Check Up

I was pretty nervous about today. Nolan had a pediatric appointment and last time we went we sort of got into trouble because he had lost weight. Also: I had T. I’ve never taken two kids to a doctors appointment before, so I was incredibly nervous. Of course, it’s good practice.

Turns out I had no reason to be nervous! T was a peach, and so was Nolan. They held hands and played quietly together while we waited. Dr. C was pleased to see that Nolan’s weight is back up (he is now 20 pounds again, he had dropped down to 18 for the last appointment). She asked about his development and told me he’s doing wonderful, that I’m doing wonderful. It’s nice to hear that…sometimes we forget. She checked out his skin and gave me a list of ointments and creams I can try for his eczema. We’ll be buying them tonight. She also told me to pick up some Miralax to give him twice a day, to help soften his stoles. We’re hoping he’ll eat more once we sort out the trouble pooping issue he has.

After Nolan’s check up, I decided to take both kids to the other side of town, to the McDonalds with a play place. It was a lot of fun, Nolan loved it! Even if his pants kept falling off haha. (Please note: those photos were taken with my blackberry, so the quality sucks. Don’t worry, a better camera is on my wishlist…)

I wanted to help T climb to the higher slide, but jeebus those places are not meant for anyone over 4 feet tall. Plus I am not as flexible as I was once. Still, it was a fun activity and we had a blast.

Nolan is napping right now, and T is playing quietly in the livingroom. We just finished watching Enchanted, and now we’re waiting for Nolan to wake up so we can all go outside and play! It’s so beautiful out today, I can’t wait to get out and enjoy some sunshine.

After the girls get picked up, Matt and I are going to the mall with Nolan. We need to pick up one more present for him and grab the ointments/creams and Miralax. Plus I need more dish soap, sponges, and toilet bowl cleaner. Oh and Febreeze….T had some really stinky farts (and a really stinky poop) so I Febreezed the hell out of my apartment. We also might go out for dinner. Haha, McFarts are lethal.

I am excited for tomorrow: we get to see our little plum! And it’s pay day…can’t go wrong with pay day!

Also: you’ll notice I have a new header and button! JD made them for me, aren’t they swell!? It’s totally awesome having such a talented header making friend 😛


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6 Responses to Check Up

  1. ALittleBite says:

    So glad everything's going well! I like the new header (and background? I usually read through Google Reader so I'm not sure if that's new, oops)

  2. ALittleBite says:

    Also, I forgot to mention, sometimes I have trouble getting my comments through… I don't know if it's blogger or that my computer doesn't like me to leave comments, ugh!

  3. sounds like a mighty fun day, miss!

    and i'm loving the new header- those big blue eyes kill me!

  4. Chibi says:

    Not sure if you have on close by, but Lush makes a product called Dream Cream that was the only thing that worked on my (then baby) nephew. If you explain at a Lush store, you'll very likely be able to get a sample to try – they're VERY customer friendly. It's a little expensive, but a little dab'll do ya, so it lasts forever. 🙂

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @ALittleBite: Hehe thanks! ANd yeah, the background is new too 😀 …also, that's just Blogger unfortunately.

    @Elle: It really was!

    @Chibi: I've never heard of Lush, might not be in Ontario?

  6. Ugh, I wrote a long comment and it didn't work 😦

    I hope Nolan's eczema is less stubborn than Landon's. My poor monkey has such terrible skin. He just saw the doc for it on Tuesday and I'm hoping it's gonna finally clear up.

    Landon stayed 25lbs for like 6 months after he began walking. I think it's pretty normal for them to lose a pound or two once they start running around.

    Glad you had a good doc appointment with both kids. Once I had to take both my kids for needles at the same time. Hell. On. Earth.

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