Oh Ya!

I know that it’s still pretty early, but I decided to try and start “potty training” Nolan. Not actively, just for a couple hours each day. He gets to run around naked and sit on his little froggy potty. He loves it!

Our first “potty training” attempt was yesterday. He peed right beside the potty and on the floor mat by the door.

Tonight, I stripped the boy down and let him have some naked time before his bath. I wanted to show Matt the technique I was using (aka: letting Nolan room free, encouraging him to sit on the toilet etc). I wasn’t expecting any major wins. But…Nolan totally peed in the potty! He watched himself doing it, with this hilariously started look on his face! Then we cheered and clapped and gave him tons of kisses.

He resumed naked time and running around. Matt went to go start his bath and Nolan had an accident. He took the biggest steamer on my carpet – I kid you not it was like the size of a softball and must have weighed close to 2 pounds! Then he ran over to me and pointed at it, all upset. I told him it was okay, accidents happened but next time to try and make it to his potty.

Matt wasn’t exactly stoked about it, but hey…you win some you lose some right? He handled it pretty well (only grumbling about how unfair it was that he had to pick it up, haha). I’ve made a mental note to pick up a ton of carpet cleaner. For now, I use hot water and vinegar. It seems to work, but I think as we progress in this potty training business, we’ll need something a little more heavy duty.

So ya, April 14th, 2011: Nolan peed in his potty for the first time ever. (And shat on my carpet).

Here are some more cute pictures from today:

 Enjoying some yummy grapes!
 Silly faces!
 Zoned right out…
 Matt & Nolan built this castle! It’s epic…
Smoothie time!
Also: we’ve been giving Nolan Restoralax the past few days, to help with his pooping and it’s much better now. He hasn’t had any tears over having to go number 2, and is eating a lot more too! I can’t believe we didn’t try this sooner!
Tomorrow morning, I’ll be taking Nolan to play group. Hopefully I won’t feel crappy and we’ll have tons of fun 🙂 we haven’t been in forever because I had the girls at a weird time on Fridays. But no more!! 😀

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3 Responses to Oh Ya!

  1. Yay, go Nolan! (Not for the pooping on the floor. :D)

    I can't believe your kid is already potty training age. It seems like just yesterday I found out he was on the way. ❤

  2. You brave woman you! Actually I think you're doing an awesome thing trying to get him potty trained. If you don't have to have two babies in diapers at once it's gonna make your life a lot easier (not to mention it's way less expensive!). You'll have to let me know what works and what doesn't work for Nolan. I'm holding Landon off until he's closer to 2 and a half because he just isn't ready. But we're gonna get him a potty for his birthday just in case he suddenly shows signs of readiness. Good luck!

  3. jessi ♥ says:

    @Elizabeth Kaylene: Yay! You can comment haha 🙂 and yeah, it's crazy isn't it? Now I have another on the way and he's potty training!

    @Danielle-Marie: Haha, I figured it'd be nice to get him trained before the baby arrives. That way I can focus 100% on training him the concepts of potty training. Even if he regresses when the baby comes (as I've heard most kids do), he'll be easy to train again. Nolan's been ready for a while, he always holds his diaper when he pees and tells us when he needs a bum change. 🙂 No worries, each kid is different! And thanks! Good luck to you as well!

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