Nearly Spent

No longer am I optimistically picking out paint colours for that little bungalow. After the lack of interest the landlord showed us (and after him telling us countless times that there were several other people interested in the rental), I’m just not feeling it. He hasn’t called any of our referrals at all. I used the girls’ mom, B, as one and she said she’d call me as soon as he did so she could give me a heads up. No phone call yet. My current landlord also hasn’t heard a whisper from him. So I’m discouraged, and you know what? Maybe it’s for the best. I know, before I was all OMG THIS IS THE PLACE! THE ONE! But it’s not, because if it were we wouldn’t be having such a difficult time with the landlord…I don’t think I want to rent from him, he hasn’t exactly been efficient. I had to drive all the way to the other side of town (a 20 minute drive!) to his work on Tuesday because I thought I was picking up a rental application. When I got there, he told me he “couldn’t print off the application and would have to email it to me”. Instead of calling me to say this and saving me a 20 minute drive for nothing, he let me drive all the way out there. Nice huh?

Anyway, Matt and I have been looking at a property management company’s rentals. They have several all over town. We’re particularly interested in a 4 bedroom townhouse. Originally, I wanted a single house not attached to anything or anyone. But…these townhouses are huge, they come with parking for two and a garage. The kitchen isn’t as big as my current (beautiful) kitchen, but on the main floor along with the kitchen is a bathroom, dining room, and living room. The basement has a rec room and laundry room (where the cat box is TOTALLY going, and hello potential play room and/or man cave!). Upstairs are the four bedrooms and two bathrooms – that’s right, the master bedroom has an ensuite. We’ve never had an ensuite before! I’m excited for the kids to have their own bathroom, and for there to be more than one toilet available. I’m excited to have a bonus bedroom too! I’m confident we’ll get it because we’ve been through the application process once with them and got accepted. All this is only for $1021 (plus, of course, but it’s cheaper than the other places we’ve been looking at). I haven’t see pictures of the outside, but I’m sure we’ll be sacrificing yard space – as most people who live in townhouses do. I’d be okay with it, if that meant we got more room inside. We’ll see though!

We’re going to view another house tomorrow. It’s downtown, on the same street we had our wedding dinner. So basically, I’d be around the corner from it…NOM, that might be dangerous. It’s $1300 for a 3 bedroom single house, it’s charming looking from the outside. The only thing I’m NOT so sold on is that the bathroom is upstairs with the bedrooms. It’s hard for me to do stairs over and over again, so having the bathroom not on the same floor of where we’re going to be spending most of our time is a HUGE concern for me. My knee is already shot to shit. At least the townhouse has a bathroom on basically every floor, save for the basement (which I won’t be spending TONS of time in, save for laundry). Anyway…back to this house I guess. The main floor has the huge eat in kitchen, dining room/livingroom, and laundry area. There’s a large backyard too. I’m going to keep an open mind and not sell myself on the 4 bedroom townhouse – but Matt and I would both prefer more bedrooms and bathrooms for less money. We’ll see though! I’m trying to remain optimistic. I’m not as worried as I was about not finding a place. The whole “OH MY GOSH THE SKY IS FALLING” sensation has gone and is replaced with “we’ll find something.”

Anyway, enough about the house stuff. Truthfully? I’m exhausted. I spent all yesterday super cleaning our apartment for a showing. The place was ridiculously clean and inviting. But there was some confusion and the guy never showed up. There’s another showing on Sunday (when we’re going to see that house downtown). It took a lot out of me to clean that rigorously, so I’m not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow morning – especially since I still feel like absolute crap in the morning. Seriously, am I the only pregnant chick in the world who gets to pee her pants while puking? I’m so klassy.

Speaking of klassy…I played poker for the first time last night! I wasn’t TERRIBLE at it, but by the 4th round I was done lol. I went out with a bang! Matt, Nolan and I headed over to Nat & Darren’s for a while to allow for the showing to occur (the one that never happened), and we got to partake in a DELICIOUS steak and potato BBQ…I’m still drooling when I think about it and I’ve had the hardest time eating meat! But that steak was SO DELISH! We ended up staying way later, and left at 11pm when Nolan woke up freaking out because he wasn’t home. He’s in that lovely stage…if he wakes up in any place that’s not his bedroom, he freaks right out and won’t go back to sleep. Last time this happened, we were out of town and Nolan refused to sleep unless it was ON my head. Sigh. Anyway, we had several hours of fun so I’m not complaining!  

In other news…I’ll be nine weeks pregnant tomorrow. I promise I’ll take a picture and do a whole update on it. I know, I’ve sorta been focused on the whole move thing. That’s good right? Better than me complaining about feeling like crap (and peeing my pants) all the time, am I right?! It’s also better than me complaining about the weather…MAN I HATE THE WEATHER. Yesterday, I was optimistic that the snow would melt. It poured all day long and we lost a lot of it. But guess what I woke up to this morning? A fresh blanket of snow. Lovely.

Spring needs to hurry up and arrive before I go insane in the membrane!


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