From Yesterday

Pictures I meant to post but forgot about…

 Nolan: dancing on the ceiling with help from Daddy!
 Snuggles with Mama!

 Horrible picture of me but Kevin is photobombing and Nolan’s expression is priceless!
Tired boy!
(Yes I know, I look HORRIBLE in those pics. I’m not wearing makeup and I hadn’t brushed my hair yet either, clearly I’m klassy).
Yesterday was my day off, and I spent it basically laying horizontal on the couch. SOO not fun. Morning sickness is kicking my ass! I have a question for all you mamas who have had your second pregnancy…did you pee your pants every time you threw up too, or am I just unique? Yup, my bladder sucks THAT MUCH. You can see why I dread puking. It happens even if I pee before hand. 😦 I’m dreading what will happen when the baby starts kicking my bladder, if it already doesn’t “hold up”. Sigh.
Awkward questions and tmi aside, the only thing I can get down (and KEEP down) before 10am is a bagel with butter. Matt brought me home cheese bagels yesterday – so sweet. Especially since I threw an epic shit fit yesterday morning when he wouldn’t go to Tims and get me one. Yeah, I’m five. Now I have a bunch of them!!! They’re better than Tims bagels anyway.  
I had to take the day off watching the girls today, since I finally have an appointment to see a nurse and doctor and get stuff set up for this pregnancy. SO excited! Hopefully they’ll give me a date to get my 12 week ultrasound too, and hopefully I’ll find out just how my prenatal care is going to work before I go to the OB (since you generally don’t see an OB until later on in your pregnancy). 
Then my friend Mir and I are going out for dinner! I’m sooo hungry for East Sides cheese cappelletti!!! I’ve been craving it forever. Thank goodness I get to have it tonight haha. After that, Mir’s coming over to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me! So stoked! I haven’t had a night out sans Nolan in forever, so this will be a treat. 

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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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