All But Ours…

That’s the townhouse we went to see today. It’s an end unit. At first, Matt wasn’t impressed. The place could use a good power spray wash on the outside – apparently it was egged a while ago, and the tenants at the time didn’t bother to wash away the yuckies. Plus there appears to be a “pathway” through the backyard, and to the left is a school. Somewhat near it is the garbage containers for the complex (ewww!). BUT, when we went in…all of our doubts and skepticism faded.
When you first walk in, to the left is a huge front hall closet. And I mean huge, bigger than our bedroom closet. To the right is a door to the garage which is big enough for Matt’s truck to park and to still have room for storage. Then there is the 2 piece bathroom, which is also huge. If we wanted to, the cat box could fit easily in it! Beside that on the left is the stairs leading to the basement and the stairs leading upstairs. Directly behind that is the living room area – it’s spacious and bright! The kitchen is a little tiny (well, compared to our current kitchen anyway), but there is a dinning room big enough to fit our table and a pantry if we need one. The kitchen is gray, and dated, but that’s ok! It’s so bright on the main floor, it’s ridiculous! 
Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a linen closet. I love linen closets (and front hall closets!!). The master bedroom is huge, like literally the size of our current living room! And guess what ladies…there is a huge walk in closet!!! Like, 2x bigger than our current bathroom!!! Shit eh?! Attached to the master bedroom is a bathroom!! It’s also huge! Both the other bedrooms are the same size and larger than Nolan’s current bedroom, and oh so bright with huge closets!!! So impressed. The main floor and upstairs have brand new, clean carpets (which I will still ask them to clean before we move in…picky like that). 
Down in the basement is the huge rec room, and I mean huge, and the 4th bedroom, which is also big! It’s going to be our playroom/office/guest room 🙂 There is a huge laundry room (like honestly, the size of my kitchen here nearly) that the cat box can easily fit in. Totally out of sight, out of mind!
The backyard is super tiny, with no fences to separate us from the neighbors…which I don’t exactly like. But the little porch is more than big enough to fit a BBQ, which was REALLY my only concern 😉 I love me some BBQ’d steak and potatoes!!
One of our concerns were “what will the neighbors be like?”. It is a large area of townhouses, so we just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an area for vandalism and other crimes. Since the townhouses do look a little rundown, we were worried. But it’s not, they only rent out to pre-approved people and no students (generally, haha, we’re the exception!). I guess they just don’t really care too much about making sure each townhouse has a fresh outdoor coat of paint and stuff. The inside was immaculate though! She told us this was the last unit they had available, even the 3 bedroom they tried to get us to rent before was gone, so we eagerly grabbed it up.
The rental company is drawing up the lease, and will be in contact with us very soon. I think I prefer renting through a rental company…we’ve already gone through the application process and been accepted, now all we’re waiting on is the manager to draw up our appropriate lease (May 1st, for a year). But the rental lady assured me we had no worries, it was ours. 🙂 
I’m super excited! I’m not even bummed out about the fact that they said they don’t really like if we paint. (They repainted the entire place a creamy yellowy-brown earth tone anyway, so it’s not terrible). The rental lady did wink and tell me that they don’t know and so long as we paint it back to a colour they approve when we leave, there will be no harm no foul 😉
The rental lady told us that after the lease was signed and everything, May 1st she would meet us at the place to give us the keys and do a quick move-in inspection, to make sure they know what they’re renting to us. Should any damage occur while we live there (unlikely, save for picture holes etc), they want to know.
May 1st can’t arrive sooner!! I’m so ridiculously excited 🙂 we’re going to have so much extra space, it’ll be sickening! Matt and I have already come up with a game plan, since we want to be completely moved in by May 2nd. I’ll head over to the house to meet the rental lady, do the walk through and then I’ll super clean before Matt and his friends/whoever is helping comes over with the furniture. We’re gonna set up all the furniture before we bring in all the boxes. I’ll have the bathrooms and kitchen spotless so that when the boxes do arrive I can start unpacking 🙂 Nolan will hopefully be spending the day with Auntie Nat so I don’t have to worry about him getting into trouble while we move. I totally plan on doing a video walk through before anything is in the place, and after everything is unpacked and set up the way I want 🙂 
SQUEE I’m so excited! Moving is awesome! Fresh beginnings, new house, new decor/design 😀 BAH! I love it. I’m not a fan so much of the actual packing and unpacking of our possessions, but hey…this new start will be fabulous and we’re going to LOVE all the space 😉 
Plus I will love having a hall closet, and a cleaner living room (since Nolan won’t be able to pull everything out of the deacons bench).

P.S. I will be back later with a baby bump post. Promise. I just forgot to have Matt take a picture and I’m not getting any good ones by myself 😦 lol.


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8 Responses to All But Ours…


    an entire four bedroom house! your little kiddos will have so much room to play and grow. i'm sure whatever you guys do, it'll look awesome. and the painting thing… you guys have good taste- it's not like youre gonna paint everything black and stuff- they'll probably end up liking it and not making you repaint anyway.

    wee! video walk-through. DO IT!

  2. jessi ♥ says:

    I know, I'm so stoked for this 4 bedroom wonder house! I'm probably not gonna bother painting any of the rooms, at least not right away – maybe the kiddos rooms later on 🙂 we'll see! Just one less thing I have to do lol.

    And yes, a video walk through BEFORE any furniture, before any boxes, before we touch it. Then afterwards 🙂 it's gonna be BOMB.

  3. Sam K says:

    It sounds amazing! I cannot wait to see pictures of the inside of it and a video walkthrough WOOT! How awesome, I am so very happy for you guys!

  4. jessi ♥ says:

    @Sam: It's totally amazing! And yes, you shall see pictures of it and the video walk through! Hopefully while I'm packing I'll come across my camera…otherwise it'll be of crappy Blackberry quality…

  5. criri says:

    Yay! I'm so excited for you! I knew things would work out! This place looks/sounds awesome 😀 I love moving too. This is the longest I've stayed in one place in years. I'm starting to get the itch >.<

  6. Karen S in Oz says:

    Soooooo excited for you 🙂 Sounds awesome and can't wait to see pics/video.
    DH and I have found renting through a rental company so much better. Our last house was through a Private LL and he said that we could stay there for as long as we liked. 1 week later he sold it. So much for what he said. But we found our current rental place and we love it. Been here 5yrs through a rental company and it has been so much easier.

  7. jessi ♥ says:

    @Criri: Hopefully the neighbors are just as awesome as the inside of the house LOL!

    @Karen S: Thanks love! And yeah, we're seriously hoping it's better. Right now, our LL lives RIGHT beside us. We've had a few “disagreements” (mostly over them telling us what to do…very much like parents, no thanks).

  8. Congratulations! I'm a little bit jealous, I'm not going to lie. But I'm also very happy for you guys. We waited until I was 7 months along with baby # 2 and I was kinda useless by then haha. It'll be a lot easier for you guys to get this done and be settled long in advance. Yippeeee!

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