Nolan’s Birthday, Party, & Easter Morning

Saturday was Nolan’s birthday and the day of his birthday party. I went to bed expecting to be an emotional mess the next day, but to be perfectly honest with you all I was way too busy enjoying the day and, well, throwing a party to give it much thought. Yes, it’s incredibly sad that Nolan is leaving his baby days far behind him, but he’s such a remarkable boy that the trade off isn’t really all that bad!

In the morning, Nolan got a million birthday kisses and hugs from us. I must have wished him a Happy Birthday a thousand times! We had breakfast, then Matt went to Walmart to find me a sweater because I was having some major wardrobe malfunction. The shirt I planned on wearing, the only long sleeved shirt I brought down had (and still has) a huge gaping hole in the arm pit. My back up “nice” shirt that I brought down for The Old Spaghetti Factory and didn’t end up wearing ended up looking horrible on me, plus my only black cardigan was covered in cream cheese thanks to a breakfast mishap with Nolan.

Matt ended up bringing me back a really comfy but really huge sweater. Thank goodness for having 3 sisters, Shannon sent me over some options and I was able to save myself from looking like a scrubby mommy. Sure, the only pants that I fit in to are still a little huge on me, but whatever. My Buddha belly is quite large – large enough that I don’t fit into my regular pants and now have to wear maternity pants (yes, already).

Our guest list to Nolan’s birthday party was just family, really. My dad, Tracy, my Granny and Papa, my sisters, my sister’s significant others, my nephew, Tracy’s kids, Matt’s mom and step dad and brother, his brother’s girlfriend, and my friend Bruce showed up to say hi because he’s leaving for Jasper next week and staying there for a year and a half. We cooked up burgers, sausages and hot dogs on the BBQ and my wonderful Granny made some of her delicious pasta salad (which I’m really craving right now), Kim brought a fruit tray and there was the cake of course!

For the majority of the party, the boys played outside chasing bubbles and each other. I love seeing those two together!

I had a somewhat difficult time keeping Nolan from opening all of his presents, so we allowed him to “open” one (it wasn’t wrapped): a bowling ball set from his Uncle Timmy. Then we tried to teach boys how to play, but it didn’t turn out so well haha.

Soon it was time to eat, and have the cake! Nolan loved the attention of everyone singing to him, and was pretty good at blowing out the candle (with some help from me, of course). He had more fun painting his face with the icing than he did eating the cake but hey, whatever makes the boy happy right?!

Nolan got a lot of great presents from everyone too! He got an excavator from Auntie Kate, a dump truck from Tracy’s daughter Jessica and son Chris (as well as an adorable pair of swim trunks), adorable clothes and a “car garage” in a wheel case from Great Granny & Papa, a bubble lawn more from Auntie Shannon, Uncle Nelson and Xander (which he’s going to love: he adores bubbles and is obsessed with them), a Toy Story Woody doll, a Thomas bath toy, and a DVD from Nana Kim, Grandpa Kent, Uncle Kody and Jacey (Kody’s girlfriend). Matt and I totally forgot to give him our presents too! We didn’t even clue in until Nolan was already in bed, so we’re holding off to give him the gifts we got him until next Saturday (when we throw the family dinner party here for him).

After dinner, cake, and presents we tossed both the boys in the tub because they were super messy from playing outside in the mud all day and eating messy food. Xander is definitely one to hate a bath, that’s for sure. We were hoping they would play with Nolan’s new bath toy but Xander didn’t want any part of a bath and terrified Nolan by screaming haha. After they were bathed and dressed, both the boys had tons of fun beating up the balloons (with tons of supervision: both Shannon and I are terrified of kids and balloons but they just wouldn’t leave the balloons alone).

Here are some pictures from the day’s festivities, in chronological order. I’m realizing now just how bad my camera sucks, but I’m not about to edit them all and try to make them all look better. Sigh. I guess we really do need a new camera. Oh well, it’s better to have these pictures than none at all so I’m going to stop complaining now and get on with sharing the pictures!

Β Nolan picked those flowers for me!!!

Nolan’s birthday party was a blast, and I know he had tons of fun! After everyone left and Nolan went to bed, my dad offered to keep an ear out for him so that I could go watch a movie with my sisters at Shannon’s house and so Matt could go to the court and hang out with some of his old friends. We gratefully took up the offer, and Shannon, Kate and I watched You Again and drank slushies from 7 Eleven (because we’re total partiers like that…and two of us are pregnant haha).

This morning (Sunday morning), the Easter bunny left some treats for Nolan! He wasn’t really into the whole Easter egg hunt this year, but he did love his basket of goodies and all the goodies in the eggs.

We made a brief stop at my sister’s to drop off extra Easter goodies for Xander, then had breakfast at Kim’s house before we headed home. The drive was very nice and we actually came home to no snow! There isn’t any on the ground and I’m incredibly excited about this. We were supposed to get hit with a huge storm all yesterday but I guess it never showed, so we didn’t have to come home to tons of white stuff on the ground.

It was a great weekend, and I’m already counting down the days until we go back down south (17 more days, Nolan and I are going down on the 11th).

I’m bummed out I couldn’t stay for the birth of my newest niece of nephew (my sister has a scheduled c-section on the 27th), but we move this Saturday and I need to pack. 😦 I know they’ll call me as soon as possible to let me know just what this little baby is, but I know it won’t be the same. I’ll make up for it and get my new baby cuddles in by staying down south for two weeks!

Anywho, it’s high time I started dinner and cleaned up the mess that is our living room! I hope everyone has a great Easter Sunday with their families πŸ™‚


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8 Responses to Nolan’s Birthday, Party, & Easter Morning

  1. Thank you for sharing these special times — they are precious memories. I love remembering our sons at Nolan's age. My “baby” made a perfect breakfast for me this morning. There's nothing better than a gift from the heart, just like the flowers that Nolan gave you. You'll never forget.

  2. So glad he had such a great day! Awesome cake and pictures πŸ™‚

  3. @Geeky Tai-Tai: No problem! Thank you for reading them πŸ™‚ I definitely love the gifts from the heart, I was so happy because apparently Nolan picked a handful and Matt said “are those for Mommy?” and he ran around looking for me until he found me, then he gave me the flowers πŸ™‚

    @Danielle-Marie: I'm glad he had a great day too! And thanks, I love pictures…clearly…lol

  4. jill says:

    what an eventful weekend! happy happy birthday and easter!! i love the pic of him smashing his cake all over his face! haha

  5. what an awesome birthday! i can't get over how adorable nolan is (and those stripe pjs! swoon!). and that thomas cake is amazing.

    i'm glad you had such a nice time!

    ps, holy crap… you move in less than a week already! so crazy!

  6. @Jill: It really was!!! I love those pics too lol. He was hilarious, even funnier than last year πŸ™‚

    @Elle: Those aren't PJs, they are a “full outfit” lol. Matt thinks they're PJs too but they have pockets and a cool half zipper like a sweater, only button up pants. I love those for traveling because then he doesn't shove timbits down his pants haha!! They make me swoon too hehe ❀ and thanks babe! And yeah, it is crazy...especially considering we haven't even STARTED packing yet, except for two boxes...:/

  7. dramaticmama says:

    LMFAO at the pictures of N with his cake, omgosh!!!!! Too cute. πŸ˜›

    Sounds like you had a great time after all. πŸ™‚ (both birthday/Easter posts) ❀

  8. @Dramatic Mama: Yeah, those cake pictures slay me! And we really did have a great time πŸ™‚ thanks love!

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