Day Off!!!!

I needed today, especially after Tuesday’s fiasco’s. Matt let me sleep in, then he made me breakfast. Scrambled eggs, toast, and hashbrowns. And it stayed down! Probably because today, I refused to puke. And I slept more too.

After our nap, I cleaned the kitchen while Nolan watched some TV. Then Matt came home from school and we decided to go to Canadian Tire and the grocery store. Matt couldn’t find the parts for his truck exhaust, so we just got some oil and wiper fluid, then hit up the little Tim Hortons. Nolan picked out some timbits and gobbled them up, he was super stoked.

When we were at the grocery store check out, Nat called me and wanted to know if we wanted to hang out. So I dropped Matt and the groceries off, and then headed over. Matt came over after he unloaded the groceries and showered, for dinner. Then he had to jet off to work.

It was fun hanging out with Nat and Darren, watching the boys play together is always hilarious. Nolan figured out how to climb in the ottoman toy storage thing they have, and all he wanted to do was stay in it!

It was a good evening! When bedtime rolled around, Nolan and I headed home. After putting him to bed, I got to wash more dishes and attempt to catch up on laundry. Two baskets folded thus far! Another several loads to do. Sigh. Does it ever end?!

I have the girls tomorrow. I’m making Matt pick up some brownie mix (Mississippi Mud brownies! NOM) to bake with T. I’m hoping the activity will keep her from peeing on my couch again. I’ll be on her like a hawk, she’s gonna sit on that toilet whether she has to pee or not every hour. Other than brownie making, we’ll be playing outside as we wait for J at her bus.

I am so glad that spring is around the corner! It’s not here yet, not even close! We had about a week of “spring-like” weather, and then BAM snow storm. But I’m not worried, because I know this is the tail end of winter.

Speaking of spring…Nolan turned 23 months old today. This is his last month being one. I’m so emotional over it! Anyway, here are some of the new things Nolan is doing:

♥ he helps get dressed.
♥ he grabs his potty seat and puts it on the toilet.
♥ he claps and says “I DID IT!” after doing something.
♥ he uses his fingers to count to three.
♥ he knows what all of his toys are called (barn, vacuum, ball, trucks, cars, etc), he goes and gets them when we ask him.
♥ he puts his own boots on and takes them off too.
♥ he helps us get his bath ready (puts his toys in, etc).
♥ he climbs the stool and turns on the sink taps in the bathroom, and helps me brush his teeth.
♥ he loves playing hide and seek.
…and a million other little things that I can’t think of right now because I’m side-tracked by Hoarders. 
But basically, he’s awesome!!! Of course, y’all knew that!

P.S. You’ll notice the new (gorgeous!) header that JD (Dramatic Mama) made me! Isn’t it amazing?? I love it! Bean is even featured hehe ❤ It's perfect! Thanks JD!

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5 Responses to Day Off!!!!

  1. Jessa says:

    I can't believe your little boy is going to turn 2! That means I've been reading your blog a long time. LOL And no, laundry never ends. NEVER! I've been the only one home since Monday; I've done about 8 loads of laundry.

  2. Ahh, your laundry mention in here reminded me to switch mine over. I HATE this time of use crap. Anyways, thank you for the reminder!

    How sweet of Matt to make you breakfast. I wish! Ryan's more of a “I'll go buy you McDonald's breakfast” type of guy.

    Nolan is such a good boy! I know how you feel, this is Landon's last month as a one year old too. Pass on the tissues!

  3. Sarah says:

    Did you ever talk to T's mom about it? I don't remember if you blogged about that or not.

    Yay for somewhat getting caught up on laundry and everything.

    Hopefully everything you have planned tomorrow helps T not pee anywhere other than the toilet.

  4. Yay for Tim Hortons and days off! Glad you had such a good day.

    Also, Nolan has a vacuum toy??? Way to start 'em off early 😉

  5. jessi ♥ says:

    @Jessa: haha I know right?! And damnit. I had hopes it would one day…it still could…if I got a maid.

    @Danielle-Marie: Glad I could offer some reminder haha! I'm very lucky that Matt ADORES cooking. Seriously, he makes the yummiest everything. He is by far the better cook, and the healthier cook. I disguise cheese over anything I make so Nolan will eat it LOL.

    @Sarah: I just blogged about it again for you haha. “Guess Again!!” – it'll be up in like 5 minutes 😛 I hope you're right, hopefully the brownies keep her from peeing on my couch haha.

    @Petunia Paradise: Thanks love!!! And yeah, he does 😀 he takes it out whenever we vacuum 😛

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