Green (Happy St. Patty’s Day!!)

I’m pretty big on “special occasions”. Birthdays, holidays, anything really. Any excuse to dress up or do something fun. Last year…I sucked at it all. I had big plans, but no motivation to follow through on them. This year, as part of my “New Years goals”, I vowed to get better at my follow through.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that we didn’t really have anything “green” to wear. I managed to dig out some green for Nolan and I, but Matt got pinched because I couldn’t find anything for him. A sort of fail, since we should have been wearing the crazy bright green St. Patty’s day shirts like I imagined, but hey, I’ll take it!

 My only “green” outfit. Pitiful, I know. But check out that BUMP! Baby got front, apparently!
 Green for Nolan too!!
After Nolan’s nap, the three of us headed out to the grocery store so I could pick up some of the things I needed for our green dinner. I felt a little nauseous at the check out line, so Nolan and I headed over to the little Timmies in the grocery store so I could buy myself a tea and him a little treat. Nolan was so silly and sweet, he held my hand patiently at first, then went over to the window where all the donuts and cookies and other goodies where to point and say “oooo!” at each of them. He attempted to wander off so I picked him up and held him (not wanting to chase him around the grocery store when I was already nearly at the front of the line). He struggled to get down, then said “PLEASE!” So I asked him if he was going to behave and hold mommy’s hand, guess what he said? “Mayyyyyyyybeee!” 
He didn’t, of course. Lol. But he did yell “THANK YOU!” when I gave him his timbit treat. 😉
When we got back, I started making our green dinner!!
Step one…dye the cream of chicken sauce green!
Note the awesome green silicon oven mits LeSombre gave me!
Step 2: put the chicken in the oven!!! (lol doesn’t it look NASTY!?)

Step 3: Cook the potatoes, mash them, add milk, butter, and more green dye (I forgot to take a picture of this). Also: cook the veg. No dye needed 😉

And taadaa!

 Nolan loved his dinner! He kept saying “GREEN!” the entire time he ate.
Nolan’s after dinner hair do (my little leprechaun!):

And my attempt to give Nolan some boston cream pie. Or cake, or whatever it was lol. It didn’t go over well…he just wasn’t interested.

Haha, notice the squished cake and the remains on his shirt. Good times.

I’m pretty happy with our green dinner. Sure, I wanted to bake green cupcakes, but ran out of time (hence the boston cream pie. Cake. Whatever). Me last year wouldn’t have had the motivation to go through with the green dinner. So I’m proud!!! That’s something, right?!

Matt and I have no plans for tonight. I’m watching Eat, Prey, Love while Matt sleeps (he’s exhausted). It’s come to my attention that I have never gone to the bar on St. Patty’s day and gotten drunk off green beer. Seriously. When I turned 19, it was June. I went to the bar once before I got pregnant with Nolan, then…yeah. Mommyhood set in…the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, exhaustion. I can’t even remember my last few years of St. Patty’s days whilst pregnant or a new mommy. And oddly enough…I’m okay with that.

I hope you all have a very green – I mean great – St. Patty’s Day!!!

P.S. Some cute pictures of Nolan from this morning:


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