He’s a treat!

Sunday was pretty awesome, a lot better than Saturday. Saturday I was an emotional mess, but Sunday was good to me! My hormones backed off and it was also my little nephew’s 1st birthday party! We had a lazy morning at home, and I took this super cute video of Nolan. Excuse my annoying voice, it’s annoying:

DUCKY part 1 from jessi on Vimeo.

I tried to put Nolan down for an early nap, because A’s party started at noon, but he didn’t really sleep. He maybe got 45 minutes of rest (while the rest of the time he spent playing in his crib). Still, it was better than nothing and allowed Matt and I a chance to clean.

We headed over just after noon. I wore a shirt that totally revealed my FAR OUT THERE belly button…jeeze, the thing is like an awkward boner or something. It’s embarrassing lol – I didn’t want anybody to look at it but didn’t realize it was so noticeable until we got there. So basically? I kept my hands over my belly button until all of Nat’s family left. Haha.

Nolan was super good, he ate tons of fruit salad, then stole chips off of everyone’s plate, and enjoyed a cupcake. He even helped his cousin A open presents! So cute. I don’t have a camera anymore (just my BlackBerry) so I didn’t get a lot of pictures of A’s birthday: just a few, and I don’t want to post A’s pictures because – again – I’m not sure how Nat feels about it. But here is Nolan enjoying treats at A’s birthday party!!

The boys had fun playing together, and after everyone left Nolan and I stayed longer because LL was showing the apartment. Matt had already gone to work for 2pm (after staying for cake and presents), so it was just Nat, my FIL, and the boys. FIL and A both went down for a nap and Nolan played with all A’s new toys. At one point, Nat and I looked up to see Nolan on the table with scissors, opening and closing them with a crazy happy – rather insane – look on his face. Cue the heart attack! Luckily, we got the scissors off him before anyone got hurt, but holy cow my child searches out for the most dangerous things to “play” with!

We decided to have a steak dinner, since I mentioned I would kill for a steak (but only if marinated in Nat’s special marinate!) and sort of put the steak craving in everyone else’s ear haha. Matt came back as soon as he showered after work, and brought Nolan some spaghetti. But that didn’t stop Nolan from eating off everyone’s plate! He enjoyed the potatoes and veggies, and refused to try the steak. Silly boy doesn’t know what he’s missing!

It was great hanging out with family all day, and Nat. I needed the chats, and the change of scenery! Nat even gave me a bunch of maternity clothes, so now I have more things to wear instead of just two pairs of pants (one being sweat pants that have chocolate stains on the butt).

I’m excited because there are only 11 days left until we travel down south to see family, 12 days left until my little man is TWO YEARS OLD, and 13 more days until the Easter bunny comes. I’m totally excited for those things! Last year, we didn’t do anything special for Easter, but now Nolan is old enough that he’ll enjoy it so I’m excited for him to go on his first ever Easter egg hunt! I’m also excited to see my family, and to celebrate the birth of my beautiful baby boy with them!

After that, there’s only 20 more days left until moving day! I can’t wait. I need to start getting boxes and packing up our room. Matt and I have tons of clothes that we don’t wear often (him because they’re ratty as hell but he won’t get rid of them and me because I don’t fit in them anymore), so I’ll start there. I just need to make some kind of attempt at starting the packing! I don’t want to leave it to the last minute, no thank you!

Also: I am officially 13 weeks and I love it! I love that I’m past the 12 week mark, and that I only have five more weeks of waiting to find out what baby is. Matt’s family is saying BOY BOY BOY, but I’m still feeling girl. Last time, with Nolan, everyone kept saying GIRL and I kept feeling boy so we’ll see! I really hope I’m right, mostly because I don’t like being wrong (and because boy names are SO DAMN HARD and Matt and I can’t agree on even one of them!). This means there are only 27 more weeks until baby is here!!! I’m super excited. The past 13 weeks have flown by and I sort of hope the rest of the pregnancy does too. I love being pregnant (but not so much the puking part), don’t get me wrong…but I love holding my babies and watching them grow outside me even more hehe ❤

So yes, Happy Monday all!


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to He’s a treat!

  1. LOL you're so hard on yourself, your voice is not annoying. DUCKY! Sooo cute. I love how many words Landon is figuring out lately.

    Speaking of scissors…yeah…Landon is now tall enough that he can get into the silverware drawer and I also discovered him walking around with friggen scissors the other day. Time to childproof the top drawers too! They should stay short until they know better in my opinion haha.

    Ahh it's too bad you live so far away…I'm done with ALL of my maternity clothes and I'd happily give them to you. I have SO many it's ridiculous. For summer and winter since I have spent both halves of the year pregnant between Landon and Hannah.

    This month is so exciting! Easter and birthdays and family get togethers! And in your case MOVING! Hey, just so you know Shoppers Drug Mart usually has pretty good boxes they can give you.

    Welcome to your second tri! Is time flying for you? I know it flew for me the second time around. P.S. Don't find out the sex 😉

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle Marie: One of these days when I'm visiting family down south, we NEED to get together, perhaps for some Thomasos?! Haha. And yes, this month is super exciting! Thanks for the tip, I'll check out Shoppers for sure! Time is definitely flying by, and that's a great thing lol. I have to find out, I can't wait and Matt is finding out regardless: he can't keep secrets at all, so either way I'd end up finding out.

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