Because chocolate doesn’t compare to being in his arms…

Matt ditched me to hang out with the guys and partake in a hot wing competition. He brought me home more chocolate though, so I suppose that SORTA makes it okay… but I’ve texted him saying “I miss you…chocolate doesn’t compare to being in your arms“. — yeah, I’m lame?

I’m okay with it – I am – I’m just super bored. Sketch is absolutely no fun, well actually she’s kinda fun. I’m throwing chocolate wrappers at her and she’s attacking them and it’s kind of cute and amusing. But I’m still bored. Hopefully the season finale of JERSEY SHORE BITCH will keep me entertained.

I’ve been thinking a lot about names lately. We already have our girl names picked out, but I’m honestly having such a hard time finding something I’m in love with for a boy. It’s really hard. I want something unique yet not so “omfg what the hell was she thinking naming her kid that!” For example: the kid won’t be called Rockefeller (which is apparently a name, according to Boys names are harder, for sure.

I’m stilling hoping thinking it’s a girl, but we’ll see. I’m wondering if my “feelings” are girl because I want one? Who knows. Either way I’d be stoked – promise – I just know this is our “last” baby and it’d be nice to have one of each so I’m not so OMG I WANT ANOTHER JUST ONE MORE TO GET A GIRL MAYBE PLEASE MATT! in like a year. Because I would be. (Which is probably why Matt’s all but booked his chopping block appointment haha).

AND I promised some pictures, so here they are:

Playing pretend!!! Seconds earlier the elephant was “sliding” down the barn LOL!
Playing outside while waiting for J’s bus! Nolan LOVED the nice weather, and played in the remaining (dirty) snow.
Nolan likes to dump his milk on flat surfaces, then he likes to lick it up like a puppy OR use that toy spoon haha.

Nolan’s had a strange food day. He had toast for breakfast, wouldn’t touch his yogurt snack, then refused his ravioli lunch except for a piece of bread. When he woke up, he didn’t want a snack except for a couple crackers. Dinner time was the same deal: he refused to eat even his mashed potatoes, which he loves normally! I took his plate/trey away, washed him up then brought him out to the livingroom for a half hour before bringing him back to offer him dinner again. He refused it. Didn’t want anything to do with any of the food I offered. It wasn’t until just before bed when I brought out cheerios did he eat…but still, toast, crackers and cheerios?! REALLY?! What the heck?!

Nolan isn’t exactly an easy eater, but he’s normally not that bad, he’ll at least eat half of his meals, and he never refuses ravioli! When he woke up from his nap, his cheeks were a little red and remained so for the majority of the day so I’m thinking it’s teething related…but who knows? Kids are MESSED UP. I wish Nolan was an easier eater. I’m constantly worried he’s not getting enough to eat 😦 he has breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, a nap, an afternoon snack, and dinner. But sometimes, he skips a meal, and no matter what I do I can’t coax him to eat.

Food battles. We has them.

Anywho: I’m excited that tomorrow is Friday. I only “work” until 10:30am, and I can’t wait to take a gloriously beautiful nap when Nolan does and just veg out! I’m so exhausted from this week I could sleep for a thousand years!! T was difficult today too, although we had no potty incidents. She was picky with food (told me she wanted ravioli, then told me it was “yucky” and that she didn’t want it), she was mean to Nolan and pushed him on several occasions. She was demanding and mean to me. Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I know it probably has a lot to do with the fact that we couldn’t make brownies (go figure the eggs would have expired!), but we did play outside so I don’t get it.

But ya. Thus concludes random late night rant/verbal barf of words?


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8 Responses to Because chocolate doesn’t compare to being in his arms…

  1. Jessa says:

    I kind of like Rockefeller and I'm not big on 'trendy' picks at all. Nolan is such a great name that I can imagine it would be hard to find another boys name.

  2. Lukasmummy says:

    I think he sounds like a great eater I would have given my right arm for Lukas to eat that well when he was little. He pretty much lived on yoghurt, fruit and cereal until he was at least 4. Logan won't eat anything smooth but he will hoover up pretty much everything else if he feels like it and if he doesn't he won't eat anything at all. Just out of curiosity has he seen the morning sickness at work, I only ask because I remember my nephew seeing his mum being sick when she was pregnant and refusing to eat anything he had seen her eat since he thought he would get sick. Kids are strange lol. Hugs Crystal xx

  3. As long as he's staying hydrated and eating “something” there's no real need for worry. Toddler tummies are small, and they'll eat when they're hungry. Just keep offering.

    As for names, I'll offer up my favorite for a boy: Grayson! I wanted to use it for my son, but hubby vetoed it due to the fact that I wanted to use HIS first name as the middle name – go figure! I still love the name, but I do like the one we settled on – Micah, which is maybe another you could consider?

  4. Maybe you and Matt could compromise if you have another boy. Get an IUD. Vasectomies really are SO permanent and if you're not ready for that permanence maybe it shouldn't happen. I know that tug you feel in your heart when you want another baby…probably something only a woman could understand. And I'm thinking if you had a boy, Matt would end up changing his mind about only 2 kids a few years down the road. With that said, I still say it's a girl!

    We were so not prepared for Hannah to be a girl. We had no girl names picked out! You're definitely going the smart root picking out names for each sex. Might I suggest a baby naming book? I used one. It has the meaning and origin of your babies name and it includes unique names that aren't completely OUT THERE (like Rockefeller hahaha).

    Landon is also a picky eater. If this makes you feel any better, today at Hannah's doctor's appointment I asked the doc about Landon's recent pickiness. He was never a big eater, but he used to at least try a bite of everything. Dr. Reynold's said that Landon is now old enough for the Flintstones vitamins and suggested I crush up the vitamin and put it in his yogurt or something. Maybe you could do that with Nolan and you won't feel so worried. Doc also said that it's very normal at this stage of the game. Toddlers are stubborn (I know this all too well!)

    The other thing I wanted to mention is a trick I learned for determining whether expired eggs were actually bad (a chicken farmer told me this trick). Fill a bowl with water, place the egg in the bowl. If the egg floats, it is bad. The gases produced in a bad egg cause it to float. Just an odd fact I thought I'd share.

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Jessa: REALLY?! lol I just think it's…odd? Idk, personal preference I guess lol. I didn't mean to offend you (if I did)!

    @Lukasmommy: He's better than most, that's for sure! And that's possible although I didn't think he was drawing that conclusion lol.

    @Donna: that is nice name! Matt says “it's alright” so we'll see haha! I make sure Nolan gets LOTS of fluid when he has days like that, so I wasn't too worried, but it always calms us to see them eating something haha!

    @Danielle-Marie: I'm trying to get him to hold off for at LEAST five years, just to be sure. We're so young now, that who knows how he'd feel in a few years right!? Hopefully he smartens up in that aspect lol. I won't be testing out that rotten egg theory – I can barely stand regular eggs haha. I need to get a baby name book, for sure!!!

  6. Oh man, I'm sorry about the picky eating! Ari is like that every day! LOL! That's awesome that you have girl names picked out. I also had trouble thinking of boy names, we finally had one in the end. My invisible boy baby would have been Micah. But I'm glad I have girl! I totally think you're having a girl, as I've said a millions times. I'll be really surprised if it's a boy! But yay baby nonetheless!

    On the chocolate note, I feel you. When Wil brings me cookies it's not the same as being held by him.

  7. That was supposed to be “a million times” not a “millions times.” LOL.

  8. jessi ♥ says:

    @Old School/New School Mom: LOL! We'll see 🙂 and how do you get him to eat?! PLEASE? You must be a master in this lol!

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