I am so glad today is over, for reals. It was not a good day.

Matt stayed in with Nolan while I walked J and T to J’s bus stop. Not even five minutes after we got there, T told me she has to pee REALLY BAD AND CAN’T HOLD IT. She told me she’d pee her pants. Luckily, J’s bus showed up then and there. So I rushed back to the house with T in hand, set her up on the toilet and went into the hall to give her some privacy – like I always do. She called me a moment later, I went in and helped her wipe/wash her hands, then we left the bathroom. She went into the living room to play and I went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Matt used the bathroom after us and came out to talk to me. Apparently, T missed the toilet entirely. I hadn’t noticed, because I was too exhausted. I went into the living room to talk to T, and she lied…told me it wasn’t her. I gave her a (gentle) lecture about fibbing, and how we don’t do it because it isn’t nice. I told her next time she had an accident on the toilet, to tell me so I could help her clean it up.

Moving on. Every hour, I asked T if she had to pee. She kept telling me no. She’s usually pretty good about it, so I trusted her and got up to make the kids lunch (Kraft Dinner). After it was ready, I called the kids in. We ate lunch, then I put Nolan down for his nap while T waited for me into the living room. When I came out, I noticed she was sitting on the floor. Weird. I put on the movie, sit down on the futon and then noticed the HUGE pee stains on the couch.

What. The. Hell.

Calmly (like, scary calm), I asked T what the stains on the couch where. “I don’t know! It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it!” I explained to her that she was the only one who could have possibly done it, since Nolan has a diaper on and I’m pretty damn sure that I didn’t pee on the couch. Finally, she fessed up and told me it happened when I was making lunch. I gave her yet another lecture on fibbing, told her if it happened again she would loose movie-time privileges. Then I asked her why she didn’t go to the bathroom all the times I asked her if she had to. “I don’t know!” was her response.

I’m not going to lie: it was incredibly frustrating. T has never had an incident like that here, let alone too. She’s usually very good about the whole potty business – tells me when she has to go, climbs up herself, wipes etc. She’s all but trained. So I have no idea why she suddenly decided that not cooperating and peeing on my couch was a good idea.

She didn’t have a change of close, so I put her in one of my baggy sleep shirts and washed her clothes. Then I scrubbed the hell out of the couch using vinegar and water. It seems to have worked, but I can’t shake the smell of pee out of my nose…..I’m not sure if it’s just there because I know it happened, or if it’s there there. Bah.

Speaking of toilet training and all that…I’m trying to start Nolan. He gets scared when I put him on the toilet, and has never peed. I once tried to put him on it when he was in the middle of a poop, but he just stopped and refused to go lol. Damn. I have no idea what I’m doing!! I’m also going to have to buy another potty seat. The one I have is supposed to be for boys, but the pee guard doesn’t do the job, considering it’s down instead of above the seat. I just feel like I’m behind on the times, since I know a little boy who is a month younger and already doing great at potty training. I don’t want to rush him, I just want him to do it a few times a day, you know? Any suggestions for how I can get the potty training ball rolling?

Also: cute pictures of Nolan, just because he’s awesome ā¤


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5 Responses to Unwinding…

  1. dramaticmama says:

    I have no clue, but I will need to know how to do this potty training thing when D gets older. lol.

    I don't know how you handled that so calmly. Honestly. I guess because she isn't your kid, even still…peeing on the couch? AND floor? Really? What did you say to her mom?

  2. Natasha says:

    Noah didn't start training til 2 1/2. mostly because he wasn't ready & terrified of the idea. However, at 17 months, Savannah is already taking an interest. I guess each kid has its own pace.

    When training Noah, I used a timer. I started out at 30 min & would tell him he had to “try”. If he went, he got a reward of his choice. (we have a treat box with candy/small toys/stickers from the dollarstore) We also danced & clapped & made a huge deal. Then i slowly increased the time on the timer when he got better. There were many accidents, but it worked eventually. It takes a lot of patience. (I'm sure there are many different techniques, but that's what worked for us).

  3. Sorry your day wasn't so good yesterday. I'm having one of those days today. I am curious to know what you said to T's mom and what T's mom had to say about T's behaviour as well.

    If it makes you feel any better, I haven't begun potty training with Landon yet. He's just not ready. Until he can say to me “mommy, I have to go” I'm not going to bother. I figure we'll start around 2 and a half since that's what my doctor recommended. Unless of course he shows signs of readiness earlier. Than I'm game to begin!

  4. @dramaticmama (jd): There will come a time, when your kid/charge does something SO RIDICULOUS that an eerie calm takes over you. I think I sounded like a robot lol! I told her we had a few accidents, told her what happened, that we had a chat. Mostly about lying, because T was lying about the accidents. Both of us asked T why she was suddenly having accidents, she said “I don't know!”

    @Natasha: Good idea! I'm not going to try SO actively because he isn't interested so much. I mean, he brings out his potty seat and puts it on the toilet, but if I ask him to get on it he flips lol. Looks like we'll be waiting!

    @Danielle-Marie: Ah, I hope your day improves love! I basically just told T's mom we had a few accidents, and we had a chat about them but I was most disappointed with T's fibbing. She asked T why she had the accidents (since she's normally SO good) and T said that she didn't know. I guess she's gonna find out at home. And yeah, we'll probably end up ACTIVELY training at 2 and a half too, it's just…Nolan will have a newborn sibling :/

  5. Britt says:

    Yikes! What a gross day. I know how frustrating it is, my 3 year old daycare boy peed all over a kitchen chair/the floor once (although couch is way worse!). Suckage. Maybe you or her mom could ask T if anything is bugging her, at school (or wherever else she spends a lot of time). I've read that something really upsetting can cause a child to regress (with potty training, talking, thumb sucking, etc.) Or it could be randomish lol, but hey, can't hurt to ask if something's bugging her, right.

    As for potty training, I only have like a smidgen of extra experience to add to yours since Serena is younger. You know there are tons of different theories/techniques, and you gotta read up and pick your own, which is HARD! But, here's what I'm doing, and it's working great for Serena. First of all, I got her her own potty chair (which also doubles as a child's step stool for the sink when the lid is closed), $15 at Walmart! Score! I've heard that kids are sometimes scared of sitting on the “big” toilet early on, like Nolan. That's why I opted for the potty chair. She LOVES it! Every time I go pee, she “goes pee with me”. By that I mean, she runs into the bathroom, waits for me to take her diaper off and pull pants down, then sits on her potty while I pee. I tell her I'm going pee and make a swish sound, so she knows what the word pee means, lol. Hard to explain. She hasn't actually gone on the potty yet, but it's early days of course (18 months). I'm just stoked that she's so comfy with the potty and learning what the words MEAN. It's a hassle for sure, but worth it to me, to set up this early exposure!

    So that's my ramblings. Bottom line, don't fret… everyone says don't compare your kid to another, and it's freakin HARD, I know. Lots of other 18 month olds are talking, while Serena doesn't, and even though I KNOW it's just around the corner, I get panicky sometimes. But you never see a first grader wearing a diaper, and that's the best potty advice I've heard. They'll learn when they're ready. šŸ™‚

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