Appointments & Bloodwork

I had my first prenatal check up this morning. I dropped Nolan off at a sitter’s because I wasn’t sure how long it would take and I knew he wouldn’t appreciate waiting.

My appointment was pretty uneventful, aside from getting to hear the heartbeat. Honestly, I forgot how incredible that feels. I’m pretty sure my face lit up like a kid on Christmas haha. I had to go get bloodwork done, the basic pregnancy stuff that nobody had ordered for me yet. That’s the joy of not having a family doctor I guess.

My next OB appointment with Dr. W is May 10th, he’s going to call Mount Sinai and see what they say. If they think I’m “high risk” enough, I might have to go all the way to Toronto to deliver again. Fingers crossed that I can stay in town, Dr. W is a great doctor (he delivered my nephew, and my SIL had a lot of complications during her c-section).

My next ultrasound is May 27th, I’ll be 19 weeks and I’ll finally get to find out the sex! Yes, I say finally, because I wanted to know even before I got pregnant 😉

In the mean time, I’m going to be super busy. I think I’m done watching the girls. Their mom has exams this week and then goes into a new schedule, and I’m pretty sure she’s found someone else to watch them because I told her I could only work until April 22nd. Since we’re moving across town, I can’t keep the job and I wanted to leave a week to pack and get ready for the move. Despite not having the girls, I’ll still be super busy. Packing, getting ready for Nolan’s birthday, getting ready to go down south for Nolan’s birthday….ah the list is endless. Plus I still want to try and get out of the house a few times a week.

Speaking of getting out of the house….tomorrow Nolan and I have a play date at the park, and I’m super excited – it’s supposed to be 15 degrees!!! I’ve been longing for a park date forever now, and I’m so excited that spring is FINALLY here and the snow is FINALLY melting and we can FINALLY go on park dates!

So yeah, here are some cute pictures from today!

 Just before we went grocery shopping!! ❤
 Snuggling with Mama, watching TV before dinner (that Daddy cooked!)
 Note the poor little bump on his head 😦 he hit it off the coffee table.
Getting better drinking out of the cup. 🙂
So today was great ❤
P.S. Nothing’s on so I’m stuck watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager – WHAT THE HELL. They couldn’t find one single good actor? Even actor’s I’ve enjoyed in other shows seriously suck in this one. I hate this show. Honestly, if any show on TV promotes sex in teens and teen pregnancy – it’s this show. Not Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant. For reals. It’s all about sex and doing it and like 8 of the main characters either got knocked up or knocked someone up.

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3 Responses to Appointments & Bloodwork

  1. Look at what a good boy Nolan is drinking out of his big boy cup…and yet my son is still drinking from a bottle. God, I suck.

    Yay for seeing the OB and hearing baby's heart beat. I always loved that too.

    I think it's good timing that you won't be babysitting anymore. I know I really wanted to enjoy my last months as a mother of one to just Landon and myself. Gives you that much more time for Nolan and Mommy one on one time!

  2. 15 degrees!!!! OMG I wouldn't even walk outside lol. We are already planting for the garden and wearing shorts and tanks in our 80 degree weather. You sure are one tough momma :0) I hope you have a great day at the park. And as one of your veiwers I'm totally stoked about you finding out the sex of your new little Joy. Never get tired of suprises lol!

  3. look at his cuddly little limbs! and the big boy cup! squeeeee! he's basically going to be a teenager by the time i see him this summer 😦 !

    i hope you don't have to deliver all the way in toronto?! although toronto is pretty close. close enough for me to hop on a bus and come see your hoo-haw getting destroyed by a real life human.

    god, i don't know why these things come out of my mouth?!

    basically i love you.

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