Crashing and Burning

I’ve been on this crazy cleaning spurt since 4pm. I’ve cleaned every room nearly, save for the bedrooms. I swept, vacuumed and moped the living room, wiped down all the surfaces and even washed the damn window. I cleaned the kitchen, including the damn fridge – I finally threw out all the old food that I’ve been begging Matt to throw out because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Then I scrubbed the fridge! The bathrooms been cleaned and I’ve folded like 4 baskets of laundry. And I’ve had a shower. Holy shit. I’m now sitting on the couch completely done. I still have one more basket to fold, but maybe I could talk Matt into it, since I did clean out the fridge like I’ve been asking him to do for the past 3 weeks.

Right now Matt’s at the grocery store, picking up groceries for us. Including Mini Wheats! Which I am so excited to eat as soon as he gets in. Seriously, I want. Like, NOW. I’m probably craving wheat and fiber because I’ve been so damn constipated the past few days, it’s nasty uncomfortable! Welcome to the 11th week of pregnancy I guess?

Speaking of which…here is the belly this week. Sorry for the crappy angle, taking pictures by yourself is sort of difficult!

Note the sugar spot on my belly, thanks to Nolan’s donut hands (Daddy brought him a treat home). Yes, I know, there is mess in the background – I took this picture before my cleaning spree.

According to Baby Gaga (which I’ve been using too because I think it’s cute haha), baby is now the size of a plum and it’s favourite game is exploring it’s face (especially it’s mouth) with it’s hands! Interesting developments for this week include: her/his newly acquired swallowing skill, and the beginning of a sense of smell.

I can just picture little Bean in there, playing around with his/her face and making cute swallowing attempts!

In other news, Nolan finally tried on the adorable shirt Elle bought him! It’s a little big, but he’ll grow into it (in about 6 years!).

Elle also bought adorable baby shoes for Bean! She spoils us all! I can’t wait to go visit her and motorboot my appreciation! Snort.

I meant to blog about the weekend, but I forgot/was busy/too bummed. Yep, it was one of those weekends – especially Sunday. Saturday was actually really fun, Matt and I went out for breakfast with Nolan and then we went to a local furniture store and all but picked out the couch we’re going to buy. We decided against a sectional for the time being, but the couch we’ll be buying by June is so damn nice I love it! I can’t wait to lay on it all day long haha!

Sunday though? Sunday sucked. I was an emotional, crying mess for no particular reason or another. I got super bummed when Matt had to go into work and our mall plans were canceled, I dissolved into a fit of tears when Matt said “why don’t you just go alone? With Nolan?”. I’m sort of over doing things “alone”. I know I have Nolan with me and he’s great company for the most part, but he can’t really carry a conversation yet haha.

I called my sisters and had a cry fest with them, then decided to head out to Walmart for some retail therapy. I bought myself a gray cardigan and a white t-shirt, and this purse:

I love my new purse! It’s not entirely “functional” but it’ll make a great out and about purse, and a great date night purse 😛
Matt and I are supposed to go out on a date tomorrow night, if Nat and D can watch Nolan for us. I’m hoping, because I’ve been dying for a night out. We’ll see…fingers are crossed! 
Anyway, Matt’s home now from the store and I need to help him put groceries away.

I suddenly have a craving for steak with ranch dressing.

Edit to add: Matt’s going BACK out to get me a steak! OMG. I’m so spoiled lmao. 


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4 Responses to Crashing and Burning

  1. Holly says:

    I did a major clean like that of my house on Saturday and you can't tell today. Sometimes I just want to MOVE OUT and leave the mess to MM and the kids.

    Your baby bump is cute!

    And thanks, because now I'm craving steak and ranch dressing, too.

  2. A major cleaning spree while preggo? Geesh… you make me look lazy! And how cute is that purse? I love it. Hope you enjoy the steak and mini wheats… love both of them.

  3. as if he went BACK out to get you a steak! if that's not love, i don't know what is!

    hahaha, wow i can't believe how huge that t-shirt is. at least he'll grow into it and be the coolest kid in school!

    and look at that belly… soooo exciting 🙂

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Holly: Ya, you can't tell I did a major cleaning either. Sigh. And thanks! Sorry about making you crave stuff haha!

    @Alicia: Haha trust me they are far and few in between! And thank you 🙂

    @Elle: I know right?! I'm so spoiled it's ridic. I can't wait to get a LITTLE bigger, just big enough so that people have NO DOUBT I'm preggers lol

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