Nolan’s 1st Haircut

Yep, you read that right…my beautiful baby boy has never had his haircut before! I decided this morning that I wanted to take him. We were both bored, and needed something to do. Going to the mall for a haircut seemed like the perfect idea! And it really was. The girl who cuts my hair and Matt’s hair is super sweet, and requested that when it came time for Nolan’s first haircut, she be the one to do it. Since Nolan adores her, I figured…why not!?

Since I took him myself, I couldn’t get any pictures of the during process. But here is the result!

He looks even more grown up now! But he’s so adorable. I don’t know how the husband is going to feel about this haircut, he wanted to let Nolan grow his hair out. I do too, or did, but thought he would benefit from a healthy trim and evening out.Β 

The hairdresser even gave us a little chunk of Nolan’s hair!Β 

After his haircut, we went to our favourite toy store and bought some dry erase markers and paper for his art easel. Nolan isn’t quite ready for the dry erase markers, it would appear (since he coloured all over the hardwood floor – thankfully it came off alright), so we’re just going to stick to crayons and paper for now!

He really does love his art easel! He’s been drawing “Sketch” for 20 minutes now. His drawings of the cat are looking more and more life like πŸ˜‰

So ya, my baby isn’t a baby anymore, and he’s had his first official haircut. Hold me while I cry the big ugly cry.

P.S. My knockers, for Elle. Holy shit they’re huge.


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5 Responses to Nolan’s 1st Haircut

  1. dramaticmama says:

    AWH! lol. He does look grown up more. You have a 2 year old now missy!!! :O

    Also, LMFAO. Your boobs are almost as gigantic as mine. πŸ˜› ❀

  2. @Dramatic Mama: I DOOO! It was such a shock going on Facebook and seeing the “Nolan Daniel, Son, 2 years” And yeah, these puppies are pretty massive…and my milk hasn't even come in yet (obviously)…I shudder to think how huge they'll be after that haha

  3. LOL Nice boob shot.

    So he did good then?! Landon has had many hair cuts and he decided that for his last one he'd act like he was having his ears cut off rather than his hair. Nolan looks great! All cleaned up and just tell Matt it'll grow out evenly now πŸ™‚

  4. Ro says:

    BoooooooooooooooooooobS! lol

    He's so cute! Little Man!


    that is all!

    xoxox Lady


  5. @Danielle-Marie: Thanks haha. And that's odd! Kids can be really funny sometimes lol. Matt actually loved his haircut!

    @Ro: Lol thanks!!! :

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