I can start really envisioning things. October seems a lifetime away, but it’s only five months. Five months will go by quickly, especially if I keep myself as busy as I have been.

Truthfully? I’m not so sure what it is anymore. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I was convinced it was a girl. Now I have no idea, and won’t until May 27th. Do I still hope for a girl? Well, sure, I don’t have one so of course I’d love to see how different boys and girls are, but I’d be just as thrilled with another boy. I love having Nolan, he is such an awesome kid and a lot of fun. I know that if we have a boy, he’ll have a constant little buddy and their friendship will be amazing when they’re older. I’m hoping that Nolan will still have a little buddy if this is a girl, at least up until their teen years – I know just how much drama girls can be haha. I was one and I had 3 sisters! So, basically, what I’m trying to say here is that I’d love either or. I just can’t wait to hold this baby (in five months) and have he/she here with us. In the meantime, I’m counting down the minutes until May 27th, when we find out what he/she is. The more I know about this baby, the closer I feel to it 🙂

In other news, I totally forgot to go get bloodwork down for my 15 week IBS testing…opps. We’re not overly concerned, since we are keeping this baby no matter what, but I do feel a little bad. I guess my mind was just preoccupied with moving and what not.

So, yeah. That’s that as far as the pregnancy update goes! Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself into another week of the pukies haha.


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3 Responses to Pregnancy Update: 16 Weeks

  1. Jess says:

    5 months! OMG that means I have 6 months time is definitely flying.

    I hope the morning sickness buggers off you poor thing. I can't wait to feel the baby move the first time but I guess because it's my first it'll take me awhile to realise it's baby and not just stomach grumblings!

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Jess: Yeah time is flying! When I think about all the stuff we still need to get…woah buddy lol! And thanks 🙂 I'm sure you'll feel it soon enough! Then they'll be kicking our bladders 😉

  3. Time goes so much faster with the second baby! I guess particularly in your case with you guys being so busy and all. I'm glad your nausea is starting to taper off…you deserve some relief for sure! I never found out what I was having with either of my children as you already know, but I am looking forward to your posting the sex of the baby! Is the plan to tell people or are you guys keeping it a secret? The ONLY thing I miss about pregnancy is feeling my baby within. So amazing. So special.

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