I Don’t Think So…

We heard back from the property management company. We got accepted! HOWEVER, when we called the rental agent to book a viewing of the 4 bedroom townhouse, she told us that “they don’t generally rent those places to students,” and then suggested we look at the 3 bedroom house they have listed for less space and more money.

Hold the phone. Excuse me? We specifically asked about the 4 bedroom townhouses when we started the application process. We were told that we were on the top of the list, if we were accepted. No mention was ever given that they might be “out of reach” due to the fact that my husband is a student.

“And exactly why wouldn’t we be able to pursue the 4 bedroom townhouse?” I asked the rental agent.

“Well, you’ll only need three bedrooms, and we don’t rent those houses to students,” was the response.

I find many things wrong with this statement. First of all, these aren’t geared to income rentals – therefore they have no right to tell us how many bedrooms we’ll need. Second of all, Matt is only a student for four more months. There is no way in hell I am signing a 1 year lease in a student area because he’s a student right now. They’re failing to look at the entire picture. Matt is a student, yes, but he’s married with a baby and another on the way. He’s not an unattached teen looking to party every weekend. But because he’s a student, they’re telling us we’re going to have to go in the area’s they rent only to students? How is this fair? I can basically grantee the students they rent to don’t have children or babies, I can grantee the “student zones” they have are basically well known “party zones”.

Just for kicks, we drove by the 3 bedroom house they offered us, and I wasn’t impressed. There was scarcely a backyard at all, and there was no fence around a busy corner intersection. No garage for extra storage.

The rental agent told me she was going to speak to her supervisor about it, but if she calls me back and tells me that they “won’t rent out to students”, I will be asking to speak directly to the supervisor and explain our situation. We want a family environment to raise our children, not a student environment. In my experience, student environments are not kid friendly.

I hate when the older students with kids get lumped summed into the “irresponsible, party animal” category. Places need to look at the entire situation.

The rental agent also told Matt that “it’d be different if I was working full-time”, but I’m a stay at home mom on disability, and he works. So apparently that reflects our character. I’m sorry my body can’t physically tolerate any of the jobs I would be qualified for, as if I don’t already feel horrible about that. The extremely frustrating part about this is that in 4 short months, Matt will be finished school and working full-time at the job he already has.

So please, keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow, when the rental agent calls us back, she has good news and that we don’t have to fight for the 4 bedroom. If worse comes to worse, we’ll take the 3 bedroom (since we can’t find anything else and our apartment is all but rented out for May 1st), but we’d really rather the extra room, more bathrooms, and lower price. It just sucks that this has to be such a headache. She knows our situation, knows that we have a toddler and another baby on the way, that I have a disability and am on disability, and that Matt is a student that also works a lot.

Seriously, why does everything have to be such a friggin’ headache?!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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