Remind me never to drink 4 tall glasses of water before an ultrasound ever again. I know you’re supposed to have a full bladder, but honestly I peed like 3 times before I was called in and I STILL had a full bladder!!! It hurt in the worst way, I’m glad I gave up and peed a few times or else I totally would have peed my pants and then I would have been in trouble because I didn’t bring a change of clothes lol.

Anyway, this ultrasound was to get the proper dating. The calendar was right: 9 weeks and 5 days! Baby is still due October 17th! Heart is beating wonderfully, everything looks great. When the tech called in Matt and Nolan, baby started dancing around in my belly, rubbing at her/his nose and waving. It was adorable! The tech was surprised, apparently most babies around this gestational age give a few week kicks and call it a day, but this baby would not stop moving! I have a feeling I’m going to get my ass kicked towards the end of the pregnancy lol.

We got a few pictures of the adorable little bean…

My next ultrasound is week 12, on April 1st. I’m counting down the days already! Seeing it gives such a reassurance!

Nolan was super excited to see his baby sibling on the screen! I can’t wait until we go for our 3d ultrasound, Nolan will LOVE that too!


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One Response to BEAN!

  1. fableq says:

    For my one and only ultrasound with Squirt, I had 2 of the 4 glasses they told me to drink and I already had to pee REALLY BAD! so I stopped. We went to the hospital, and the technician was like “WOW, you're bladder is so full!” I ended up having to pee out a cup full before we could get a good picture cause my bladder was TOO FULL! lol I've always had a small bladder 😛

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