The Weekend…

We’ve had a very busy weekend 🙂 my MIL, Kim, has come up to visit!! She arrived early Saturday afternoon and we’ve been having a great time visiting with her!!

Here are some pictures from the weekend!


 Sketch, waiting for Kim to arrive!
 Watching “Shall We Dance” with Kim and Nolan. haha
 Nolan playing with the train whistle Nana bought him! {don’t worry; it’s quiet!}
 Toddler feets…nom!

A few hours after Kim arrived, Tyler {Matt’s older brother} stopped by for a visit too. We made chicken fajitas for dinner and they were super yummy.

Sunday morning we all went for breakfast. Matt, Nolan, Kim, Matt’s brothers, D’s wife, and their cutie pie son. I ordered a club sandwich but was not feeling the turkey, at all. I just couldn’t eat it. It tasted so bad. Matt had the same thing and assured me that the turkey was fine, and Kim had a bite too, and said it was fine. So I guess it’s just those prego taste buds?

After our breakfast, the boys, Kim and I came back to the house. Matt had a nap before work, and Kim and I hung out with Nolan. Then it was lunch time and nap time for everyone – we were all tired. Nolan kept me up all night long, coughing and talking to his toys.

Later this afternoon, Kim and I took Nolan to Nat and D’s {my SIL and BIL} to hang out for a bit. The babies played and all the “adults” {hah, I’m an adult?! WOAH} chatted over tea/coffee. Tyler was there too.

 So relaxed at Nat & D’s!

For dinner, we made Alfredo and it was so good!! I’d been craving it all day. Nolan loved it, so I guess I’ll be making it again soon!

Nana gave little Nolan a bath tonight, while I whined on the couch because I ate too much and Matt did the dishes haha. Yes, I’m lazy! I got to listen to them talking to each other, Nolan can now say “bubbles!” clear as day. So awesome!

Nolan’s also said these words for the first time this weekend:
♥ “tweet tweet!”
♥ bird
♥ motorcycle {I KNOW RIGHT? Grampa’s boy!}
♥ give me! {er, not good lol I know!}

So yeah! We’ve had a pretty chill but also very eventful weekend!!!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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