Is it bad that I’m ALREADY thinking about designing the nursery?

Not in depth, of course, but I found this super adorable vinyl wall decal on Etsy

I can totally see doing a owl/forest themed bedroom for the little one. I love owls, always have! I especially think it’d be super cute in a girls room! Actually, I’m mostly leaning towards the owl/forest themed bedroom if it’s a girl. If it’s a boy, I’ll find something more “boy-ish”.

I’m not sure if I want to wait until we’re 25 weeks to find out the sex (in a 3d ultrasound), or find out at 18 weeks (at the regular 18 week ultrasound). I’m eager to know, so even if I wanted to wait until 25 weeks, I’d probably give in during the 18 week ultrasound and demand to know! I’m funny that way?

Just 8 more weeks until we could find out, if baby allows it (I’ve been telling Bean to allow it so that I can start spoiling her/him super early! Hopefully she/he listens!).

I’m already finding myself wearing my gray sweat pants more and more, and jeans less and less. They are just so damn uncomfortable! I can’t even do the majority of my pants up. I’m thinking about going back to Zellers and buying another pair of sweat pants, since I’ve already worn these for the past 3 days and that’s pretty dirty! Maybe I’ll buy a black pair?! Switch it up a bit?! Also, I need to get my hands on some nice maternity pants. OR one of them band thingies that’ll let me where my regular jeans comfortably.

I have the girls (well, T anyway) until 2pm. I was going to go to coffee group but lets be real here…I’m way to pukey for morning activities. Sniff. This nausea better be going away soon! I wanna get back in the swing of things, and off the couch. I feel so guilty, especially when I am watching T and completely unable to do anything fun because my head is too busy hoovering over the toilet bowl.


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5 Responses to Is it bad that I’m ALREADY thinking about designing the nursery?

  1. Crystal says:

    Two words: yoga pants.

    Comfiest pants EVER, and sooooo much nicer looking than sweats 🙂

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    @Crystal: YOGA PANTS!
    Yes, yes yes yes. Where do I get me some?!
    (I don't do yoga haha)

  3. YES. Crystal is RIGHT. And whats best about them is that you can wear them post baby too. Well. Depending on if they stretch too much haha. But mine were so comfortable to wear after my c-sections…I'm assuming you're having another one too?

    I love the bedroom design. It's very you. Hehe.

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Danielle-Marie: I'll have to buy some! And yes, I'm likely having another c-section! Lol, aren't baby rooms supposed to be very baby-ish!

  5. Jessa says:

    Owls and trees rock! That would be an awesome theme boy or girl!

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